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Tips to protect your pipes from freezing and bursting in winters

In winter, water freezes inside the pipes and starts the worst nightmare of your life. You won’t be able to get water, and the situation won’t stop getting worse here. A time would come when the water would freeze, and the pipes would burst. Yes, it happens when the temperature gets too low.

It is necessary to take precautionary measures to stop water from freezing inside the pipes. Living in regions where the temperature gets too low, you must act fast and make arrangements. In further detail, you will learn how to protect your pipes from bursting due to extremely low temperatures and the freezing of water in them from our Best Plumbing Tulsa experts.

Tips to protect your pipes in winters from freezing and bursting

Following are the eight tips that will protect your pipe in winters from freezing and bursting:

1. Insulate your pipes

You might be thinking about how you can insulate your pipes, but it is possible. It is one of the inexpensive ways of maintaining the temperature of your pipes in winter. You can buy insulation pipes, which are made of fiberglass, and install them on your old water pipes.

The water temperature will be maintained through insulation, so you don’t have to worry about the water freezing inside the pipes. You can surely consider this tip if you don’t want to spend money on any other way to maintain the pipe’s temperature. It won’t cost you a fortune, and you will be able to get water supply even when the temperature gets too chilly.

2. Shut the garage doors

When the weather gets chilly, and you know the temperature is going to freeze everything, you first need to shut the garage doors. Yes, air and coldness won’t be able to enter your house and might be able to keep water pipes working.

If the garage doors are open, you will feel extra coldness, and the low temperature will freeze the water inside the water pipes. This tip will work if you live in a region where the temperature gets low too often. It is not a permanent solution.

3. Keep cabinets open

When the central heating is on, and you know that the insides of your house are always warmer than the outside, you need to keep the bathroom and kitchen cabinets open. The warm air will circulate from the cabinets to the plumbing system. The warm air will help in maintaining the temperature inside the pipes.

It will help prevent the water from getting frozen and pipes from bursting. If you are inside the house and central heating is working, you can use the warm air for two purposes. The warm will keep you and the plumbing pipes both warm.

4. Keep faucets dripping

You might think that if you keep faucets dripping, you are wasting water, and you will have to pay a huge utility bill for it. You don’t have to keep the faucet dripping at maximum speed. Allow one or two drops to drip from the faucet to keep the pipes running.

If the water keeps running through the pipes, the possibility of water getting frozen inside the pipes minimizes. It is a wise tip from our Best Plumbing Tulsa experts you can follow if you don’t want to do something with the pipes directly, as we have mentioned regarding the insulation of the pipes above.

5. Consistent thermostat

Most of the time, the homeowners lower the temperature before they go to bed. It might cause the water in the pipes to freeze. Maintaining a consistent temperature during the day and the night is essential if you want your water pipes to work without having any ice blockage. Therefore, you should change the temperature day and night.

Set a temperature that works for you in the daytime and at night. It will keep the temperature moderate for the pipes, so the water won’t get frozen at any hour. Call us today for best plumbers Tulsa services and love it!

6. Seal openings and cracks

You need to check your house or contact professionals Plumbers Tulsa for this job. You need to find any seal or crack inside the walls of your house. If there are cracks, the air will enter through them and cause the water to get frozen within no time.

So, an inspection of openings and cracks is important, and once you find them, you need to seal them as soon as possible. Any crack or opening near the pipe on both interior and exterior wall needs to get sealed before winters start. Reach us today for best Plumbers Tulsa services and enjoy it!

7. Leave the heat at a low temperature

Turning off or reducing the temperature causes water to get frozen inside of the pipes. Now you might be thinking about how you can leave the heat on when you are not at home. You can leave the heat at a low temperature if you don’t want the pipes frozen and burst in winter.

8. Heating tape might help

As we have said above, using pipe insulation will work for your pipes to stay warm in chilly winters. If you want a less expensive solution, you can use heating tape. You can wrap the heating tape around the pipes, which will keep them warm all the time.

Now you get two options if you are going for heating tape. One of them comes with self-monitoring, where the tape has a sensor. It turns on itself when it feels the pipe requires more heat.

The second option is like any other heating system, but it can be a little dangerous sometimes. Get the manual heating tape done by a professional.

Final Remarks:

Thes tips can keep your pipes safe from bursting. It is obvious that when water temperature decreases below minus, the water starts to freeze. In pipes, if you don’t follow the tips discussed above, water will freeze, and a point will come where the pipe will burst.

Instead of replacing the bursting water pipes, it would be wise to take precautionary measures. Contact our Plumbers Tulsa team when a problem occurs.

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