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6 Ways to Reward Your team members for their hard work

If you want to retain the good employees, offering more money in today’s contemporary living is not always the solution.

No employee goal is a larger bonus or additional 7 days off, but they need to feel appreciated. If the manager do not recognize their efforts and job well done, it can make tension on the relationship. And also lower the productivities of the employee. In one survey made by Westminister College in UK, 69 percent of employee would work harder if they feel that the managers appreciated their achievements on work.

  1. Managers should offer growth possibilities in the company
    The whole learning process is not pretty easy, but for some interested employees would want to learn and to upgrade in the company. Give new resources and expand the horizons, and give them opportunities to solve problems outside of their usual scope. (For the first several times, you also need to get them a temporal mentor.)
  2. Provide snacks for the employees

Whilst working, plumbers might want to have some kind of snack. They are maybe the whole day on the field fixing all sorts of problems with plumbing and pipes. The connection of happiness and eating is also very well documented. You can include some kind of light snack and beverage which will get them back on their feet.

  1. Taking care of the health and well being of the employees\

Healthy employees must have healthy body and mind. And then they will use less sick leave and have more energy to do the job. More than 80% of employees, as per many studies, want to have some kind of incentive for eating better, to work out or to lose weight.

So, as a good manager, you can give the opportunity to go to some kind of facility as a part of the employment bonus. If the people worked out even before they started to work in the company, will surely be thankful. And others will engage in this activities. This will promote employees general well being.

Also, if some of the employees have a new diagnosis of chronic disease, make an meeting in private with him and ask him if he needs any kind of help to improve their heath, or any kind of temporary help from other employee to finish the tasks. Even a simple vitamin therapy which could be needed every month, can be a great help to them.

Be and act with kindness to your employees, they are your biggest resource.

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  1. You can involve the employees in the company

If some problem or bigger issue occur, you can ask for their help to decide what can be done. It is called A brain storming method. Sometimes, employees which are there on the field and do the tasks can bring the practical solution for some problems. Including them in some decision making, you will gain their trust and they will work for further increasing of the reputation and income of the company.

If the trust is given to the employee, they can also provide some valuable information for other plumbing companies and how they work on field. This is especially important if the company is more successful than yours.

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  1. Include programs for peer recognition

If this kind of programs are included, the customer satisfaction will improve (as per several surveys in USA, UK and Ireland). When employees recognize to some other one about their good made job, like assisting on the field for solving some hard problem with frozen pipes, these feelings will be transferred even to other employees in the company.

Also, you can reward the ones which gives most recognition with various rewards. Be creative. Even a small exposure and thankfulness can matter.

  1. Give the employee some more time off

This can be as a reward, but it will be spent like a time with their kids or watching a movie. The manager can provide this kind of rewards instead of cash rewards. Parents need more flexible schedules to take care of the kids and take them from school, maybe you can also revise the plan of working with them – so they will have better productivity. Employee which want to travel will really want the possibility to travel and to take this kind of awards. Or you can arrange to travel plus take care of the paper work when they are not present in the company and sent it back via email.

If some employees do not know what to do with this kind of rewards, give them different prices. One USA plumbing company offers travel to a spectacular hi-tech event for all the appliances needed for all kind of handyman (including plumbers). This will be very important because they will bring new information and innovation to the company.

Also, for these kinds of rewards, it is good to make an anonymous declaration of each employee what they want the most. In this manner, you would not have to wonder what they want the most.

Also, you can make a points rewarding system, where for different points they can get different reward.

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Final notes

As a successful company, you can incorporate some kind of reward like Employee of the year, or 5 years celebration of employment, 10 years celebration of employment. Rewards can vary. In many plumbing companies, for 5 years celebration of employment the employee get a nice wrist watch or a weekend with another person in some spa center.

Satisfaction of the employees is very important. If they are satisfied, the company will grow further and make even more revenue. It will build lasting relationships with clients and gain more and more new clients. Good name is always a good investment and can cost as little as satisfied employee because he has a free ticket in the gym for the month. No ads can make better advertisement as a satisfied employee. So, invest in them and they will invest in your company.

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