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What are plumbing problems caused by storms and rainfall, and how to avoid them?

Plumbing problems often happen in the ways we least expect them to happen. One of the rare ways plumbing problems can happen at your place is when it is raining or a storm. As the weather is already bad, these problems can add up to make the situation even worse. So, it is a good choice to stay safe from these problems in the first place by getting our plumbers Tulsa services.

We resolve any possible causes for plumbing issues that can happen during rainfall or storm. Below are some common plumbing problems that can happen at your place, along with the best solutions.

Different plumbing problems caused by storms and rainfall

When it rains, the water getting inside the drain is more than it usually is. That’s why many plumbing systems fail. Below are some of the most common plumbing problems caused by bad weather.

1.      Flooding inside your house due to lack of drainage

The first problem you can face from heavy rainfall is flooding inside your house. It commonly happens in the lower points of the house, including the basement, as the water can easily accumulate there. There is no place for the water to drain out of there. It can be extremely problematic.

It usually happens when the drainage system for the basement is not strategically planned, or the drainpipes are not angled correctly to keep all the water out of the lower areas inside your home.

2.      Clogging in the drain causes drainage failure.

Everything flushes inside the drain when there is a storm or heavy rain. When the number of debris getting inside the drain exceeds the amount it can handle, a clog or blockage inside the drain can happen. It can happen at the main drain exit of your house or some smaller attachment of the drain system.

In any case, the water will fail to drain, causing a backup and flooding. The most common culprits for causing this issue are:

  • Leaves
  • Sticks
  • Soil
  • Trash, etc.

So, the best practice here is to install a filter so that most of the big stuff is stopped outside, and you can easily clean it afterward. Reach us today for the best plumbers Tulsa results with us today!

3.      Cracking and bursting drainage pipes because of high pressure

If your drain pipes do not have proper padding or bedding, they can even burst because of the increasing pressure. It also happens when the excessive rainwater exceeds the pressure that your pipes can bear.

In such a case, you can face collapsed drains, and in the worst case, it will happen with the drain pipes present underground, which will allow all the water to get under your home causing structural damage. A common sign of this happening is an indent on the floor at the point where your drain system collapsed.

4.      Sewer water backing up inside your home

The last issue that can happen because of excessive water is sewer water going inside. The main plumbing issue you face here is that the drainage pipes are not installed according to the local rules and regulations. In the case of the wrong angle of your drain pipes, the water level in the sewer starts rising as it becomes full of water.

There comes the point when the drain is full of water, and then the water can back up inside your home instead of going inside. It can also happen when there is a clog inside the main sewer line. The aftereffects of this can include sewer smell inside your home, mold growth, and drain leftovers inside your house near the drain openings.

How to prevent these from happening?

There are many ways how you can stay safe from facing any plumbing problem during bad weather. Below are the top 4 prevention and fixing techniques that anyone can implement with our top-notch plumbers Tulsa services.

1.      Follow the plumbing rules and regulations when installing a drainage system

To prevent these from happening, you need to follow the local rules and regulations when installing your drain. If you ignore these, you may end up installing the drainage system with the wrong parts at the wrong angle. For added peace of mind, you can hire our plumbing Tulsa services.

Our men know all the rules and regulations and install the drain pipes accordingly, so you never face to face any issue with your drain.

2.      Add a backup prevention valve at the end of your drain

A backup prevention valve allows water to flow in only one direction. It can help prevent water from backing up inside your home. Installing it can help you stay safe from any sewage or clogged backup inside your home.

3.      Make sure that drain openings can be opened to prevent debris from causing any clogs.

There are different types of drain heads. You need to install ones at your place with filters that can be opened. When there is heavy rainfall, you can easily open and clean the filter to prevent water from flooding at some specific point. It not only keeps your place from flooding but also prevents certain plumbing issues from happening in the future. When it comes finding the best plumbers Tulsa services, call Acts of Service Plumbing for good results!

4.      Call professional plumbers for inspection.

The last thing you need to do is call professionals for a routine drain system inspection. A leak increases the chances of pipes bursting, which can also mix the clean water with the sewage water.

Similarly, clogs and blockages can worsen when there is heavy rainfall. Regular inspection from professionals will let you get any problem repaired at the right time. Thus, you will never face any plumbing issues during bad weather. Need a seasoned Plumbers Tulsa team? Call our team today!

Final Remarks:

The drain at your place must be capable enough to deal with the increased water supply when it rains. A common issue is that most people do not consider it when designing their drainage system. So, if you want to stay safe from all plumbing problems during the rainy season, hire our plumbing Tulsa services for the best quality job. We plan every plumbing job considering environmental and legal factors, so there is nothing done wrong to get you in trouble with plumbing issues.

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