Top 8 Tips for cleaning out a kitchen drain without damaging it

Acts of Service Plumbing understands true success begins with exceptional planning. We offer the best Plumbers Tulsa repairs, because we are committed to solving plumbing problems. The situation gets too messy and miserable whenever the kitchen drain gets clogged. You won’t be able to clean dishes anymore. So, first, you need to clean the kitchen drain so that you will be able to carry on with your kitchen tasks without any problem. Plus, kitchen drain clogging is normal because you wash dishes full of oil and may have a little leftover food.

You must find the best strategy to clean the kitchen drain without damaging it.

Tips for cleaning out a kitchen drain

Here are the top 8 tips from our Plumbers Tulsa for cleaning out a kitchen drain:

1.      Pour hot water more than once

Your kitchen drain often gets clogged when you wash dishes with oil and greasy leftovers. So, the enemy of oil is hot boiling water. Plus, it is one of the simplest and easiest ways to eliminate kitchen drain clogging problems. You can pour hot water two-three-time times into the drain to clean up the drain.

Most oil starts settling down in the bottom of the drain, and that piled-up oil will clog your kitchen drain. Therefore, you need to use hot water as your ultimate weapon to get rid of this problem. You can repeat this cleaning mechanism every 2-3 days, so you don’t have to face any serious problems later. Make your life easier and clean your kitchen drain often without damaging it.

2.      Use an acidic drain cleaner

Sometimes the kitchen drain clogging problem gets so stubborn that hot water won’t do anything about it. You can pour as much hot as you want, but it won’t do any good. So, another tip for cleaning your kitchen drain is to pour some acidic drain cleaner.

Don’t worry. Those acidic drain cleaners won’t cause any damage to the drain. You must choose the right product to work for your drain cleaning situation. After pouring the cleaner into the drain, you need to let it settle. After a little while, you can pour hot water into the drain as it will only make the drain cleaning a bit smoother. Using acid cleaner is risky therefore getting our professional Plumbing Tulsa services is a better option.

3.      Baking soda and vinegar

When you mix baking soda and vinegar, it reacts because both ingredients are acidic. This is what your kitchen drain requires, so all the impurities settled in your drain will vanish within no time. Put a half cup of baking soda in your drain, and then start pouring vinegar into the drain.

Both ingredients will start reacting and become acidic to the impurities of your kitchen drain. Now let these two materials do their magic. Leave it like that for like an hour. After that, you can pour hot boiling water into the drain. Hot boiling water work with almost all of the drain cleaning solutions. It will simply smooth the path, so drain clogging doesn’t happen.

4.      Pour salt and vinegar

Vinegar works like magic when it comes to drain cleaning tips. You can use vinegar and salt to clean your kitchen drain. Half of the salt will work, and then start pouring vinegar afterward. After pouring the vinegar now, you must wait an hour and pour hot water. All these three ingredients will work like magic for cleaning your kitchen drain.

5.      Dish liquid and hot water

Dish liquid also works for cleaning kitchen drain. You have to mix it with hot water first. Make a solution of soapy water. Never pour dish liquid only first. It will not work this way. Make a mixture, and then start pouring it into the drain slowly. Now you can leave it like that for an hour. You can do this every other day to ensure your kitchen drain doesn’t clog. Need a professional? Call us for the best plumbers Tulsa services!

6.      Use tools to take out the clogging element

Sometimes oil is the not reason that your kitchen drain got clogged. If you wash your dishes with leftover food, it will create a mess inside the drain. Hot water and any other liquid mixture will not work on that. There are tools available in the market that you can use to get rid of the clogging element in your drain.

Just be very careful while using any tool because it might cause damage to the drain, and then you might have to replace it. If you do not want your drain to damage, contact our professional Plumbing Tulsa experts.

7.      Gas powered cleaner

You might not have heard about gas-powered cleaners. Well, they are also available in the market. You can use those cleaners because they will directly hit the impurities of your kitchen drain. Such cleaners will clean the drain within no time. You won’t have to wait for the cleaner to settle down and kill the clogging element. Plus, such gas-powered cleaners won’t cause any damage to the kitchen drain. So, you can use them without worrying about anything.

8.      Get a Professional plumber

One of the best things you can do to bring 100% results is to get a plumber on the site. Professional people will know how to clean the kitchen drains. They will come prepared with drain cleaning materials and tools. You don’t have to buy any cleaner or use any homemade remedy. You have to call for professional help, and your work is done.

Most of the time, when we try to do something on our own, we damage things. While cleaning the kitchen drain, you might use something that will hit the drain and cause damage. So, if you don’t want to cause any damage because you know you won’t be able to clean the kitchen drain, then you should call a plumber.

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Final Remarks:

Now you know how you can get rid of your kitchen drain problems. Just be very careful while applying any of the tips mentioned above. If you don’t follow the tip properly, you might end up causing damage to the kitchen drain. Yes, if the drain gets damaged, you might have to replace it. So, it is better to be careful first than regretting later. You can contact our Plumbers Tulsa for cleaning kitchen drains with perfection.

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Who are the companies we have had the pleasure of serving? Visit Paul Davis’ website to learn more at Paul Davis Corporate – Restoration and Emergency Service Provider.