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How to fix a toilet that won’t flush properly?

Your toilet won’t flush properly, and this sounds quite filthy. How can you get rid of this problem instantly? Well, you must know that you need to look for the cause that why your toilet is not working well.  If you have found the fault outside, what if there is something wrong with the insides of your toilet? There can be any reason why your toilet doesn’t flush properly anymore.

Tips to fix a toilet that is having issues with flushing.

You might get worried sick if your toilet stops flushing, or at least it is not flushing properly, and you don’t want this problem to get even filthier. So here are a few reasons why your toilet won’t flush properly and how you can fix the problems:

Clogging due to excess toilet paper

Using hard toilet tissues will clog the toilet; no matter how often you flush it, it won’t work. The toilet paper will keep coming back into the toilet bowl. The only way to fix this problem would be to unclog the toilet first. Otherwise, your toilet won’t flush properly, no matter how often and hard you try.

  • First, you need to take care of the trash of tissues that has clogged your toilet. Now you get a toilet plunger or auger and try to use it to unclog the toilet.
  • It would be best if you use a toilet plunger because it will cover the whole toilet bowl and suck the hard toilet tissues out of your toilet.

Once you are done using the plunger, it would be good to pour some boiling hot water into your toilet. It will further clear the drain system, and then try flushing. If you face this problem very often, it is a clear sign that you must change the quality of toilet paper. It would be wise to use thinner and softer toilet paper that doesn’t clog your toilet. There are special toilet tissues that you can use, and they won’t clog your toilet.

The water level in the tank is low

Your toilet is not clogged, but it still doesn’t flush properly. Have you checked the water level in the tank? What if your toilet water tank is not filling to its maximum point, which is why your toilet doesn’t flush properly?

To fix this problem, check the water level in your toilet tank by uncovering the lid of the tank. Now check the actual problem inside the water tank, which is why the water is not filling properly. Most of the time, you might find something clogging the water inlet point in the toilet tank. Simply clear or clean the water tank so it will fill.

If your toilet is not clogged and every other thing about the toilet seems fine, but it doesn’t flush properly, then maybe the water level can be the culprit. Now clear the water tank, and check if it is filling. Once it starts filling, try to flush it and check if it works properly.

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Fault in lift chain

Have you checked the lift chain that attaches the flapper to the flushing handle of your toilet? Well, sometimes the chain is stuck, or it simply stops working. No matter how often you try to flush, it won’t work until you fix it. Now take off the lid of your toilet tank and check the chain to see if it is in its position.

You will probably find it unattached or simply broken inside the toilet tank, which might be why your toilet doesn’t flush properly. You can replace the chain if it is broken, and if it is simply unattached to the flapper, then you can reattach it and now flush.

The toilet handle is not working

Every toilet water tank consists of a handle or a button at the top, and these components can be the reason why your toilet won’t flush properly. If there has not been any problem with any other part of your toilet tank, then you must check the toilet handle. There is a great possibility that you will find the fault in it.

You need to replace the handle or try to fix it, at least. Don’t worry because this procedure won’t take much time or effort. Disconnecting the old handle and attaching the new one to the toilet and the lift chain is quite easy.

Ensure no broken link between the handle and the other components inside your toilet tank. Otherwise, you will face the same problem that your toilet doesn’t flush properly, so if the toilet handle is the main cause that your toilet doesn’t flush properly. It is not a problem at all. You can fix it within no time.

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Toilet rim holes can be the culprit

If you don’t know how water enters the toilet bowl whenever you flush, then you must know that a toilet bowl consists of rim holes. Through those rim holes, water enters the toilet bowl.

If everything about your toilet rank is fine and you haven’t found any problem in the lift chain, flapper, or handle, then you must check the rim holes. There is a great possibility that those rim holes are clogged, which can be why the water has not been able to enter the toilet bowl.

You need to clean those rim holes using some acidic or cleaning products that will clear the minerals clogging your toilet’s rim holes. Once those rim holes are unclogged, you can try flushing; this time, it will surely work properly.

Final Words:

You don’t have to use your faulty toilet that doesn’t flush properly anymore. As we have mentioned, the reasons causing this problem and the solutions. Use your toilet carefully if you don’t want to face the same situation again. You shouldn’t dump too much toilet paper into it or use soft toilet paper that doesn’t clog the toilet. Plus, pay attention to the maintenance work of your toilets if you want them to keep working and flushing properly.

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