Leaky faucets are never pleasant around the holidays. In other words, we want your home to be a beautiful place during the holidays. In hopes that you will prepare well for this upcoming season of gatherings with family and friends, we put together a good article. Of course, this article comes from one of the top plumbers Tulsa teams.

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What Causes Leaky Faucets? 

Here are the main five causes:

A Cartridge with Damage

A cartridge-style faucet is one that has two handles, one for hot water and the other for cold water. On one hand, each handle has a valve called a cartridge that regulates the flow of water into the faucet spout. Water dripping from your faucet indicates that the cartridge is damaged.

faulty washers

Iis important to realize broken washers are a frequent reason for a leaking faucet. This ultimately causes leaks. A washer’s incorrect size or improper installation might potentially cause it to leak. Discover why we are among the best for plumbers Tulsa services.

 Dysfunctional O-Ring

It is important to realize the sink’s faucet has an O-ring in it. To keep the faucet handle in position, a tiny disc is fastened to the stem screw. O-rings are prone to deterioration or lagging, just like washers. This is most likely the reason for any leaks coming from one of your faucet’s handles. 

Worn-out Valve Seat

The valve seat may be the source of a leak coming from your faucet’s spout. The faucet and spout are joined by the valve seat. Sediment may accumulate and corrode the seat, causing a leak.


It’s vital to constantly be on the lookout for leaky fixtures. One dripping faucet can waste 20 gallons of water every day! Examine your sink thoroughly to try to locate the leak’s origin. Replace the O-ring or tighten the packing nut if there is water pooling around the faucet’s stem.

If the leak is coming from the spout, the faucet handle is probably the source of the issue. It is beneficial to know what kind of faucets are in your home. According to The Spruce, a cartridge faucet is most frequently seen in newer homes, and the cartridge will usually need to be replaced.

A compression faucet is more common in dated houses. A leaking faucet is often fixed by replacing the worn-out rubber seals, which can happen over time.


As a matter of fact, knowing the 4 common types of faucets will help you know how to disassemble and fix it if need be.

  • a cartridge faucet

The first thing to remember is that bathrooms frequently use cartridge faucets, which may be identified by the two handles on either side of the spout. To turn the water on or off, the handle glides up and down. A cartridge that travels up and down in the sink’s inside regulates the water flow.

  • Taps with Discs

Even more, newer disc faucets are a little more expensive and are dependable and long-lasting. Disc faucets are operated by a single lever. The body of the lever is cylindrical.

  • Ball Faucets

The hot and cold waterlines are controlled by a ball joint in these faucets. A single handle on a rounded cap situated on top of the spout distinguishes them from other models.  They are typical in kitchens and other frequently used spaces.

  • another is faucets for compression washers

Compression washer faucets are the most traditional style of faucets. To firmly seal against water flow, they use rubber washers. It features two handles.  You can feel the handle of the faucet become hotter when using a compression washer faucet.  We offer the best Plumbers Tulsa services.


Another key point is fixing the problem immediately. Sooner or later, fixing the problem, yourself is possible. To repair a leaky faucet by yourself, take these steps:

STEP 1 is to identify the sort of faucet you have. The three most popular varieties are ceramic disk, cartridge, and ball faucets.

Step 2: Stop the flow of water to the dripping faucet. Look find the water shut-off valves in the pipes under the sink. There ought to be two, a hot one and a chilly one.  Rotate them counterclockwise and it will shut.

step 3 is to plug it with a sink stopper or towel.

step 4 Removing any decorative elements from the handle knobs. A screw holding the handle to the stem should be located underneath them. Screw the handle out and take it off.

Step 5: Remove the packing nut and stem using a wrench. Check for damage to these components.

Step 6: Next, examine the washer and O-ring in the valve seat. Resolve any problems by replacing the washer and O-ring.

step 7 Reassemble your sink and check for leaks.

Step 8: If steps 1 through 7 don’t solve the problem, it might be advisable for you to call a plumber to come have a look.


Yes, it is the answer. Leaky faucets can be a minor issue. It can grow into a bigger problem.  As a matter of fact, fixing your leaky faucet entails:

You’re Protecting the Environment:

Above all, water is a valuable resource, and it makes sense to save water wherever you can. Plumbing repairs that are reasonably easy and inexpensive include fixing leaky faucets. Still, by having that leaking faucet fixed, you are being ecologically conscious. It is better to handle this now as we are approaching the American holiday season, which includes Thanksgiving and then Christmas, so you are ready for guests to arrive, and your house runs smoothly. When you are searching for Plumbers Tulsa services, count on our team to deliver!

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