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Basements are the most common places to produce a foul odor. The basement is the dampest and coldest place. However, the most ignored sign is the foul smell of the basement that occurs due to leaking and stagnant water.

The smell from the basement can be very annoying and disturb the whole working environment. Hence, it should not be ignored and must be fixed as soon as possible.

To remove the foul smell, you might need the assistance of our professional Plumbers Tulsa. Meanwhile, if you do not want to spend a lot of money by calling the professional workers, then the tips mentioned in this article will be helpful for you.

Top 7 ways to remove odor from basement drains

Suppose your home basement smells like sewer, then you need to find its cause. The reasons for such odors are often unknown, and people ignore them.

However, this smell can cause greater dangers like health issues and environmental degradation. Thus, some of the top 7 ways that promise to work are mentioned below. Please keep reading to know more about the underlying issues and their solutions.

·         Do not let the dirt be exposed to the air

Air in the basement tend to be moist and carries water droplets too. The debris and other open sources can be a reason for the contamination and foul smell of the basement.

You can avoid such cases by cleaning the basement properly and ensuring nothing is left behind. Use plastic covers to cover the trash and dirt so the water cannot come in contact with it. This will facilitate the blocking of some amount of moisture content and the smell in your basement.

·         Provide warmth

Another effective way to remove odor from your basement is to install indoor venting systems. It works as a device that enables the hot air to pass around the basement and remove the humidity in the environment.

Often, the smell in the basement is caused by excessive humidity too. Hence, this problem can be fixed with the help of our Plumbers Tulsa who will install hot air fans and an indoor venting heater.

·         Use dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers are devices that work on a principle to eliminate the humid odor. This system works in a way that it pulls the higher moisture content out and collects the water in the reservoir that is already present in the dehumidifiers.

By doing so, you can always have a basement free of any odor. However, it is recommended to use the dehumidifier with much care and clean it regularly.

·         Clean the clogged pipes

Clogged pipes can have a very bad smell that causes stinky basements. Mixing sewage and water pipes due to damage contributes to a foul-smelling basement. After a long time, pipes and drainage systems often get blocked.

Due to this, the areas around it can produce an odor. Hence, try to clean them or get help from a professional worker. However, if you want to save money, try to locate the problem yourself.

·         Provide air ventilation system

Lack of air and space in the basement can also be a major cause of the production of a foul odor. Hence, investing in a good air ventilation system for your basement can be quite good and worthy.

During a good weather, you can open the windows in the basement for the fresh air to enter. Moreover, keeping your washing machine and air dryer machine together in the basement and the air ventilation system can be a good idea as it will improve the environment and improve the airflow.

·         Water pumping machines

Water pumps are now widely used all around and are known to be very effective in removing excessive water. These pumps are also called sump pumps and are available in the market by their generic names.

These pumps can suck the water out and drain it outside by collecting in the collecting duct. Hence, please do not be worried about how to operate it as it is easy to use since it comes with a guide. If you are still confused, you can contact our Plumbing Tulsa experts for help. We are among the best plumbers Tulsa teams around.

·         Sewage odor neutralizer

Removing the sewage smell from your basement are termed agents that are termed odor neutralizers.

The first thing that you can opt for is to get a plastic spray bottle and add a concentrated vinegar. To neutralize the smell of the sewage in your home and basement use the solution we mentioned.

The second way is to use baking soda, which is a very convenient ingredient that is available in every kitchen. It is cost-effective and is available to everyone. You can make a solution of baking soda and spray it.

Let it sit for around 2 to 4 hours, and then notice the difference yourself. You will immediately feel the difference in your environment.

Can vinegar damage the drainpipes present in the basement?

While cleaning the foul smell out of your basement using vinegar solution, you often think that whether it damages the pipes or not.

Vinegar is a substance that is quite safe to use for cleaning purposes. Please use in small amounts.

The vinegar solution works best on every pipe, whether made from plastic, metal, steel, or aluminum.

Can bacteria be a reason for a foul odor in the basement?

The best area for the microbes and fungi to grow in moist places is yes. We recommend keeping the areas of your basement dry and warm. Such environmental conditions do not facilitate the growth of these microorganisms. Experience the best plumbers Tulsa team in town.


People with sensitive noses can be much bothered about their basement producing a foul smell. There are several solutions to fixing odor problems. To find the best solution, you may have to do some more digging.

Regardless of it, the best way is to stick to the solution that works the best for you. Since every tip will not work out for your problems, finding your go-to solution to removing basement odor is a fine decision. If you are unable to resolve the problem immediate contact our Plumbing Tulsa experts.

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