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Top Plumbing issues that can occur to your chimney and how you should take care of them

A chimney is one of the integral parts of your house. This statement might not be accurate for all people, but a chimney is a blessing for people living in colder regions. With that said, the primary purpose of a chimney is to provide a gateway for the smoke, usually from a fireplace. A fireplace is an area to hold an open domestic fire.

However, maintaining a chimney is not an easy task, as wear and tear can occur that can also damage your fireplace. In addition, too much rain can also cause adverse effects on your chimney health. Moreover, other numerous plumbing issues can occur to your chimney as well.

Top chimney leaks issues

As specified earlier, there are plumbing problems that can reduce the lifespan of your chimney. Some of the most common yet prominent ones are:

1.      Leaky flashing

One of the essential parts of a chimney is its flashing. Without flashing, your chimney would just get disintegrated in the rainy season because of too much water for an extended period. The flashing prevents the base of your chimney from getting weak and prevents water from entering your roof, your fireplace, and other areas of your house.

Flashing is a secure and durable structure usually made of steel or aluminum that secures the chimney to your roof. While aluminum is a strong metal, it is incredibly light, can lose its tensile strength, and can become leaky. A leaky flashing can cause water to enter through your roof, causing seepage and other problems.

Moreover, a leaky flashing can also weaken the brick and mortar of your chimney. Hence, if you want to improve the longevity of your chimney, you should maintain the flashing and look out for the related signs.

How to take care of the flashing?

One of the convenient ways through which you can take care of your flashing is to check it every once in a while. Early signs of a leaky flashing include:

  • Corroded flashing
  • Unusual wetness around both the structure and the flashing itself
  • Watermarks along the roof of your house
  • Rough edges of the metal, or metal being uplifted from the base
  • Holes around the bottom of the chimney. Gaps occur when the metal sticks out of its previous place.

With that said, if you see any rough edges of aluminum or holes around your flashing, level it and close the gaps with cement. However, if you think the damage can’t be a DIY process, contact plumbers Tulsa or plumbing Tulsa.

2.      Deteriorated crown

Another plumbing problem that can occur to your chimney is its weakened crown. A crown is made of concrete and is usually at a slight slant angle to keep the water away from the chimney’s structure. However, as the crown is of pure concrete, it might develop cracks and tiny holes due to:

  • Unpredictable weather (it may be too hot or too much rain)
  • The structure is getting old, etc.

A deteriorated crown cannot prevent the water from getting around your fireplace, which can cause numerous inconveniences.

How to take care of the crown?

Compared to plumbing issues that occur with the flashing, the crown cannot be repaired without the help of professionals like plumbers Tulsa. You may fill in the cracks with white cement, but if this were the recommended solution, no one would have a leaky crown.

3.      The cap

The cap of a chimney is one of the top priorities of people having a vent. The lid of a chimney sits on the top of a chimney opening and is made of lightweight but durable metal with an integrated steel bar.

The primary purpose of the cap is to prevent rainwater from getting inside your house through the roof and the fireplace. Moreover, the lid of a chimney also prevents animals such as bats, raccoons, squirrels, etc., from entering your fireplace and potentially harming themselves and causing havoc.

Over time, the cap can weaken as every metal has its lifespan. Moreover, the lid can get leaky due to high temperatures because of the rapid expansion that puts too much pressure on it.

When the cap gets waned, rainwater can enter your house and the fireplace. Some common signs that include the cap being faulty are:

  • Loose cap structure around the opening
  • Dents or cracks in the structure
  • Bent steel bar

How to prevent it?

One of the most straightforward fixes for fixing a damaged chimney is installing a new one. However, the problem is that few people know what size the cap would sit perfectly around their chimney’s opening. In addition, installing a cap requires tools and strategies that can’t be done without the best plumbing Tulsa plumbers.

Hence, if you want to save money by buying the fitting-sized cap for your house, and get it installed perfectly, try contacting plumbers Tulsa.

4.      Mortar joints

The entire structure of a traditional chimney is made of bricks and mortar. Therefore, with time, the mortar joints can weaken and develop cracks, allowing only a minimum resistance against water. The waters can get stagnant inside the gaps, damaging the entire structure and the roof of your house.

Some of the signs to look to find out weak mortar joints are:

  • Moist structure
  • Flaky joints
  • Moisture around the fireplace area

If you come across signs like these, it does not mean that it is only related to the structure. Instead, it can be because of a leaky flashing, cap, etc.

How to prevent it?

Mortar joints can easily be sealed with cement. However, finding the root cause of what caused scrawny mortar joints require the help of professional plumbers. A weak chimney structure also causes rainwater to enter the flue, which is not what you want. So, remember to maintain your chimney when it is time.


Numerous chimney plumbing problems can cause water to enter your household, which can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Hence, to avoid all this have your chimney inspected and fixed by the best plumbing Tulsa.

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