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6 Ways to Handle a Stressful Workplace

Issues in plumbing and also plumbing emergencies will never come with planning. The working hours are also not planned. The 8 hour working time can turn out to be longer and in the night. This can cause stress and additional problems with organizing the work. The plumber job and tasks can never be planed. They can be damaging and very costly for your client. The company must be aware to plan a day off for the plumber working at night reparations. And also consider the 40 hours working week. The manager also might have a plumber who will work on those incidents during the night, so the working shift during day won’t overlap.

Some of the most frequent problems for the plumbers that can cause problems and are really stressful are as mentioned below.

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Drains Which Are Blocked

Blocked drains mean completely stopped functioning of the rooms connected to this drain. Several factors can contribute for occurring of blocked drains. It can be a blocked sewer, from oil, grease, items which are not disintegrating like paper towel or baby wipes, hair, or even roots.

If the cause is stormwater, the clog can be caused due to roots, some kind of debris like building material or even toys, or clogged leaves washed down in the pipes. The home owners can try to plunge the clog and clear the sewer, but a professional plumber or professional plumbing company may be needed to solve the problem with special equipment. To avoid damage, you should try to calculate and see the possible solution. If you are newer employee, ask for help from a more experienced plumber in the company – to avoid mistakes and even more stressful situations.

Pipes which are burst

This kind of problem can be caused by freezing, misuse, damage, age, unprotected pipes, rust, installation issues, and unintentional damage during fixture of other problems. If the problem is burst pipe, you will notice wet spots on the floor or on the ceiling, and also changed water pressure. Before even arriving to the client’s home, make sure you all and tell them to turn off the water of the general valve. Once you arrive there, be sure not to open the general valve, but only the one which is damager. If the owner do not know which pipe is burst, inspect yourself and find the pipe. If you can not find the pipe, open just for short period of time the general valve and shut down the water again.

There is not Hot Water

Having a hot water is a great achievement of this period and time, and is a luxury which we can not understand until it’s gone. It can occur for several issues, like pilot light not turned on, problems with the heating parts or thermostat, or even build up sediment.

Inspect all the appliances connected to the bathroom and start to solve the problem.

Leaks of gas

This can be provoked by corrosion of the pipes or cracks on them, damaged appliances, or some kind of damage due to construction. If some client calls because the gas bills are higher than usually, but the usage of the gas remained the same – this can the issue. Also if they smell rotten eggs or hear hissing near the line and pipes where gas passes in. Instruct to the owner to investigate where can it be approximately. If the issue is this, they should turn off any open flames in the home, turn of the gas from the main valve and also open the windows. As a plumber, also must be careful when solving the problem. Step by step, search every possible problem and place, to avoid additional correction of the installation.

Water spills

This water spills are caused by several problems like corrosion, taps which have been over tighten, wear of the pipes, toilets that needs servicing or high pressure inside the pipes. Also, it can be caused by a burst pipe. The important signs are dripping, making a pads of water in the base part of the taps, on the cabinets, on the floor, water running in the toilet non-stop. When the client calls for some of these issues, make him turn off the water and wait for you. When you arrive, make sure that the problem is rightfully described and ask more questions to be sure that you know the right solution.

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A frozen pipe

If the pipe is above the ground level, the water may freeze inside if the temperature drops. It also may provoke a bursting incident because of the pressure in when the water freeze. The signs that a pipe is frozen is – the water is stopped or there is a small leaking, smells funny, seeing frozen water inside the pipe. The water must be tuned off even before you get to the client. Be careful and try to find out if another pipe is frozen or not. Also, search for some other damages and suggest calling appropriate handyman for the problem.

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Final notes

As a professional plumber or a manager of professional plumbing company, you deal with all kind of problems with pipes and appliances. You must avoid stressful situations. To minimize the stress, you must inspect all the possible causes for any kind of leaking in the home. The problem could be much worse than expected. The homeowner is not experienced for all kind of problems or sounds. That is why even if one pipe is burst, you must inspect the whole piping of the home. Problems can occur afterwards and be bigger.

Also, if the problem reappears over and over again, you can suggest to the homeowner to replace the piping and give him a reasonable price for this. The piping also could be bought in a reputable hardware store. In this manner, you will not be called nonstop for reoccurring problems and make the piping by yourself will allow you better understanding of the possible problem further on.

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