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6-7 Best Healthy Snacks to Eat to Stay Energized Throughout your day!

  1. Fruits and nuts

This is one of the best combination of fat, protein and carbs, which will fuel the body and brain. These need to be in best shape. Please be aware if some of the employees are allergic to any nuts, and make sure that they will have the same version but with pumpkin seeds for example. Also, for more creamy texture and more energy you can add seed or nut butter. There are other butters, but they all must be complementary to the fruits. Always use a good quality fruits which can be frozen, fresh or dried (also consider the additional sugar that is in these snacks). Be aware also for the origin of the fruit, if it is a local or imported one. It is better to use local source for the fresh fruit. For the frozen one or dried one there search origin on the label and search for the expiration date too.

Here are several snacks good for the employees:

  • A medium sized apple with small amount of almond butter
  • A cup of frozen or fresh raspberries with tahini or sunflower seed butter
  • A medium sized orange with shelled pistachios
  1. Greek yogurt with berries

The employees will get enough proteins from yogurt and fiber from berries. Choose for whole or low-fat yogurt rather a fat free one – to stabilize the blood sugar. Fat can slow down the digestive process, and support the stabile blood level, a characteristic that is very important for heavy work of a plumber. Add cinnamon or honey syrup on the yogurt and berries mixture. The cup of berries, depending of the type, will give 50 calories and 6 grams of fiber, and additional antioxidants. If some of the workers do not want berries, add ground flax, which is a good sources of minerals.

Berries are well known for their antioxidant properties, so they are very refreshing addition on the greek yogurt. They are also a very light addition, with low calories input. Can be fresh and frozen.

  1. Boiled Eggs with Cherry Tomatoes

Boiled eggs with cherry tomatoes is a great snack made of fat, protein and fiber. The eggs are great source of protein, with 70 calories in one piece, have also 6 g of protein and 5 g of fat. The eggs have a lot of choline, a nutrient essential for cognitive functions. Also have a lot of vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids which are important for body strength. Getting this healthy snack will be good for overall health.

As addition to boiled eggs, include cherry tomatoes which are important source of vitamins and minerals (vitamin C and vitamin A) which are important for building immune system, and also potassium. Including vegetables with high content of water is also a good way to keep the plumbers hydrated.

If the tomatoes are not acceptable for the plumbers, include carrots, cucumber, zucchini or celery.

Some of the plumbers might opt out only eggs without any additional servings. So, keep in mind to have those kind of snacks too.

  1. Medium hard cheese with fruits or vegetables

Offer another diary product with a tasty combination is a very satisfying snack. It is loaded with protein and a source of calcium, selenium and vitamin B. It has also higher level of sodium, so it could be given to the plumbers with an additional source of fluids. The plumbers can get a nice boosting with proteins, but sometimes the cheese is a bit heavy on the stomach, so give this snack after fixing some big problem and it is time to rest a bit. Also, you can search for low fat options, so you will provide the same amount of protein but in much “lighter version”.

To make a balanced snack, put some fruits or vegetables. There are a lot of combinations for making a simple salad, like lettuce and cheese. You can also put some dips, like spinach or carrots dip.

  1. Energy snack bars

Bars are easy to store and to provide to the plumbers even if they are on the field and working there. But choose wisely, because many bars will have more sugar than regular ones. Inspect what are the bars made of, and always prefer ones with strict ingredient label on. Choose ones made of whole foods, with 5 g of sugar, and also with a mixture of heathy fats, fiber and protein. Sometimes, for smaller companies with fewer plumbers, you can decide to make your own versions for energy snack bars. You can simply google recipes online and select the best combination of ingredients. Search for names like Healthy Energy Bars, Fruit and Nut Bars or similar.

Final notes

The above-mentioned snacks are only few mentioned combinations you can offer to the employees in your company. It is a good idea to ask directly what the best combinations are for the plumbers. If some of the answers are similar, provide the plumbers with their wished snack.

Here I have only included snacks. But keep in mind that they will also need some liquids, especially during the summer. Give them an option for liquid too.

Bottom line is to have information from the plumbers what are their preferences. Also, before any of the snack preparation, make sure you have all information about their allergies or intolerances of some ingredients. If some of the plumbers are lactose intolerant, search some alternatives for proteins like soya or mushrooms. It can cost more, but satisfied employee is the one who will build up the revenue afterwards.

As a professional plumbing company which takes care for the employees, include at least one snack during the normal working hours, and additional one if there are additional unplanned working hours.  Also, include several possibilities to have liquid, no matter if it is only water, but also sugar – free juices and infusions. In this way, you will make the employees more productive and satisfied.

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