Learning that your drain has been damaged by a rodent is never good news, that’s why top Plumbers Tulsa companies know how to respond quickly to turn the situation around.

This article will prove to be helpful in learning how to handle such situations when they arise.

What causes pest infestation in drains, and how to prevent it?

Pest infestation is a plumbing issue that commonly happens with drains. You will hardly face this issue if your drain is always clean. However, when the drain is not clean, it attracts many pests and rodents to get inside, and in the worst case, they can breed there. That can be a serious condition to call our plumbers Tulsa to clarify everything.

Having pests in your drain that can come into your kitchen or bathroom anytime is visually disturbing and brings several health issues. With more pests, there could be more germs, so getting this issue as soon as possible is necessary.

What causes pest infestation in drains?

To know how to prevent pest infestation, it is necessary to learn how it starts. In this way, getting to the root of the cause will be easier, making it easier for you to resolve the issue. When we talk about pest infestation in drains, it is because two mains’ reasons:

Dirty drains

The first reason is having a dirty drain because it provides food for those pests. Whether it is your kitchen or bathroom drain, if the pipe is dirty from the inside, there are major chances that bits of stuff going down the drain will get stuck inside the pipes. That makes a great food source, and as you are using your drain regularly, it is a steady supply of food for those pests. Reach us today for best Plumbers Tulsa repairs and love it!

Humid conditions

Secondly, the pests are attracted to humid environments, and the drain will always stay wet when you have a leaking water supply somewhere in your house. It makes a perfect environment for the pests to live in and survive. While you are providing a suitable environment for them to live in without even knowing, these pests can bring a lot of health hazards for you and your family.

How to prevent pest infestation in your drains?

The worst situation is when the pests start living in your drains, and they breed there, so their population multiplies. You never want this to happen, so there are a few practices that you can follow to fix and prevent this problem from happening ever again.

Clean your complete drainage system once or twice a week

The first thing that you need to do is to clean your drain regularly. There are different drain cleaners available in the market that you can simply flush down the drain, and those will get the job done. For your kitchen waste, you mustn’t flush any bits of food in there. To get an even better experience, you can install food waste disposers with your kitchen drain.

These devices grind up any bits and pieces of food so that they can easily flush down the drain without causing any damage. Keeping your drain clean from any food items for the pests means you are not providing them with a steady supply of food.

Repair any source of constantly leaking water

The next important thing you need to work on is repairing any source of water that is constantly leaking. That can be the tank of your toilet or a faucet inside your kitchen. That can also be a loose joint near the drain that is always leaking, but you never know about it. So, hire our best plumbing Tulsa professionals and inspect your whole house.

With the right equipment, any leakage can be found in no time. On the other hand, if you decide to do it yourself, there are chances of missing things. When you repair any leaks in your water pipeline, the drains will not stay humid. It will also help reduce your water bills. Need help? Call us today for best plumbers Tulsa repairs!

Keep the drain of your roof clean.

Something that most people unintentionally ignore is the roof drain. Roof drains work amazingly to keep any water out of your roof, but the dry leaves and debris that get stuck in them can welcome different types of pests in your drain.

Another thing that can get in there is bird features and nests, which, when getting wet, can promote the formation of mold there, attracting all the pests.

We provide the best plumbing Tulsa services to help keep your roof drain in your house clean. With the right equipment, technique, and experience, we can help you eliminate any issues with your drains.

Get your drain inspected, for there must not be any clogs inside the drain

Next up, you need to inspect your drains for any clogs, and it is possible when professionals use their video camera equipment to look inside the drains. If you discover some blockage or clog, or your drains have collapsed, you need to get that fixed as soon as possible.

Keeping your drains clear from these issues will be a great way to prevent pest infestation there.

If there is any leakage in the drain system, get it fixed as soon as possible.

The last thing you need to do to prevent pest infestation in your drainage system stops leaks. Previously we discussed preventing leaks in the clean water system that keep the drain wet all the time.

Now, it is about the leaks in the drainpipes that allow easy entry for pests and rodents. For the underground pipes can also attract tree roots causing the cracks to further expand. This problem can lead to rodents coming into your pipes. So, inspect your drains and clear any leakage before those pests enter your home. Count on us for best plumbers Tulsa solutions and love it!


Pest infestation in your drain is one of the plumbing problems you need to fix immediately. Calling our plumbers Tulsa for their professional services ensures you will never face this issue ever again. Remember that pests and rodents in your drains can be a health hazard for you and your family. Most importantly, different pests, like termites, can damage your property. Get rid of them as soon as possible, if you can.

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