How to avoid frozen pipes before a winter storm arrives?

Enjoy this article from our team member at Acts of Service Plumbing, a company that offers great Plumbers Tulsa services. Water has the exclusive property of expanding as it freezes. This expansion can put tremendous pressure on your plastic and metal water pipes. Regardless of their strength, pressure caused by expanding freezing water can eventually make your pipes burst. Damage caused by busted pipes during a winter storm can be a real threat. So, you must know how to avoid frozen pipes before a winter storm.

Tips to prevent frozen pipes before a winter storm arrives.

Here we have enlisted some of the most effective tips that you must consider in this regard.

So, here we go;

·         Drain outside faucets

Water pipes in uninsulated and unheated areas are at a higher risk of freezing. So, before a winter storm, you should turn off the water supply of outside facets. Also, drain your outdoor water lines. For example, your backyard water sprinklers and swimming pools are at higher risk of freezing during water storms. So, ensure to drain water from these areas as per directions of the installer or manufacturer.

Most importantly, you should avoid adding antifreeze into these draining lines unless it is directed. It is because antifreeze is harmful to the environment. Moreover, it is also dangerous to wildlife, humans, pets, and landscaping. So, use it only when it is highly imperative.

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·         Check for water leakage.

Every water drop going down the drain can turn into an icicle. This will eventually clog up your soil stack completely. Not addressing your water leakage problem before the winter storm can result in flooding or frozen pipes. This will eventually cause water back up through the toilet.

Sometimes water leakage problem is not very obvious. Therefore, you should use your water meter while keeping the water sources closed. Now, look at the water meter’s triangle. If the triangle turns, it means you have a water leakage problem. Address the problem immediately to avoid further damage and frozen pipes during a winter storm.

·         Maintain the temperature of pipes

As we all bundle up to keep ourselves warm during freezing weather. Your water pipes also need the same treatment to stay warm during stormy winters.

  • Firstly, set your thermostat at the right temperature. The lowest you can set your thermostat is 50 degrees.
  • Heating your water pipes can be expensive. According to experts, the absolute lowest temperature you can go is 40 degrees because water can start freezing at 39 degrees.
  • Fortunately, you can also consider opening the cabinets of your bathroom sink. This practice can also help you keep your pipes from freezing.
  • However, if your pipes are at extra freezing temperatures, you must consider wrapping these with electric heating tape.
  • Other than that, you can also consider fitting these pipes with rubber sleeves and foam.

Before maintaining your pipes’ temperature, you should check for leaks. It is because any water leakage will make the water accumulate around pipes. Consequently, this will make every heating tip ineffective.

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·         Keep your tap dripping.

Running water from your taps can keep the water from freezing and water pipes from bursting. Pipes typically burst from freezing water as it expands. However, running water doesn’t freeze very easily. So, if the water is extremely cold outside, consider leaving one of your cold-water taps dripping. The best tap to allow dripping is your bathtub facet.

However, if you are witnessing a decrease in the water pressure exerted by a dripping tap. It is a crucial sign that your water has started freezing. So, consider addressing the problem as soon as possible to avoid costly damage.

·         Keep your garage doors closed.

To keep your water pipes from freezing, you should ensure that heat circulates your house freely. For this, you should keep your garage doors closed. On the other hand, open the doors of your bathroom. This practice will also play an important role in preventing frozen pipes.

·         Insulate or move exposed pipes

Another important tip to avoid frozen pipes before a winter storm is insulating and moving exposed pipes. It means removing the hoses, pipes, drain, etc., used outside. Moreover, you should also close the valves completely that supply water to outdoor faucets. Also, open the hose bibs outside the house to let the water drain properly. Leave the outside valve of the water facets open. This practice will keep the water pipe from breaking due to any remaining water freezing and expanding. If you need immediate Plumbers Tulsa services, call our great team today!

·         Use specialized products made for insulation.

Insulation is imperative to maintain the temperature around your house and avoid frozen pipes. You must insulate basements, crawl spaces, and attics to maintain a higher temperature in such areas.

Besides that, you should also check around your house for the areas where water pipes are situated in unheated areas. For example, look in your garage, under bathroom and kitchen cabinets to insulate pipes. Always ensure to insulate both hot and cold water for insulation.

Consider using specific products such as heat cables or pipe sleeves on your exposed pipes to insulate water pipes.

Moreover, you should also consider your water pipes to relocate, especially if these are exposed to long freezing temperatures.

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Tips to thaw frozen pipes

If you have turned a water facet on and experienced a trickle coming out only, then suspect a frozen pipe. Most likely places for frozen pipes are against your exterior walls from where water enters your house.

Here is what you should do in case of frozen pipes:

  • Turn your main water supply off.
  • Use a hair dryer or portable heaters to heat pipes.
  • Avoid using blowtorch as it can damage plastic pipes.
  • Check for damaged or broken water pipes before turning the water system on again.
  • Call a professional plumber for help when needed.

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