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What is the difference between Hydro-Jetting vs. Snaking a Drain?

Sewer drains can clog due to multiple reasons. The reasons typically range from accumulated grease and oils to hair, mineral buildup, food particles, tree roots, and more. When any of these materials get into the sewer drain, your home’s wastewater flow will be disrupted.

Always remember that clogging can occur in both old and new plumbing pipes. Therefore, you must prepare yourself appropriately to handle it carefully.

Hydro-jetting vs. Snaking: What do you need to know?

Snaking and hydro jetting are the two most commonly used clogged drain cleaning techniques. However, learning which method suits your job is important here. So you can make a more informed decision when in need.


This technique of unclogging drains was invented in the 1800s. During the hydro-jetting process, pressurized water is used to blast the mineral buildup and other types of clogging away. The high-pressure jet helps remove a variety of stubborn clogs. These clogs typically include mineral build-up, plant roots, and other difficult-to-remove clogs.

Professional plumbers use hydro-jetting clog removal to clean your drain effectively. In addition, hydro jetting tools are available in a variety of sizes. The available variety makes it easier to use the hydro jetting method for different applications according to the size of the clog and drain.


Unlike hydro jetting, snaking is a solution to unclog your drains using a steel cable, i.e., auger. The cable contains an electric motor that helps the steel cable to push the cable up and down your drain. This steel cable also contains rotating blades at its tip. These blades help to pierce through your drain blockage to clear wastewater’s way.

Snaking has been used as an effective technique to unclog drains for decades. The rotating blades can clear even tough clogs.

At present, various snaking tools are available, which have made a key difference in clearing drainage systems. You can use different snaking tools according to your application requirement.

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Benefits of snaking

Here are the key benefits of snaking you must know:

·         Snaking won’t damage your fragile pipes

Snaking is quite effective and gentle on pipes. It can help you to protect fragile plumbing pipes. It won’t damage old pipes.

·         Easier to restore the drain

Setting up snaking is not difficult. It can help you to restore properly flowing drainage quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption.

·         Affordable and effective drain cleaning solution

Snaking is a more affordable clog removal solution available. It doesn’t require spending a fortune clearing up your sewer pipes. It is highly effective to remove small clogs. You can also consider it as an effective solution if you want to clear a clog yourself.

·         Minimal disruption

Fortunately, snaking doesn’t need major repairs and modifications. Therefore, it can easily minimize the disruption to your routine. In most cases, professional plumbers can perform snaking without damaging your property. It is because the snaking doesn’t require you to vacate your property even for a second.

Benefits of hydro-jetting

Here are some amazing benefits of hydro jetting you need to know:

·         Hydro-jetting is the most effective technique to remove stubborn clogs

Hydro jetting is arguably the most effective technique to consider when it’s about removing stubborn clogs. The powerful pressure of water can break and remove any type of buildup, including scale buildup, solidified grease, tree roots, and more.

·         The service is versatile.

Hydro jetting is a useful method for various plumbing systems. You can get professional hydro jetting unclogging services for commercial, residential, and industrial sewer systems. The technique is also highly effective for a variety of pipe materials and different plumbing conditions.

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·         Effective to remove years of accumulations

Hydro jetting is a more effective unclogging method that can remove years of accumulations. The method ensures long-lasting results by cleaning plumbing pipes thoroughly. It can remove debris thoroughly and remove all accumulations. Due to this, the method also significantly reduces the risk of clogging in the future. It means you can experience improved water flow with reduced risk of plumbing issues for longer.

·         Environmental-friendly clog removal solution.

Hydro jetting is an environmentally friendly drain cleaning method. It doesn’t require harmful, chemical-based cleaning solutions that can damage your sewer pipes and environment. The method also ensures minimal disruption of your plumbing system.

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Snaking vs. Hydro-jetting: Cost comparison

Snaking is typically an affordable drain unclogging method compared to hydro jetting. This technique requires using an auger, which is a cheap tool. You can easily buy it for personal use or rent it from a nearby hardware store.

In contrast, the hydro jetting method uses a specialized tool that provides high-pressure jetting. The tool is costly to buy and maintain. Even if you hire a professional plumbing company, hydro-jetting requires more time and labor. Due to this, the overall cost of unclogging your drain increases significantly.

Snaking vs. Hydro-jetting: Time required for the process

The time required to unclog the drain typically depends upon the severity of your job.

For instance:

  • Snaking is quicker than hydro-jetting if you need to remove small clogs from your drain. Time to set up snaking and complete the unclogging job is also less time-consuming.
  • In contrast, hydro jetting can be a time-efficient method to remove stubborn clogs you can’t remove with snaking. Even though hydro jetting requires time to set up the equipment. Still, removing the toughest clogs more quickly than snaking can be more effective.

Snaking vs. Hydro-jetting: Prevention of future clogging

Fortunately, both hydro-jetting and snaking offer future clogging prevention. However, hydro-jetting is a more advantageous option to consider here. The method can thoroughly cleanse your sewer pipes with pressure water. It can remove all the build-up and debris from walls and can prevent the new clogs’ development efficiently.

Verdict: Hydro jetting vs. Snaking; which is right for you?

Both hydro jetting and snaking are effective methods for clearing the clog. However, the efficiency of these methods depends upon the severity of the problem you face. Simply, snaking is suitable for removing small clogs and helps you keep your drain flowing properly. On the other hand, hydro jetting effectively removes big and stubborn clogs efficiently. So, selecting the right unclogging method depends on your problem’s severity.

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