When you are looking for Plumbers Tulsa repairs, go with a company that has a great reputation. Here is a guide on how to clean your water tank in a good way

Cleaning water tanks is necessary because if you don’t do the maintenance work, you will get a dirty water supply. Cleaning a water tank is not going to take long or much effort. Yes, the procedure is pretty simple and easy. Therefore, you should do the cleaning after every few months.

In further detail, we will discuss the steps of cleaning your water tank the easiest way possible. Still need help? Call Acts of Service Plumbing for Plumbers Tulsa repairs.

Simple ways to clean Water tanks you should know about

So, here we go

Empty your water tank

The first step is to empty your water tank. Never start the cleaning if the water tank already has water in it. So, shut down the main water supply, so you don’t get water in the water tank while cleaning. Emptying your tank with a water pump is the first step you must follow.

You should leave even a little bit of water inside it. You need to take out all the water, and then you can start cleaning it.

Start pouring warm water into the tank

You will find slime, dust, dirt and other particles settled down at the bottom of the water tank. Warm water will help in cleaning the settles dirty. If you are inside the water tank, you should pour hot water. Try to use warm water, so you don’t end up hurting yourself. Start to pour warm water into the water tank.

Once you clean the water tank and come out of it, you can pour hot water to do the rest of the work. The hot water will remove any dust if left inside, even after cleaning. While inside, use warm water and then hot water at the end.

Use a drop of soap with warm water

While pouring warm water into your water tank, you can use a drop of soap to ensure that the water tank gets cleaned entirely. Only warm water might not work on the dirty particles settled at the bottom of your water tank. Therefore, a drop of soap with warm water will help clean the water tank more easily and conveniently. You can use soap to clean your dishes and the water tank.

Such dishwashers don’t contain hard chemicals. So, while inside the water tank, you won’t get hurt by the harsh chemicals. You can get a water tank cleaning soap from the market if you want to do the cleaning like a professional.

Now start scrubbing the water tank

Once you pour warm water and soap into the water tank, now let the mixture settle down a little. It will help in taking the settled particles out of the water tank. Now it is time to start scrubbing the water tank. You should wear scrubbers instead of using any other tools. Scrubbers will help in cleaning the water to depth. All the dirt, dust, slime, algae, or other settle particles out of the water tank.

You can use a drop of soap on your scrubbers when you start scrubbing. Scrubbing is an important step in cleaning Water tanks. You are highly mistaken if you think that warm water would be enough to clean the water tank. You will have to scrub the water tank sediment with your own hands. Otherwise, you will get dirt coming out through your water taps. Discover why Acts of Service offers the best Plumbers Tulsa repairs.

Use a disinfectant

You would surely like to disinfect your water tank. If you use the same water for drinking, then drinking dirty water doesn’t sound safe and healthy. Therefore, at the end of the water tank cleaning procedure, you need to use a disinfectant of premium quality to disinfect the water so no particles or dirt will be left there.

After using soap, warm water, and then hot water not, it is time to use disinfectant to clean the rest of the water tank. It will help in killing all the gems left inside the water tank. After that, you can take a breath of relief that now you will get a clean drinking water supply.

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Fix pipes or replace them

Once you pour the disinfectant, you can turn on the taps so the disinfectant will run through the pipes and taps. If you find any problems in the pipes, you can fix them. Fix the pipes, repair them, and, if necessary, replace them.

Use drying vacuum

Now it is time to dry the water tank with the vacuum. If you don’t have a vacuum to dry the water tank, you can leave the tank cover open for a while. Just ensure that the water tank doesn’t get dirty again. The water tank should dry so you can look at the after-results of your cleaning.

Cover the water tank

Once the water tank dries and you find that the water tank is clean, then you can cover the water tank. Turn on the water supply and check if you get a clear water supply.

Wear proper suiting while cleaning the water tank

Now you know how you can clean Water tanks properly and professionally. You must wear proper suiting and scrubbers before jumping into the water tank. You need to ensure your safety before you start the cleaning procedure.

Your hands will get affected if you don’t wear scrubbers to scrub the water tank. Therefore, you should get a proper dress for cleaning the water tank.

Call for professional help

If you think you won’t be able to clean the water tank on your own, you can get professional help. Yes, tank cleaning services are available in the market, so that you can get their help. They have proper tools and cleaning supplies that will help in cleaning the water tank in a better way.

Final Remarks:

It would be best if you didn’t leave your water tank dirty for long because the cleaning will get a little more difficult. Our plumbers are available to do it for you if you don’t find it easy. We are just a call away to be at your service.

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