As a homeowner, you must know the basics of your plumbing system so you won’t have to run to a plumber for everything that happens related to your drains and pipes. If you don’t pay attention to the maintenance of your plumbing system and changes in it that tells you there is something wrong with it, then the problem will increase only. You might have to pay for a bigger damage if you don’t learn a few very basic things about plumbing. Are you also looking for Drain Cleaning Tulsa services? Our plumbers are waiting to give their best.

Plumbing tips that you should know

You might be thinking about what kind of plumbing tips you need to know to run your home. Well, there will be simple and tiny details that you might have neglected till now, but they might be saying many things about your plumbing system.

So, following are the top 10 plumbing tips that you must know as a homeowner:

1.      Pay attention to the water bills

Are your water bills rising every month? You have been using the same quantity of water, but the water bill says something else. Well, it is a sign that there is something wrong with your plumbing. There might be a leak or crack in the pipes or drains that have been causing the hike in water bills.

You get the water bills according to your usage, and if the water bills keep coming higher and higher every passing month, then you must look for a leak or a crack in the pipes. The damage will keep spreading and cause damage to another plumbing system as well.

2.      Monitor for water leaks

The water bills tell you about the water leaks, but if you have noticed spots on your walls or the shingles are falling, or the paint on the roof is turning into any other color, then it is also an indication of water leakage. Yes, an underground pipe leakage is the reason that you have been seeing these changes in your home. It would be best that you start monitoring and looking for the water leaks before they cause any more damage.

3.      Must know about the main water shut-off valve

Do you know about the main water shut-off valve of your home? You might have to turn it off sometimes whenever you are monitoring or cleaning your whole plumbing system. It would be a basic thing to know about your home’s plumbing system, and you must know about it.

4.      Never pour oily ingredients down the drain

If you pour oily ingredients or any oily material down the drain, then there will be consequences. The oil will simply settle in the pipes, and you will notice that the water is not going through the drain. Therefore, you must avoid pouring any oily ingredient that can cause clogging into your drainage system.

5.      Use unclogging tips to unclog minor clogs

Even if you try your best not to throw anything that can cause clogging problems, but still sometimes your drains clog. Well, you don’t have to worry about it or call a plumber instantly. Simply pour a pot of hot boiling water down the drain maybe once or twice, and there is are high chance that it will unclog your drain and pipes.

6.      Maintenance and cleaning of pipes

Maintenance and cleaning of your pipes is an important matter because if you don’t do the maintenance work, there will be consequences. It would be best that you keep cleaning your pipes by pouring hot boiling water from them, and if you think any of them might be slightly blocked, then you can use white vinegar and baking soda.

The natural unclogging options are the best because they won’t cause any damage to your pipes, and if you have found any leakage or a crack in the pipes, then you must get it replaced as soon as possible.

7.      Follow the 3 P’s

Do you know the 3 P’s? Well, the pee, poo and paper must only go into the toilet and drains and nothing else. Never throw anything abnormal down the drain because it will block the drain eventually. You must choose the right type of tissues for toilet usage, and it would be best if they were soft tissue paper like bamboo tissues. These don’t block the drains. Otherwise, there are hard tissues available in the market that can easily block your drains and pipes.

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8.      Cold water for your garbage disposal system

Don’t use hot water for the garbage disposal system, and never throw food items down the drain. The hot water will only make it worse if there is some oily ingredient in the garbage disposal system, but on the contrary, the cold will keep the oils in solid form so they can go down the drain without clogging it blocking it.

Using cold for the garbage disposal system will surely help in disposing of your house waste without causing any damage to the drains.

9.      Clear your traps and remove clogging material

Always clear your traps and remove clogging material like hair after taking a shower or the tissues after drying your face and hands if you are using them. It would be best if you don’t let your hair fall into the traps because they get mixed with soap and clog your drains and pipes. After taking a shower or washing your hair, always remove the hair from the drain.

10.  Don’t put food or hard chemicals in your drains

The last tip on the list would be never to put food items or hard chemicals down your drains. Food items will get stuck into the pipes and cause them to block, and the chemicals will cause damage to your plumbing system. Whenever you are doing your dishes, always wipe off the food particles and then put them into the dishwasher. If the drains or pipes are clogged, then always go for the simpler solutions that will clear the clogs instead of pouring chemicals down the drain. If you need to contact experts, call us for our drain cleaning Tulsa expertise.

Do you think that you can still take the signs of your plumbing for granted? Well, the things that we have discussed above will surely save you from the trouble of facing plumbing problems in the future. Sometimes, you might be able to fix the damage yourself, and in a situation, you will have to call for professional help.

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