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A complete guide on offering holidays to your team every month

Do you want your employee to get tired of working for you? Eventually, they will look for better opportunities where their boss will cut them slack and give them off when they need it badly. So, if you want your employee to stay happy working for you and give their 100% to their jobs, you must offer them monthly holidays.

Who will be working for you if you give them off every month? Well, you just have to make a few policies about holidays for all the employees that they must follow to take off from work every month.

Guide on offering holidays to your team every month

It sounds a little difficult to let your team members take off from work every month, but you just have to make a schedule for it. So here is a complete guide that will surely help you to make policies of offering holidays to your team every month:

Sicks leaves

Everyone gets sick and has the right to rest if they are not feeling good and won’t be able to work that day. Everyone team member of yours can take one to two days off when they get sick every month. It does sound fair, and it would be harsh if you don’t allow them to rest whenever they are not feeling well.

There is another way to fix the situation if someone wants to take off; they can work from home for a few hours if your team has been working on any certain project. Well, you must decide the number of sick leaves your team members can take whenever they are sick. Work from home can apply to those leaves if the team member finds it fine.

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Holidays for traveling

If any of your team members want to have a few days off because they have some plan of traveling, then how would you take this situation to deal with? Well, you must have a policy where the employee must tell you about the holidays, they want to take at least a week before so you can manage the workload when they aren’t here.

Everyone wants to travel so they can return to work and be creative. You cannot stop them from taking off from work, but you can ensure that your work doesn’t get affected while they won’t be here. So, make a policy and tell every team member of yours.

Approving holidays on a first come, first served basis

Never prioritize any of your team members over others. You must treat everyone with the same rules, and you must not get biased. When taking off from work for any reason, everyone will expect you to approve their holidays. It would be wise to make a rule of first come, first served so no one says you were biased.

Your team member who applied for the holidays first with a solid reason must get it approved by others. This way, you will be treating everyone equally it won’t cause chaotic situations among your team.

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Emergency situations

Someone had an accident, or maybe someone close to your team member had faced quite a chaotic situation. Anything can happen to anyone, and you must give the person off from work if their reason is genuine. It is not about the team members only, but they have family members and other close people who might ask them for a favor in their hour of need.

If you think you can allow your team member to take off in an emergency, then you must approve it. It will only make them respect you and give all their attention and effort to their job if you try to understand their problems.

Rotational off on weekends

Have you ever heard of rotational shifts in working? How about you introduce rotational off on weekends for your team members? If you want your team to work on Saturdays as well, you must cut them slack so they don’t find it hard to work for you. You can give them one week off if they worked last Saturday.

This way, your team won’t find it hard to work for you, as they will get some rest on rotational Saturdays so they can work next Saturday. If you introduce this policy into your workplace, your team will be happy to work for you.

Select the number of employees to take off at a time

What if all your team members apply for some holidays on the same dates? If everyone is going to take off, who will be working for you? Therefore, you need to tell your team that only a specific number of employees can take off at a time. If you have a team of 15, 2-3 people can take off.

Well, you can decide the number, and only those who get their holidays approved who apply for them first. It is kind of a first come, first served rule, but you must also select a number for this rule to apply.

Special days for a must holiday

No one can work the whole week because no one has that energy. Therefore, you must decide a day other than the weekend everyone will take off. If you are not applying the rotation weekends off rule, you must offer your team something to keep them motivated.

If you ask them to work 6 days a week and only take Sundays off, your team members might leave you soon. So, you must offer your team special days every month. Decide a day or discuss this matter with your team and introduce the new holiday to your calendar.

Final Words:

Now you know how you can make your team happy with your holiday policies every month. You must treat everyone equally; it is only possible if you implement the same rules for everyone working for you. Now you just have to ensure everyone follows the rules and keep your employees working for you.

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