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Enjoy our article. What are the different types of pf plumbing pipes for the home, and which should you pick?

Whether constructing a new home or repairing/replacing the plumbing system at your current home, selecting the right type of pipe is crucial. In older times, there were not a lot of different types of pipes available, but today we have many types of pipes, each one of which makes a good choice for specific purposes. That’s why our professional plumbers Tulsa always recommend using the right type of pipe for every specific need.

Top 6 types of plumbing pipes and when you should pick one for your home

If you are also looking to get plumbing pipes for your place and are unsure which one will be the best, here are the top 6 types of pipes you can buy, along with their best uses. Now you can easily select a specific type of pipe for every plumbing need at your place.

1.      Cast iron pipes or Galvanized Steel Pipes

You can install the most traditional plumbing pipe at your place. These are usually found in old homes, and these make a good choice for DIYers. The structure of these pipes is rigid and resistant to corrosion. However, these pipes do not make a great choice against rust. These pipes do not need any soldering and still offer great durability.

When to pick these?

These pipes make a good choice for drainage in a larger diameter. Besides, these are good for clean water supply in cold and hot temperatures. The cast iron and galvanized stainless steel pipes also make a great option for gas supply as they do not need any soldering, so using these for specific purposes is safer and much more convenient.

If you are remodeling your home, these can be a good choice. Otherwise, you can look for other options. Experience great results for Plumbers Tulsa today!

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2.      Copper pipes

Next up are the copper pipes, and they also make a common choice for many homes. Copper pipes are liked because of their easy and quick installation, as one solder job gets the whole installation work done. These pipes are also famous because there are no health risks with copper metal like there are with plastic pipes.

However, installing copper pipes requires skills that not every DIYer has these days. Copper pipes are durable and a little soft, making them easier to work with.

When to pick these?

Copper pipes make a good choice when you are looking to supply clean water inside your home. These pipes are available in different diameters and are easier to work with even in tighter areas, as there is no need to get long wrenches to tighten the joints. You may need some insulation on these pipes, so the water temperature does not change.

3.      Flexi pipes

Flexi pipes are flexible pipes that are usually made from stainless steel. So, they are durable but cannot be used for the main plumbing system in your home. These pipes come in different sizes and can bear a lot of wear and tear over the years. While they need wrenches, they are still easy to work with.

When to pick these?

The Flexi pipes make a good choice when connecting the underground pipes and your plumbing appliances like water heaters, sinks, toilets, dishwashers, etc. As those connections are not too long, you will not need a very long length of these pipes.

4.      ABS pipes

The ABS pipes are made with a thermoplastic resin, and they resemble the PVC pipes in looks, but these pipes are usually softer and come in black. There are not a lot of durability issues, but these are not good to be left under direct sun.

When to pick these?

ABS pipes make a good choice to use for drains and vents. These are cost-effective, so you can easily install longer lengths. The only requirement you need to meet here is to install them according to your local laws, and if you install them, keep these away from sunlight as that can damage these.

5.      PEX pipes

It is one of the most durable pipe types you can use these days as it can sustain high pressure while being flexible enough to go through different walls, floors, and even ceilings. While bringing all of these benefits, they make a good choice because they are budget-friendly.

When to pick these?

PEX pipes are good for water supply lines for both hot and cold water. These are easy to cut and join and do not require much work. The best part is that they come color coded for easier plumbing.

6.      PVC Pipes

Our best plumbing Tulsa professionals recommend the last type of pipe, PVC pipes. These pipes are cheaper than most and are considered the easiest to work with, especially when you compare them with copper or steel pipes. These are hard and withstand exposure to sunlight for a long time. When you need great Plumbers Tulsa, count on us today.

When to pick these?

If you want to install a waste line, PVC pipes are a good option. These are available in different diameters, so you can easily manage all sorts of waste.

How to choose the pipe for your home?

For an easy experience, you can leave things up to our best plumbing Tulsa professionals. However, if you also want to know how to select the pipes for your place, look for the space where you will be installing your pipe for ease.

Similarly, look for the requirements and choose the pipes that meet those requirements. Following the local rules and regulations for plumbing is crucial to keep everything legal. You can also focus on your budget but remember that the budget should not be the deal maker or deal breaker for you. Call us today for the best Plumbers Tulsa results.


As many different types of pipes are available, you can be confused about which one to buy. Either look at the specific purpose for every type of pipe or leave everything up to our professional plumbers Tulsa. They have the knowledge and experience to install every type of plumbing pipe according to its correct application.

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