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What Cameras Do Plumbers Need & Why?

Inspection of the plumbing system occasionally is necessary; otherwise, if there is any problem with your plumbing system, it will only get worse over time. You might be thinking that how the inspection will take place. The professionals may go into the sewer to check whether everything is fine. Maybe a few years back, plumbers might have to work this, but not anymore.

With the advancement of technology, some cameras go down into the drains and will let you know about their condition.

Types of cameras plumbers need and why?

If you have a slight idea about something with your plumbing system and you are not sure, then you would get 100% sure about it. Well, it is only possible if you use a professional camera that will get you the inside images of your plumbing system. There are plenty of types of cameras that can go into the drain system and will help you to decide whether you want to change the pipes or not.

So here are a few types of cameras that professional plumbers use to get information about the inside structure and condition of your plumbing system so far:

1.      Sewer cameras

Sewer cameras are also known as pipe inspection cameras, and from their name, you might have understood their purpose already. These cameras are waterproof and provide high-definition photos of the insides of your plumbing system. This technology has become quite popular in a few years because it helps plumbers to get a good look at the insides of the drainage system.

Even for a regular inspection, it is important to have clear images of the insides of the draining system before any pipe bursts. These cameras are diagnostic tools that will help you understand the situation better so you can make the right decision before facing a bigger loss.

The results you will get from these cameras will be accurate, so there is no way you will make the wrong decision. If there is a crack in any drainage pipe, you will get to know about it, and before it bursts, you get to replace it with a new one. So, the number one type of camera most professionals use is the sewer camera.

2.      Snake cameras

There will be some narrow pipes where standard-size sewer cameras might not go. Plumbers use snake cameras. These cameras are designed for narrow pipes. As they are wired by design that consists of a long probe, it is connected with a view apparatus. You will get live images of the inside of your pipes, which will help you to know the inside condition of the pipes.

If there is leakage inside the drains, you would know where the damage is. You won’t have to replace the drains if you are completely sure about their condition.

3.      Pusher cameras

To inspect the current condition of your pipes, you will have to use pusher cameras because they will go down the drain easily. You will get all the information about the drain pipes and whether it is time to replace them. If you have been noticing some leakage inside or outside your place, then with the help of pusher cameras, you will get the final results.

Surely these cameras are one of the most useful plumbing tools because this way, you won’t have to dig a hole to check the drain system condition or make a hole in the wall. These cameras, also known as reel inspection cameras, have a long cable at the end of the head.

You can connect the cable with a device on which you will get the imaging of the insides of your plumbing system. You get real-time imaging so that you can make the decision right away. These cameras are perfect for longer sewer lines because they come with long cables so they can go far compared to other plumbing cameras.

4.      Thermal imaging camera

You might have heard of thermal imaging cameras, as they get you the inside images of your plumbing system. Well, what is so different about thermal imaging cameras and other cameras? Well, these cameras can detect the difference in temperature between the inner sides of your plumbing pipes and the outside. If this camera finds the slightest temperature change, it takes a picture of the spot.

If there is any pipe leakage or blockage, you get the pipe’s image so you will know what type of preventive measure you need to take before it gets worse. A thermal imaging camera helps you detect the change in the pipes just by detecting the change in temperature, and you will know where you need to make some changes.

If any pipe inside your wall is leaking and you are finding spots on the inside, then with the help of this camera, you will certainly find the actual spot of water leakage.

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5.      Close-circuit television video

The last and another used plumber camera on the list is CCTV, which will provide you with the overall condition of your plumbing system. You might have seen CCTV in buildings and houses for security purposes, but they are also used for the inspection purpose of plumbing systems.

With this camera’s help, you get the image and a video of your draining system to find any damage. These cameras can go down any drain, pipeline, or sewer line. Suppose you want something more accurate that will tell you about the present condition of your plumbing system. In that case, close-circuit television video cameras are surely the best option.

Professional plumbers often use these cameras and their videos for more accurate videos so they can make the right decision.

Final Words:

The help of drain images that the plumbers get from the cameras will surely help you make the right decision whether you want to replace your old pipes or just want to get them cleaned at the moment. Plumbing system maintenance is important because otherwise, you will face plumbing problems every other day. How would you know that something is wrong with your plumbing system? Well, the plumbing cameras will surely help you to get the answers.

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