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One can always choose to install a shower or bathtub and the necessary plumbing system on a “do-it-yourself” basis, and while many people think they are capable of doing this, others may prefer to hire a professional contractors or plumbers Tulsa. Regardless of the path taken, a number of mistakes can be made during this process; however, they are usually avoided when hiring a skilled plumbing services provider.

The following mistakes are some of the most frequent ones that novice or inexperienced people make while looking at the issue of shower plumbing:

Alignment of pipes and tubes in the wall

The positioning of the taps and, possibly, the shower head, will be directly affected by the alignment of the pipes and tubes in the wall. Height issues may make the overall showering experience a little uncomfortable for some, but the impact of this may be fully covered with the tiling or plastering that follows. Due to the fittings or stop valves being misaligned, which frequently serve as the cause of a leak within the pipes or fittings in question, the alignment may also jeopardize the proper working of the plumbing in question. When installing the fittings, this alignment is also altered when the person doesn’t use a level, which has a significant negative effect on the shower’s aesthetic finish.

Even though the shower plumbing may be set up inside a private home or residence, this does not mean that one is free to do whatever they choose because, in some cases, approval from the local authorities may be required. Before even considering this, it would be well to determine whether approval in accordance with building regulations and legislation is actually required. This would depend on the regions’ laws that control these kinds of issues.

What Is Plumber’s Tape? 

Any bathroom, kitchen, or shower plumbing installation must properly seal pipe connections with what is frequently referred to as “plumber’s tape.” This allows for a better seal on the pipe connection and can avoid leaks, in addition to any threads being removed by the overly confident worker. The proper name for this plumber’s tape is metal strapping (or Teflon tape), which has no adhesive whatsoever and is used to fill in the gaps in the threads of the pipes so that the joint can be properly sealed. It also lubricates the two metal surfaces to create a more durable joint between the metals. Still need Plumbers Tulsa services? Count on us to deliver.

Having the correct tools and equipment is arguably more crucial than the previously mentioned planning or council approval when wanting to install shower plumbing or any plumbing everywhere in the house. Of course, there are many other factors to take into consideration. This may also be a good enough reason to hire professional plumbers in Tulsa to help you with this specialized task.

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give your shower much thought. You turn on the water, change the water’s temperature, take a shower, and then shut off the water, as you are aware. It’s easy enough—until the shower stops working. When you switch on the hot water, hot water should flow out, thanks to the complete services we can offer at actsofserviceplumbing Company. However, you may maintain the shower itself in excellent condition by implementing the following advice:


There is probably a strainer in your shower drain, but you shouldn’t assume that it will catch everything. If it’s like other strainers, it probably contains a number of gaps, slots, and other openings where hair and other debris can squeeze through. In order to catch anything that may otherwise clog your drain, add a cover.


If your shower is blocked, you should let the experts handle the unclogging. When you try to handle it alone, you may succeed in the short term, but risk making things worse. Make a quick call to plumbers in Tulsa to save time and money. Avoid using chemical cleaners that might harm you, your pipes, and the environment. This is very vital.


You probably picture bulkier debris or hair when you imagine things that clog your shower drain. The majority of shower products actually contain a film that can stick to your plumbing. Regularly cleaning your shower will prevent excessive soap buildup, which can be a hassle.


Hard water is water that contains additional minerals. If it contains an excessive amount of calcium or magnesium, it will leave behind residue that might harm your boiler and dry out your skin. To maintain the health of your skin, avoid clogs brought on by residue, and safeguard your water heater, we advise installing a water softener.


If you’re like the majority of homeowners, you consider low water pressure to be annoying but otherwise unimportant. The truth is that it can be a sign of something much worse. Call the professional plumbers in Tulsa right away if you notice that your water pressure is significantly lower than usual. We provide outstanding plumbing Tulsa services.


You should call the professional plumbers in Tulsa right away if you notice any kind of plumbing leak.  Hidden beneath your walls is a vast network of pipes. Delaying treatment can result in costly, long-term damage to your home.

In all, a great team works together to produce the best outcome for customers. Call Acts of Service Plumbing for Plumbers Tulsa services.

The actsofserviceplumbing company can help keep the water hot, but we can’t help with your shower. For assistance with your water heater, contact us actsofserviceplumbing.

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