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Your home’s mechanical system is a flood waiting to happen.  Really?

Consider this for a moment: water is a natural resource that feeds all living things, including you, on our vast blue planet. Water, when installed properly and routed in your home, can help you with anything from cooking to cleaning and much more; water is used for almost everything.

Water is also a cleanser, and if our plumbing is not maintained properly, it may cause great damage to our property and health. Just take a look at the latest hurricane, “Sandy,” which crashed against the east coast.

As the best plumbing company in Tulsa, we understand that your plumbing system, like your car, needs regular biannual maintenance checks.

You’re presumably aware of this, but when was the last time you checked your plumbing system? How long ago was it? one year ago? Two years ago?

Oh, please don’t tell me it’s been longer than that. If it has, please keep reading because I have put together a 10-point checklist of things that every householder (that’s you) and relative need to know, and this list could very well save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in expensive house maintenance.

As a responsible house owner, it is your responsibility to educate yourself, your husband, and your children (did you know that youngsters as young as five may learn a few plumbing tips? Don’t forget about your pets…

Okay, just kidding about that last one: Fido would probably mistake a damaged water supply for his personal hydrant. Did you know we offer outstanding plumbers Tulsa repairs.

Preparation Is Key 

All jokes aside, being prepared is advantageous, especially when it comes to your home’s plumbing system. Repairs can be pretty expensive, particularly if you have to change a cabinet or a section of your floor, so it is essential for you and everyone in your home to understand a few plumbing principles that can save you time and money in the long run.

I promised you a 10-point plumbing checklist to safeguard your money and keep your insurance company pleased…

Every homeowner should be aware of the following 10-point plumbing check list:

When plumbing problems occur, fast thinking and quicker movement on your part or that of a family member who detects the emergency are required.

This is where home drills, similar to school “fire drills,” can save you money as well as your home.

  1. Everybody in your household should be aware of where the primary shut-off control for your home’s water supply is situated. The most common location is near your water heater. Before you continue reading be sure to call us for the best Plumbers Tulsa services.

It might be in the wall, with the handle visible.

Alternatively, the main shut-off valve could be located on the floor or even inside the ceiling. If you can’t seem to find it, you might have to hire actsofserviceplumbing; the best plumbing company in Tulsa to look into it. I’ve seen main cut-off controls in the crawl space of a house. This is a bad placement because if something goes wrong, your house may have several inches of water on the floor by the moment you get to the valve.

  1. Inspect your water meter outdoors when no one else is home and you know there seems to be no water running to confirm none of the dials are moving. If they are, you almost certainly have a leakage somewhere.

The most common culprits are toilet and faucet leaks, which can add a few hundred dollars to your annual water bill.

  1. Insert a few droplets of food coloring into the toilet tank to inspect for leakage. Wait 20 minutes before inspecting the toilet bowl for the presence of color. If you observe anything, it could be seepage from around the flapper valve. Count on us to deliver outstanding Plumbers Tulsa services.

This is a simple fix 

It will cost you below $10.00 if you’re doing it yourself but hiring actsofserviceplumbing; the best plumbing company in Tulsa will be the best option. Still need guidance for plumbing Tulsa repairs, call us today!

  1. If your toilet appears to be about to overflow, open the tank lid and gently press on the flapper, effectively covering the opening at the tank’s bottom. The toilet will not overflow while you go over and shut the stop valve off.

Locate the cause of the obstruction that is creating the issue. If you have a toilet auger or a plunger, now is the time to use it. If you have children, keep an eye out for toys that may have become entangled in the trap or on the flanges themselves.

  1. Maintain all water and drain valves by shutting and opening them at least two times a year. If you fail to do this, a valve may eventually freeze. If you are in a plumbing emergency and are unable to shut the valve off, you may face major troubles and expenses.
  2. Find the stop valves for your faucets and toilets in your home. This allows you to turn off the water at the source of the problem rather than disrupting the entire household by turning off the main valve.
  3. Plungers are useful plumbing tools to have on hand for blocked sinks and toilets.
  4. Purchase a few replacement components, like toilet kits and rubber gaskets, for quick plumbing repairs around the house.
  5. Avoid using chemical drain cleaners to clear obstructions. For severe clogs in plumbing pipelines, use a plunger or an auger, sometimes known as a “snake.”
  6. Once a year, empty a few gallons of fresh water from the hot water heater tank. This ensures that the valve functions properly and permits sediment to settle at the bottom of the tank, increasing heating efficiency.
Remember This Helpful Tip

Don’t drain the water from the T&P valve, which is positioned on the top or side of the water heater. If you own an electric water heater, turn off the breaker that powers it before proceeding.

Take a water hose and connect it to the valve beneath the water heater. The hose should then be connected to a floor drain or a 5-gallon bucket.

The water you discard may appear milky. This just indicates that you have hard water. A water hardness test kit costs $5 and may be purchased at your local Lowe’s or plumbing supply store. If your hardness test results are greater than 10, you should consider purchasing a water conditioner.

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