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8 Steps to Take to Become a licensed plumber.

Plumbers are earning handsome money, which has become a popular profession, but it requires effort to become a licensed plumber. Yes, you must get your license to work with contractors. Otherwise, you can only fix your house problems.

So, to earn money while becoming a plumber, you must go through a complete procedure just like you would have chosen any other profession.

Steps to Take to Become a licensed plumber

Here are the 8 steps you will take to become a licensed plumber.

1.      Make a roadmap

You need to make a roadmap for yourself first. Look for all the details about how you can become a licensed plumber and whether you want to become one. How much will you earn when you become a licensed plumber, and how much time will it take before you can work like a professional?

It is important to make a roadmap for yourself because this way, you won’t get confused about how you want to spend your time while working to become a licensed plumber. So roadmap is the first thing you need to work on.

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2.      Select your field in plumbing

Once you have made up your mind that you want to be a licensed plumber, then now it is time to decide on the field of plumbing. There are five types of plumbing that you can choose from:

  • Steamfitters
  • Sprinkle fitters
  • Pipefitters
  • Pipelayers
  • Plumbers

All these categories lie in the plumbing profession, but which one would you like to become? You can select the one that you think you would be able to give your best.

3.      Get basic plumbing education

You don’t make a roadmap and decide to become a plumber one fine day. It will require you to get basic education in plumbing first. Yes, for 3 and a half years or maybe four, you need to take the courses to help you become a professional plumber. You will get all the information and education that how plumbing works and how you would do your job in the future.

Without a degree or diploma, you won’t be eligible to become a professional plumber that contractors hire for the job. So now select the institute from where you want to get the education and get your degree in plumbing first.

4.      Start training by joining experts

Only a piece of paper won’t be enough to make you a licensed plumber, but you will require professional training. Plumbing is all about working in the field, and for that, you need good experience. While studying, you can join a plumbing company and polish your plumbing skills.

You can do the internship while studying, so you don’t have to waste more time after getting your degree. Once you have your diploma, degree, or certificate of professional plumbing education, you can jump onto the final steps of getting your license.

5.      Submit a licensed plumber application

Once you have your degree, it is time to submit your application to get a license to become a professional plumber. Well, different states have different criteria for getting a license. So follow the application rules and attach the documents the authorities need to jump onto the next step: taking your exam.

It might take a little time before your application gets processed, but you can keep working with professionals because it will only polish your plumbing skills. The more experience you will gain, the more money you will make in the future. Your experience will surely help you to get your license.

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6.      Pass your license exam

You submitted your application, and now it is time to pass your license exam. First, you will have to go through a written exam that will help the authorities decide whether you have a basic education in plumbing. You must clear the written exam to get your license and work like a professional plumber.

7.      The practical exam for a plumbing license

The exam phase doesn’t end with the written sheets only, but you will also have to go through some practical tasks. As mentioned above, plumbing is all about working in the field. So you get your license when you show the professionals you have been working and know the plumbing job well.

So the exam phase consists of both written and physical exams; you need to pass them to get your license. In practical exams, your internship and working with professional workers in the field will surely help you.

It will require a minimum of 3 and a half years to get a professional education, which will surely help you get more plumbing contracts. Besides the 8 steps mentioned above, there is no other way to get a plumbing license.

  1. Apply for your plumbing company license

Now you have your license for plumbing and experience, you can apply for your plumbing company license. Again, different states have different rules. Maybe you can hire people when you have your plumbing license, but you may have to get another license to start your own company.

Again, you will have to go through the application procedure and required documentation. Once you have your plumbing company license, then you can hire people who will be working for you.

Is it necessary to get a plumbing license?

You cannot hire people and run a plumbing company without a licensed plumber. In some states, it would be illegal to work as a plumber if you don’t have a license. Therefore, it is necessary to go through the procedure to get a license for your plumbing profession. You can work for a plumbing company to earn but to get a license, you must get the education and apply to get the license.

Final Words:

As a licensed plumber, you will earn between $50,000-$112,000 per year depending upon your degree, experience, and the people you will be working with. There is no shortcut to becoming a licensed plumber. So, you will have to go through all the 8 steps discussed above. They will surely help you to get your plumbing license.

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