What is water tank relining and water tank repair

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Water tank repairs and relining, as the name implies, are upkeep tasks that enhance the old tank. When a water tank is repaired, components that are deteriorating are fixed, and when a water tank is relined, the old, weak lining is replaced. Water tank repairs offer a more cost-effective alternative without compromising quality because they eliminate the need to replace the water tank with a brand-new one.

Steps to Repair a Water Storage Tank

These are the basic steps that will be utilized by an expert lank linings service:

  • Drain and clean the tank thoroughly, ensuring that the inside surface is dry.

If necessary, remove dirt, old coatings, and any contaminates by abrasive blasting.

  • Apply a concrete bonding agent to repair any leaks or cracks. Multiple layers may be required to meet strength requirements, depending on the severity of the crack.
  • Apply and adhesive to coat the walls of the tank.
  • Install the new FRP tank liners, a heavy-duty flexible lining, to the walls of the tank and press the lining into place.

Common Reasons for Water Tank Leakage

  • Water tanks are made to be strong and capable of holding water, but as they get older, they start to lose their functionality.
  • Steel corrodes easily, hence rusting occurs frequently in steel water tanks. A worn-out water tank is a sign that the metal is corroding, which can lead to leaks, pollution, or hazardous substances that damage the water inside the tank, resulting in poor water quality that is unsafe for consumption.
  • Despite the fact that a plastic water tank is unlikely to rust, it is possible for it to break violently if a heavy object is inadvertently dropped on it. Make careful you inspect it frequently to repair any plastic water tank cracks.
  • Considering that concrete water tanks are made of Over time, they will grow and cause cracks in your water tank’s cement.
  • A pipe next to your water tank may leak as a result of temperature because if it freezes, the lines, especially their joints, may crack. You can only add insulation well before winter because you cannot control the cold weather.

           Why do I need water tank repair

Water tanks can deteriorate over time, putting your water system at danger of developing waterborne pathogens like Legionella and Pseudomonas. The internal surfaces of the water tank may develop cracks, the water tank’s liner may corrode, joints and seals may deteriorate, or any number of other factors may contribute to this deterioration. When this occurs, it is crucial to take prompt action to solve the required water tank repairs for two reasons;

First off, the deterioration may create the perfect environment for Legionella and other aquatic germs to flourish. Second, if the water tank repair is put off for too long, a minor issue could become more serious and raise the expense of the repair.

signs that your water tank needs repair


    • There are several main ways in which a facilities manager may notice the need for water tank repair. The most common and obvious signs that your water tank needs repair are;


  • Corrosion of the water tank lining, wear and tear of seals and joints or the development of cracks to the internal surfaces of the water tank.



  • Water pooling near the water tank, or the start of sediment build up in the bottom of the tank.
  • Rusting or corrosion of any other components of your tank.
  • A build-up of slime on the inside of the tank.

When these signs are present, it is an indication that you need a water tank repair or replacement. If you need a professional plumber, call us today!

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