5 best materials to consider when buying kitchen faucet to avoid damage

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A kitchen is among the most used places in any house, and in a kitchen, the faucet is among the most used things. So, whether you are redesigning your home or building a new one, you must be careful about selecting the right stuff for your home. One of those things is the kitchen faucet, as today, these are available in different materials, some of which are also recommended by our plumbing Tulsa professionals.

Different materials of kitchen faucets can get damaged visually and functionality-wise. So, here we will be discussing the 5 best materials to select from when buying your kitchen faucet.

5 best materials to consider when buying kitchen faucet to avoid damage

If you want to install a kitchen faucet at your place that gets the least amount of visual and functional damage, then the following are your top 5 picks.

1.      Stainless Steel

One of our professional plumbers Tulsa favorite materials is stainless steel, which is known for its durability and reliability. It is a material that hardly gets any visual or functional damage because of its structural strength and a top-quality finish. Stainless steel kitchen faucets are available in several different finishes, including glossy and brushed metal finishes.

Stainless steel faucets are not that expensive and are good against internal and external corrosion. These do not tarnish or flake easily if you take good care of these faucets.

2.      Brass

The next best material you can choose is brass. Unlike stainless steel, it is golden brown. One of the best things about brass faucets is that they do not get rust and corrosion as quickly as iron ones. Due to the low melting point of brass, you can find different designs as casting is easy, and the finished product also brings better quality than usual metals.

Another amazing thing about brass faucets is that they can easily get different finish types, including chrome plating.

3.      Zinc Alloy

If you do not want to go for expensive materials like brass, you can choose the Zinc Alloy kitchen faucets. It mimics most properties, like corrosion resistance, and brings durability and structural strength. Zinc alloy is a dull gray material, mostly used for plumbing fixture manufacturing. While it is not very attractive, it is great to plate it with a finished metal, including chrome, for a much better finish. Need the best Plumbers Tulsa team to help you, call us today!

4.      Bronze

Another good pick for you will be bronze kitchen faucets, as these will easily fulfill all of your requirements from the kitchen faucet. Bronze faucets offer a great variety of options with different features. On top of that, the look of these faucets is better than many others.

The color of bronze and its metallic finish offers a premium and high-end finish to your kitchen interior. However, when buying these, make sure that the faucet is purely made with bronze as there are many cheaper options available that only have a coating of bronze on top while the internal metal is different.

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5.      Copper

The last option that you can try for your kitchen faucet is copper. Copper has been traditionally used for making kitchen utensils, so if you want to design your kitchen with an antique vibe, then the copper will be a great option. In addition to its visual benefits, there are some functional benefits, including the natural antimicrobial properties.

Copper is also durable and resistant to corrosion as long as you get good-quality copper faucets. The look of copper becomes better as it ages and easily blends in with most interiors.

If you are confused about selecting any of these, you can consult with our plumbing Tulsa professionals. It will help you get the best one installed in your kitchen.

Other things about the kitchen faucet you need to consider when buying

While carefully selecting a material for your kitchen faucet, there are some other important features. Below are the top 4 things you need to look for when buying your kitchen faucet.

Handles and controls

The first thing to check is the availability of different handles and controls. Kitchen faucets often come with a single handle, and some come with double handles. Both options offer a different experience when controlling the water pressure and temperature.

So, spending on your requirements, you can get a single lever or a double lever faucet. There are options available that provide hands-free or touch control operations. When it to finding the best Plumbers Tulsa team, you’ll find we are among the best in town.

Sprayer feature

Another thing to check is the sprayer feature. It can be beneficial when you want to clean larger surfaces with less water and in less time. The faucets come with pull-out or pull-down style sprayers that you can use for easier cleaning. These also help easily clean the kitchen sink after you wash your dishes.

Spout and body of your faucet

The spout of your faucet and its body impact the visual appearance of the faucet, but most importantly, these serve different purposes. For example, a spout that is not high enough will not allow you to clean various pots, while one with a high arc and longer neck will always offer great accessibility. Always choose your faucet according to the pots you plan to wash in your kitchen sink.

Finish the faucet

The last thing to check is the finish. Remember that the faucet must get the finish in its natural material. Being made of different materials and having a different finish will never result in a durable and well-looking faucet for your kitchen. Remember that you have choices like glossy metal, brushed metal, chrome coating, etc.

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Today kitchen faucets are available in different materials. All the materials are available, from glass to ceramic to epoxy and plastic. While those may look good for a short time, these are not very reliable as they take damage quickly. So, if you want to install a kitchen faucet that takes the least damage, you can go with the materials we discussed above. For the best decision, consider consulting our professional plumbers Tulsa.

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