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Five Common Water Well Problems for Homeowners in Rural Areas

There are several differences between rural and urban lifestyles; one of the biggest differences is the lack of infrastructure. Things common for the urban areas are not available in some rural areas, making those areas find alternate solutions to their routine issues.

For example, a clean water supply is essential for living, but some rural areas don’t get that. As a solution, they dig wells and start using the well water. Although it gets the job done, it brings several problems. So, here we will discuss the 5 most common problems homeowners in rural areas will face if they use well water.

Five Common Water Well Problems for Homeowners in Rural Areas

Discussed below are the top 5 problems that homeowners in rural areas face when they have to use well water instead of getting water supply like in urban areas.

1.      Bacterial contamination in water

Bacterial contamination is the most common problem homeowners face in rural areas with their water. There are several causes for this issue, including bad construction of the well’s structure or a leakage in the casing or cap of the well. Apart from these structural problems, surface runoff from surroundings into the well or septic tank effluent can cause these problems.

Bacterial contamination can harm the water if you don’t treat it correctly. It can cause several diseases, including:

  • Diarrhea
  • Dysentery
  • Hepatitis
  • Legionnaires’ disease
  • Giardiasis, etc.

All these problems related to bacterial contamination in well water are severe and can lead to fatality in some cases. So, if you ever face these symptoms while using well water, you must see a doctor immediately.

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2.      Decreased water flow

The experience of using well water is not great either. It is because, unlike a water supply line, the water well can encounter multiple problems that can lead to a bad water flow. The most common problem causing a decrease in the flow of water is a bad water pump; in the worst case, a bad water pump can completely stop the flow.

Additionally, a clog in the well screen or a significant decrease in the water table are reasons behind decreased water flow in your house. If you look forward to treating these issues, it can be costly in most cases since this water system is not as simple as that in urban areas. Moreover, getting well-tested by a qualified professional is essential to ensure everything works perfectly.

3.      Corrosion and erosion

Well water is not always soft, and having hard water in the well can cause several problems. One common problem is corrosion, where the water of the well can corrode the water pump along with the casing of your well. As a result, there could be pressure issues, leakages, and bad water quality altogether. It does not matter if the pump you installed is made from metal. Even if it has one metal pin used as the shaft for the pump, water can corrode that, causing the whole thing to fail.

Erosion is another problem where water seeping around the well can make the earthly materials wash away. As a result, the well structure will collapse, resulting in the whole well becoming unusable and needing t be constructed again.

4.      The build-up of minerals and metals

The hardness of water is a common problem with wells, and it is usually there due to the presence of dissolved minerals and metals in the water. This problem affects your experience of using water from the well since the soap and detergent won’t perform very well due to the hardness of the water. Another issue with hard well water is the residue build-up on appliances, taps, and other fixtures where that water flows.

Dissolved iron in the water can produce a metallic taste whenever you drink that water. Moreover, such water can leave a stain on clothes after washing and on plumbing fixtures. Similarly, if your water has dissolved hydrogen sulfide, you will get the smell and taste of a rotten egg from the water.

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5.      Scaling in water

The build-up of minerals can damage your plumbing fixtures as well. Left untreated for a long time, this build-up will cause the deposit of scales inside the plumbing fixtures. This process starts with the water pump and taps, etc. The scales decrease the water pressure coming out from the pump. Similarly, these can block water passageways in taps, showerheads, and other plumbing fixtures.

So, it becomes difficult to pump water efficiently both ways, and your whole plumbing body gets damaged. The worst part about this problem with well water is that you never know the extent of damage, whether it is limited to the pump only or you need to change other fixtures. Hence, getting professional inspection and routine maintenance services is essential.

Can these issues be resolved with the well water in rural areas?

Yes, these issues can be resolved, and it does not take much to solve the problems with your water well in rural areas. You need to start with the well cap and ensure that it is in good condition and provides the essential seal for the well. Secondly, routine well pump, structure, and water checkups are important to avoid long-term issues.

Moreover, you must keep the well pump running regularly without long pauses that could last for days or weeks. Lastly, if the water is hard, then treating it is a must. Otherwise, the problems with well water will never go away.


There are several differences between rural and urban lifestyles, with the pros and cons for each. However, most basic facilities, like a clean water supply, are missing when we talk about the rural lifestyle. That’s why most homeowners go for well water and face several issues. If you are also one of those homeowners, we hope you have learned about the issues you may face with water if you haven’t already faced it. Knowing the problem and its root cause can be very helpful in resolving it.

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