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What is Water Tank Storage?

Water tank storage is a method of storing water that is employed in home, agricultural, and commercial settings. Depending on the tank’s intended usage, a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes are available.

A water storage tank’s primary function is to hold water until it is needed for drinking, washing, cleaning, and other purposes. However, many storage tanks are trickier than they appear.

Types of Water Storage Tanks

There are several common types of water storage tanks used in the home, explained in detail below:

Well Pressure Tanks

Homes with wells as their water source have well pressure tanks installed. The lifespan of the well pump is extended by a well pressure tank, which maintains water pressure and stops the well pump from turning on and off throughout the day.

What’s the process of a well pressure tank? Before the well pump needs to turn on, the tank fills with a steady flow of water that is provided to appliances. This means that it’s not necessary for the well pump to turn on and off in order to supply little amounts of water, such as water for hand washing.

When water fills the storage tank in well pressure tanks, air is compressed. Pressurized water is released into the plumbing system as needed.


Thermal Expansion Tanks

Thermal expansion tanks are used to increase the capacity of tank-style hot water heaters. These water heaters expand when they heat water up (known as thermal expansion). The expansion and contraction of the tank put strain on the walls of the tank, increasing the likelihood of bursting.

A thermal expansion tank prevents the risk of expensive damage to a water heater by connecting to the water tank and providing additional space for water to go during heating. This prevents water from pushing against the sides of the tank heater, controlling pressure build-ups.

Reverse Osmosis Tanks

Reverse osmosis storage tanks are small-scale versions of water pressure tanks. The role of a reverse osmosis tank is to provide pressurized, purified water whenever it is needed. The reverse osmosis process takes several minutes, and without a tank, there would be a delay in water production. Storage tanks allow instant access to RO water and require the RO system to only operate when the tank needs to be refilled.

How Does a Water Storage Tank Work

The precise operation of a water storage tank depends on its intended use.

Water storage tanks are typically utilized to offer immediate access to water. For instance, well pressure tanks eliminate the need to wait for the well pump to activate and bring water up from the well by providing water right away for quick tasks like filling a glass of water.

The same is true with reverse osmosis tanks: when no water is needed, the tank fills with filtered water. This implies that water may be quickly retrieved from the tank as needed. When you need Plumbers Tulsa repairs, call our great team today!

Pressure Tanks Vs Atmospheric Tanks

There are two types of tanks used for water storage. These two tanks are pressure and atmospheric tanks.

Pressure Tanks

Pressure tanks, as the name suggests, produce water pressure using compressed air. An air bladder or chamber is used inside a pressure tank. The weight of the water filling the tank compresses the air, resulting in a building of pressure inside the tank.

Once a certain pressure is achieved, the tank stops admitting water. When water is needed, pressurized water from the tank is propelled through the plumbing system and into the appliance. Because water has left the tank, the air will expand, and the pressure will decrease inside the tank. The tank’s low pressure will prompt the well pump or reverse osmosis system to produce more water to refill the tank.  We offer the best Plumbers Tulsa fixes that’ll save you time and energy!

Atmospheric Tanks

Atmospheric tanks hold water at ambient pressure – or the pre-existing water pressure in the tank’s location. A water booster pump is needed to draw water out of this type of storage tank and send it through the plumbing system.

Large-scale or outdoor applications are more likely than indoor applications to use atmospheric tanks. For instance, UV-stabilized atmospheric tanks are used for agricultural purposes, water distribution, rainwater collection, and transporting wastewater. Atmospheric tanks can hold thousands of gallons of water and tend to be more weather resistant than pressurized tanks.

                            Uses of Water Storage Tanks

Water storage tanks have a range of uses in commercial, industrial and residential applications. In the majority of situations, if water needs to be stored, a water storage tank can be used.

Some of the common uses of water storage tanks are as follows:

  • Agriculture
  • Commercial food and beverage preparation
  • Irrigation
  • Household water storage
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Fire suppression

The tank’s size, materials, and specifications will be tailored to its intended use.

Sizing a Water Storage Tank

Water usage and purpose of use are both considered when determining the appropriate size of a water storage tank. There must be enough water to meet demand at all times, and sizing too small may result in a temporary water shortage as the tank refills with water.

To size a well water storage tank, you need to know the capacity for flow rates, pressure switch setting, and tank drawdown. Manufacturers can support homeowners in deciding on the right-sized tank for an at-home water storage solution.


Water storage tanks are used to store water and provide faster access to a water supply. Atmospheric and pressurized water storage tanks are available, and atmospheric tanks are more commonly used for outdoor, large-scale applications, while pressurized tanks are used for indoor applications. Water storage tanks have a variety of uses across a number of industries. We offer quality plumbers Tulsa results.

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