Throwing in the towel when you have leaks, is never a good idea, call Acts of Service Plumbing for Plumbers Tulsa services. If you are unaware that your main water line might break, you need to do something as soon as possible, so you will know whether the main water line is okay or if there is something wrong with it. You can call our Plumbers Tulsa service to check the main water line of your home or building.

A few other ways might hint to you that your main water line will break soon. Doing the survey on your own before you call our Plumbers Tulsa services is best. Once you find the fault, you can undoubtedly contact our Plumbing Tulsa services.

Seven signs your main water line is going to break

Here are the seven signs that indicate your main water line is going to break:

1.      Frequent clogging

If your main water line keeps clogging, that means there is something fishy with the main line. One reason for clogging might be the condition of the main water line. If something is stuck in the water line, then it is causing constant clogging. If the water line keeps clogging and you are not doing anything about this problem. The main water line might break.

The clogging keeps building pressure inside the water line. When the pressure is at its maximum, the water line will break. Whenever you think that the main water line is providing you water with enough pressure, that means you need to get the main water line fixed. As a result of not maintaining your main water line and the clogging situation, the water line will burst. It would be best that you get our Plumbers Tulsa to clear this problem.

2.      Hike in utility bills

Out of nowhere, you notice that your utility bills are increasing every month. If you are considering all the facts and causes of the hike in your utility bills, you first need to watch your water supply. When something is wrong with your water supply, you are using the same amount of water, but it takes more time to use it. This means your main water line is disturbed.

There is something within that is causing a hike in utility bills while you are consuming the same amount of water as before. You must prepare for a more significant problem whenever you start noticing the hike. Yes, the hike is not going to stay the same because whatever wrong is happening to your main water line, it is going to break.

3.      Noisy pipes and taps

The plumbing of your house or any building has to work quietly. If you turn on a tap, you must get a continuous and silent water supply. If you are noticing lately, the tap water is not frequent. Plus, it is making noises, which means the main water line has something problematic.


When you turn on the tap, the pipes also start making noises, which signifies that your main water line will break after a while. The pipes and faucets never make any noise. If they are making disturbing noises, you must consider that the main problem is in the main water line. Get Best Plumbing Tulsa at your place to get this problem fixed before you have to pay for the whole water pipeline repair.

4.      Puddles in your yard

You notice a puddle whenever you walk in your yard or find the grass a bit brighter than usual. Have you tried discovering why that puddle or the grass gets wet and shiny? If your main water line is in your yard, that means the water is coming from that line.

The main water line gets a little break, causes those puddles or watering the grass. This is a sign that your main water line will break soon. The water gets leaked from the main water line in your yard whenever you open a tap. You can get Best Plumbing Tulsa services to check where the breakage in the main water line is.

5.      Water pressure is poor

Are you noticing that the water pressure is more poor than usual? If you have been living in the same house and never faced any water pressure problem before. The pressure is not good enough, so the main water line is not working perfectly.

The main reason for not getting water with pressure is a leakage in the main water line.

So, if you find the water pressure low, it might cause main water line breakage within the coming days.

6.      Discolored and dirty water

The water you are getting from your main water line is dirty and discolored, which means there is a breakage in the water line. Yes, this is the leading cause because when the mud gets mixed with your water line, it causes the water to get dirty. If the breakage doesn’t get fixed on time, then there is an excellent possibility that the water line will get a break.

Discoloration of water without any reason is a noticeable change. Whenever you notice this change, you need to get your main water line checked by Plumbing Tulsa services.

7.      Corroded pipes

If the pipes are corroded, it is a sign that one day the main water line will burst. Water and corroded pipes have never worked pretty well for a longer time. It would be best that you get the rusty pipes replaced with the new ones before you end up paying for a more significant loss.

You can call professional and experienced plumbers to get this job done. Don’t try to do this on your own. You might cause more damage to the main water line.

Final Words:

We have discussed the signs indicating your main water line is going to break. If you note any of them, you should call Plumbing Tulsa services before the scenario gets a bit more critical. Never try to fix plumbing options on your own if you don’t have the experience. It might cause even more damage to the main water line. It is better to let professionals in Tulsa do their job.

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