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Five top home improvement/remodeling podcasts to listen to for great tips? Why podcasts are beneficial for learning and growing?

Being an architect, interior designer, and remodeler is challenging. Technology is quickly advancing. Due to this, interior design and home renovation trends usually have a shorter lifespan. Whether you are a home improvement professional or a DIY enthusiast, learning about the latest trends and techniques is imperative.

Five top home improvement/remodeling podcasts to listen to for great tips

Fortunately, there are various convenient ways to learn about the latest trends, techniques, tips, and ideas in home improvement and remodeling. Listening to podcasts on these topics is one of the most efficient ways to consider in this regard.

Here are five top podcasts that were well-regarded for home improvement and remodeling tips:

1.      Fix It Home Improvement

Jacy and Cindy are the hosts of the Fix It Home Improvement podcast. The podcast is popular among home improvement enthusiasts, remodelers, and DIYers. The key reason behind the popularity of this podcast is that it offers practical and straightforward tips and tricks for home improvement. Jacy and Cindy always prefer covering a variety of topics. These usually include:

  • Tool reviews
  • Budget-friendly home improvement solutions
  • Common household problems
  • Step-by-step project guides.

The genuine enthusiasm of hosts for home improvement and their down-to-earth approach towards the discussions make the podcast more enjoyable for listeners of all skill levels.

2.      The Great Indoors

It provides another valuable source you can tune into to learn practical tips and ideas for your next home improvement project. Here you can learn a lot about your home’s interior design. The podcast is even suitable for people with the busiest routines because it has a 40-minute episode every month.

The hosts explore various topics in The Great Indoors. You can even listen to hosts discussing the latest home improvement trends and technologies. Here you can find a variety of great podcasts to tune into and learn more about.

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3.      The Money Pit Home Improvement

Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete host this amazing home improvement and remodeling podcast. The podcast is highly popular among its listeners. The hosts of this podcast always go the extra mile to cover an array of home improvement topics. The topics typically include remodeling advice, DIY project, energy efficiency tips, home improvement techniques, and more.

You can learn some practical home improvement solutions by following this podcast. The best part about this podcast is that the hosts also answer their listeners’ questions regarding different common homeowner challenges.

In addition, the hosts have a friendly approach to make things easier to understand for everyone.

4.      Stuff You Should Know

Here we have another podcast which is actually about everything. It covers every topic related to home improvement and remodeling. You can learn:

  • Tips and techniques for home improvement
  • Crafting
  • Decoration
  • DIY projects, and more.

The podcast can let you learn about everything you want to know in a more fun, unique, and entertaining way. It is a perfect podcast for DIY enthusiasts who want to add more to their home’s aesthetics. Even though the podcast has different daily topics, you can still learn various things about home improvement and remodeling here to tackle all your DIY projects amazingly.

5.      Home: On

Are you planning to turn your home into a smart place to live? Home; On is definitely a go-to option for you to consider in terms of home improvement and remodeling podcasts. The host of this podcast is Richard Gunter, who knows all the hacks to turn into a more connected and smart home.

The host can also let you read the latest industry news, amazing project ideas, and product views. Above all, the podcast also features great tech guests to make things more interesting.

Why podcasts are beneficial for learning and growing?

Listening to podcasts is beneficial for learning and growing in multiple ways. Let’s learn about how podcasts can help you.

Access to Experts’ Perspectives:

Home improvement and Remodeling Podcasts often feature interviews with experts, professionals, and thought leaders in these specific fields. This provides listeners with access to valuable insights and perspectives they might not encounter through traditional educational channels.

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Convenience and Flexibility of Access

Podcasts are accessible on-demand, allowing you to consume content at your convenience. Whether commuting, exercising, or doing household chores, you can easily listen to podcasts and make the most of your time.

The time-Efficient solution to learn new things.s

With podcasts, you can multitask while learning. Whether cooking, driving, or exercising, you can absorb new information and make productive use of your time.

Diverse Range of Topics in Discussion

Podcasts cover many subjects, from home organization topics to improvement projects, outside remodeling, and more. This variety allows you to explore and learn about areas you might not have considered before to learn diverse information.

Engaging and Personal Communication Style

Podcasts often have an informal and conversational style, making complex home improvement and remodeling topics more engaging and easier to understand. Hosts and guests often share personal experiences, expertise, and useful tips to make the learning process relatable and enjoyable.

Continuous Source of Learning

Home improvement and remodeling podcasts serve as an ongoing source of knowledge. With new episodes released regularly, you can keep learning and staying updated with the key trends and developments in your areas of interest.

A Sense of Community and Connection

Many podcasts foster a sense of community among listeners who share similar interests. Social media groups and Online communities related to specific podcasts you love about home improvement and remodeling projects will allow you to connect, share insights, and discuss topics with like-minded individuals.

Exploration of diverse ideas on your favorite topic

Podcasts expose you to diverse perspectives and ideas. Listening to different viewpoints can broaden your understanding and encourage critical thinking. You can even explore professionals discussing your favorite home improvement and remodeling subject for inspiration and ideas.

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Affordable Content

Most podcasts are free, making them an accessible and cost-effective way to access valuable educational content. You can even explore a variety of free or affordable home improvement and remodeling podcasts to learn a lot of new things.


Whether you want to learn about the tips and tricks of home improvement or plan to take your DIY skills to the next level, listening to top home improvement and remodeling podcasts can be a great help here. Learn a wealth of knowledge by tuning into the podcasts we listed earlier to enjoy all their benefits.

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