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What are the 5 common sewer line problems?

Sewer line problems are common, especially when using your toilets and another drain system regularly. Don’t worry, and you will be able to fix the problem if you know it. Otherwise, you can call a professional if you are not good at DIY. You must pay attention if you slightly find any problem in the drainage system. Otherwise, it will lead to major sewer line problems.

Top 5 common sewer line problems you need to know about

Following are the top 5 common sewer line problems that every other household people would face, especially when you are using the system regularly:

Corroded and rusty pipes

No matter the quality you use for the sewer lines, water will damage them, if not months, then years. The quality of sewer lines matters, but they will get damaged after a few years due to water and other materials. So, the number one and most common sewer line problem you can face is the corrosion of sewer lines.

No remedy or preventive measures will stop this problem from happening and cause further damage to your drainage system. Corrosion is the most common damage water mixed with harmful substances will cause to your sewer lines.

Once the sewer lines are corrupted, they will start blocking, and you will notice that sometimes water flows back to your drainage system. You need to have a maintenance check of your sewer lines to check how damaged your sewer lines are. Is there anything that you can do damage control, or do you need to replace the sewer lines?

Drain system blockage

As mentioned above, sewer lines get corroded, and eventually, they will start blocking your drainage system. Corrosion affects your sewer lines; the filth will get stuck inside them, and you will face drainage blockage problems.

The only solution to this problem would be clearing your sewer lines by pouring some acids that will work on the blockage. Corrosion is the only problem that causes blockage problems in your sewer lines.

If you have been throwing hard toilet tissues, hair, a lot of soap, and other products down the drain, it will also cause blockage problems. Well, this situation is not fatal because you can fix this problem by pouring some chemicals down the drain, and it will surely clear the path.

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Tree and debris intrusion

Tree roots are one of the main reasons that your sewer lines get damaged. Did you know: Tree root intrusion will cause blockage; if they keep growing inside your drainage system, it will completely block it.

Therefore, you must plant your trees where their roots won’t be able to cause any damage to your sewer lines. Now you can pour chemicals that will help you eliminate the root intrusion. It would be wise to get rid of the tree that has been affecting your sewer lines. Clearing the sewer lines from tree roots and debris is the only way possible to keep your sewer lines running.

Foul smells near drain points

Have you noticed that your place smells bad lately, especially your bathrooms, kitchen, or any area with a drain? Well, maybe your sewer lines need to get cleaned properly because it’s been a while now.

The only reason is that you have not poured enough chemicals to clean the sewer lines. You must know that if you haven’t been cleaning your toilets properly and the drain pipes, then poisonous gases will enter your house through the drainage pipes.

You must pay attention to cleaning your drainage system so the poisonous gases won’t be able to enter your house. Plus, the foul smell from your toilet is also a sign that your drainage system is filled with filth, and you need to clean it before it gets clogged.

Breakage in pipes

The last very common problem that can happen to your sewer pipes is the breakage in pipes. If you live in a region where the winter gets extra harsh, you must know that the water inside the sewer pipes will freeze. Eventually, it will cause the pipes to burst.

A sudden temperature change will surely cause damage to your sewer pipes. If your sewer pipes are already cracked, you must know that they might break in extreme summers or winters.

The only way to know about the present condition of your sewer pipes is through a proper maintenance check. If you don’t want your sewer pipes to burst because of extreme temperatures, it would be wise to replace them in advance.

The sewer pipes get cracked after a few years, and you cannot do much to stop this from happening. The only thing you can do is a maintenance check to fix the problem because it can cause further damage to your sewer pipes or drainage system.

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How to avoid facing sewer line problems often?

You must check your sewer lines and drainage system after a month or two to see whether everything is fine down there. Well, cleaning the sewer line will surely help in minimizing the situations to face that we have mentioned above. The sewer lines are always wet, and no matter the quality of the pipes you have installed, they will be affected by the environment. You can do the maintenance work so you don’t occasionally face sewer line blockage problems.

So, the only way to avoid facing line problems is to keep the maintenance work. If you know how to maintain your drainage system, you must do the maintenance work independently or call a professional.

Final Words:

Now you know the 5 most common sewer line problems you can often face. Well, you can fix them without any professional help. These are common situations because you will use your drain system regularly. You must pay attention to the regular maintenance of your sewer line if you don’t want to face the problems we have discussed above. Once in a while, check all the sewer lines and drainage systems to see whether they are working fine or need maintenance.

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