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Top ways to remove grime from tiles in the bathroom

Bathroom cleaning is a significant act that is performed routinely to maintain it. Cleaning bathroom tiles is very significant along with the mirror and walls. It is because bathroom tiles always contain water droplets, soup residues, and many other contaminants.

As bathroom tiles always contain moisture content, they have more risk of grime. Grime makes bathroom ties dirty, dull, and slippery too. That’s why it is very important to remove it from tiles using physical or chemical methods.

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Top ways of grime removal you should know about

Following are the methods to remove grime from bathroom tiles to make the floor shiny and contamination-free.

Cleaning methods are normally depending upon the types of tiles and type of grime too.

Steam the bathroom tiles

Grime and all other stain formation on bathroom tiles are major because water stays on them all the time. It is because of the carelessness that people who do not use wipers all the time after using the bathroom. So, the first major thing to remove grime is to dry the tile’s surface.

For drying purposes, steam cleaning is the most convenient way, perfectly dries out the water contents. It will dry the bathroom tiles and give them a shiny appearance. You can simply do the following:

  • Steam the tiles by using a steamer that will detach the grime or dirt from the tiles
  • Then wipe out the detached grime with moisture using a mop or a duster.

It is easy to clean bathroom tiles at the initial stage of grime formation.

Spray bathroom cleaner on tiles

Another simple and easiest way to eliminate grime is to clean the tiles by spraying bathroom cleaner. Bathroom cleaners contain chemicals along with shining agents. They are applied in the following way;

  • Simply spray the cleaner on the overall floor of the bathroom
  • After spraying the cleaner, let it for five to six minutes to degrade the grime and other stains
  • Finally, wipe out all the degraded grime by using water and then mop the whole floor to dry it

It is also a method of cleaning tiles at the initial stage of grime formation. You simply perform it without wasting a lot of time.

It is used to clean unpolished tiles; otherwise, the chemicals will degrade the polished tiles along with grime degradation.

Grime removal with the homemade cleaner

For polished tiles, it is mostly preferred to use less acidic cleaning agents to avoid any kind of tile degradation. Homemade cleaners are not only kind on tiles but also very convenient to make and apply. It could be a mixture of baking soda and dishwasher.

It is applied in a way;

  • Apply simple baking soda solution onto tiles and let it for 5-10 minutes.
  • Slightly spread the solution all over the tiles and scrub them softly using a spongy scrub instead of a harsh one.
  • This solution will remove grime and eliminate dirt from the corners and spaces between the tiles.

All these methods could be the best if bathroom tiles are less grimy or grim formation is just started. But if grime spreads all over the bathroom tiles, such as on walls and floor, and becomes stickier to the tiles, it could be removed by applying the following chemical methods professionally.

Chemical methods for cleaning unpolished tiles

Chemical methods, especially those acidic, are hazardous for polished tiles, so these methods only remove grime from unpolished tiles. Although they are hazardous for unpolished also but professionals performed them in an optimized way, Such as;

Scrubbing of tiles covered with a homemade acidic cleaner

It is another homemade cleaning method to remove grime stains from bathroom tiles. Try performing these steps by:

  • First, cover the tiles with a paste of vinegar and baking soda.
  • After that tiles w scrubbed for 4-5 minutes.
  • Now leave the scrubbed material over the tiles for a few minutes. cleaner will help to interact with the cleaner and grime.
  • This interaction will lead to dispatching grime and other dirty contaminants from the tiles.
  • Finally, wipe out the dirty material by flowing water on the tiles. It will end with shiny and clean bathroom tiles.

It is time-consuming and specifically labor-intensive because of scrubbing. This could affect the appearance of tiles if the cleaner leaves for more than recommended time.

Apply bleach to the grimy tiles

The last option for the stubborn and stickier grime is to apply bleach to wipe out all stains. Bleach is more acidic, so it is not suggested normally, but it needs to be applied to remove stubborn stains. It is helpful in

  • Destroying the bonding of grime with the surface of tiles
  • Degrading the grimy layers by destroying the growth conditions of grime formation contaminants

Bleach is applied on bathroom tiles and let to stay on the grime for 5-7 minutes. After that, tiles will be scrubbed using a brush and washed out with flowing water on them. It could be the most effective cleaner to remove stubborn stains, but on the other hand it;

  • It could damage the surface of tiles by leaving scratches behind
  • Also, affect the color of bathroom tiles because of its intense nature

By analyzing all the aspects, it is suggested to apply bleach for tile cleaning purposes once after every two months. Bleach will clean out the bathroom tiles without degrading them if applied professionally.

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Cleaning of all types of tiles by degreaser

A water-based degreaser is like a universal cleaner for all types of tiles. It is quick to remove any greasy or grimy material from the surface of tiles. It is especially safe to apply on sensitive surfaces with intensive effect only on grime instead on the surface of tiles.


Bathroom tiles always need special care and maintenance to avoid the accumulation of any kind of contaminant. it is always quick and convenient to clean grimy tiles by scrubbing them after spraying cleaner.  The nature of grime will decide the cleaning method.

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