Top signs you need to immediately replace water main service

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Water supply in homes is partially on the ground while the rest of the part is underground. Sometimes, we notice some symptoms of water leakage or failure of the water pipeline, but sometimes it is hard to identify.

When you observe any bills or water pressure change, you should pay attention to your water pipeline system. It must be for some reason you need to identify and fix. For this purpose, you need to avail the services of our professional plumbers Tulsa.

Top signs you need to immediately replace water main service

Many of us are confused about that when we should need to immediately replace the water main service. Here are a few signs or symptoms indicating that the main supply is damaged and needs to be repaired.

1.      You have to pay high water bills.

The first thing you need to do is to keep an eye on the monthly bills of water supply you are paying as a citizen. Keep comparing the water bills to get the average water usage reading and the cost you pay every month.

If you identify a significant change in water billing, you should call a professional to identify the actual problem. When you are sure about the rise in the water supply bill is due to any leakage or failure of the water pipeline, you must choose to replace the main water supply service to avoid paying high bills.

2.      Taps lose water pressure.

Water supply is spread all over our house, especially in bathrooms, toilets, laundry, kitchen, and garden or lawn.

  • The main water supply system should work properly to maintain the water pressure in the taps so that water is available for washing and watering purposes.
  • Sometimes, the taps do not get the water pressure they had before.

Observing this condition for days clearly indicates that the older water main service is not working properly. It is time to call our professional plumbers Tulsa to replace the main water service so that your taps get the water pressure back.

3.      When you hear an awkward gurgling sound

Usually, we hear the sound of water flowing in the water pipelines. This sound is only heard when the water supply is in initially. It is normal, but if you hear some awkward noise, that is quite different from the sound of normal water flow. Need the best plumbers Tulsa? Call our great team today!

If it persists for days, you need to consider replacing the main water supply service. If the condition persists, there are chances of bursting the water pipes under the ground, which is dangerous for your building.

4.      When you observe rusting of the water pipeline

Usually, the water pipes are made of metal, maintaining the strength of the pipeline on the ground and under the ground.

  • This type of water pipeline goes longer but can also get damaged if it gets rusted.
  • If underground water pipes leak, side effects appear on the metal water pipes.
  • Due to the reaction with the iron metal of the pipe, the upper layer or pipe will observe corrosion or rusting.

Rusting indicates that the main water supply service is outdated, and you need to replace it with a new one.

5.      When you observe concrete cracks

Our concrete floor, slabs, and shelves get high effects from water leakage. We usually do not know about the water leakage, but later the effects appear in the form of cracks in the concrete slabs. As the water reaches the soil, it makes the soil surface uneven by washing away the upper layer beneath the concrete layer.

The concrete part could not fill the empty part and got cracks. These cracks indicate that water is not flowing but has changed its way to the soil by leaving the pipeline. It can ruin your building by damaging the floor, walls, and ceiling. So, there is a great need to replace the main water supply service on time to avoid more damage.

6.      If you detect water dripping

Not all the time, you need to look for the secondary signs of water leakage, but you need to look for the visible signs and consider them seriously. So, if the taps are dripping, even after fixing the faucet and inner membrane, you need to consider why it is happening on a large scale. The water pipeline may be observing clogging or blockage, which is disturbing the whole system. So, you need to replace it.

7.      The water smells rusty or foul.

Fresh water does not have any color or smell. It is soothing only in the sense of drinking, washing, and bathing. When water comes in contact with the metal for a longer time, rusting takes place, which adds rust to the water flowing in the pipelines.

You will observe the rusty smell of water when you use it. The chances of blocking water pipes with debris or algal growth are also possible. If you go through this condition, you must look for a solution as this water is not good for your health, hair, and skin too. It is better to contact our Best Plumbing Tulsa experts immediately if you notice these signs.

8.      If you see the growth of mold on the water pipes

Sometimes, we do not see the water leakage, there is no rust on the water pipes, but a quite astonishing thing you observe is the growth of mold. The molds need moist habitat for their growth. So, its growth is a clear indication that the main pipeline is observing leakage.

If you observe heavy growth of mold, you should not take it easy as it is pointing towards the destruction of your building as the next stage. So, look forward to the replacement of min water service so that you can protect yourself from heavy destruction.


Many of us do not take water leakage much seriously as we do not know much about its aftershocks. If a water pipeline is blocked, it can burst and cause huge destruction of pipelines. You need to keep an eye on the main water service and observe the signs shared above. Make sure to contact our Best Plumbing Tulsa services if you notice any issues.

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