A clogged drain can make your life quite difficult if you don’t deal with the situation as soon as possible. If you take the matter for granted, then you might not be able to unclog your drain on your own, and then you will have to call a plumber. Therefore, if you don’t want to put yourself in this situation, then keep your home clog-free. If you don’t let anything clog your drains, then you won’t have to worry about them getting clogged later. If you are in need of drain cleaning Tulsa, contact us today!

Drain cleaning methods for a clog-free home.

Following are the 7 drain cleaning methods that will keep your home clog-free:

1.      A pot of boiling water always works

The simplest way to keep a clog-free home is to use a pot of boiling water whenever you feel like your draining is getting clogged. If you have been washing oily plates and a lot of dishes, then you must know that it will clog your drain at the end. To ensure that the drain doesn’t get clogged, pour a pot or two of boiling water into the drain.

The boiling water simply melts away the oil particles that might have clogged your drain. Plus, you won’t have to get anything from outside, like a drain opener or anything. This method won’t take you long enough to get rid of all the particles that might have done damage to your drain by clogging it.  You can ask us for drain cleaning alongside Drain Cleaning Tulsa services.

2.      Get a drain cleaner

If you want to be extra cautious, get a drain cleaner. There are natural drain cleaners available in the market, and you just have to pour them into your drains at night. The next morning again, pour a pot of boiling water into your and voila.

If you try this method once a week, then there is no way that your drains will ever get clogged. Drain cleaners always work if you use them in advance, but if your drain is already a bit clogged, then this method would work perfectly on it as well.

3.      Vinegar, baking soda, and boiling water

Do you want to try something from your kitchen ingredients because you don’t want to use any drain cleaner? Well, then you can go for vinegar, baking soda and boiling water. Pour some baking soda into the drain, then vinegar and then let the solution settle in the drain and pipes. The next morning, you must pour a pot of boiling water into the drain.

It is a simple method, and it will keep your drains and pipes clean. You can use this method on any drain of your home, whether it is your kitchen sinks or bathroom drains. The acidic reaction caused by the baking soda and vinegar will clear the pipes, and you won’t have to worry about them getting clogged.

4.      Remove clogging particles daily

Whenever you take a shower or wash anything, and you find particles over the drain, then you can remove them right away. Yes, if the hair gets into the drain, mixed with soap and shampoo will surely clog the drain. Therefore, it would be best that you don’t let the hair or any other particles get into the drainpipes. If you have the chance, clear the drain and then do it so your drains won’t get clogged.

Most of the time, hair becomes the reason for the drains to be clogged in the washroom, and it would be best that you remove them whenever you take a shower or wash your hair.

5.      Plunger is the simplest method

Every home has a plunger, and if you think that your toilet is not working right because the water is not draining properly, that means it is getting clogged. Yes, it is a sign when water doesn’t flush from the toilet, and you can use a plunger. Using this won’t take long, and it is not difficult to use it to keep your toilet running.

You can use it after a week, or if you don’t throw tissue paper into your toilet, then maybe once a month to ensure that it doesn’t get clogged. Once your toilet gets clogged, it gets difficult to unclog them. It would be best to use this method so your bathroom doesn’t clog.

6.      A drain snake might help

You will have to use a drain snake when something gets stuck in the pipes, and a plunger won’t work. The long drain snake will reach into the pipe and get rid of the clogging material. It gets used mostly when your toilet gets clogged because of the tissue paper you throw into your toilet.

As a preventive measure, you can use the drain snake once or twice a week to ensure that nothing is clogging your drain pipes. Even if there is something that might have clogged your drains, you will get rid of them the instant you use the drain snake.

You can easily get this tool from the market. If you don’t want your drain pipes to get clogged, then use this un-clogging tool more often. Drain cleaning Tulsa is our specialty, contact us today if you have any questions.

7.      Install drain guards

If you don’t want anything that can cause drain clogging, you can install drain guards on the drains. Open them whenever needed, and then you can close them so they can keep the particles from getting into the pipes.

If you invest in drain guards, then it would be the wisest thing to do because then you won’t have to use other methods of unclogging your drains ever. It would be your one-time investment, and then you can replace them when they wear out.

The chances of drain clogging are minimized when you install drain guards, so it is surely a considerable option.

Now, it would be on you whether you keep the drains clean so they don’t clog or you would like to call a plumber later. Well, paying attention and implementing the methods that we have discussed above are not difficult to follow. Therefore, it would be wise to simply not let anything clog your drains, or as a preventive measure, you can try the methods mentioned above.

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