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7 Steps to Take when tree roots have affected your plumbing system

Sometimes you don’t know the root cause that why your plumbing system is not working properly. What if roots cause your plumbing system not to work properly? Yes, you might not have paid much attention while planting your plants and trees, but you also have a plumbing system that you need to keep in mind. The roots have reached your plumbing system and are now growing there. The damage will keep spreading if you don’t do much right away.

Steps to take when tree roots affect your plumbing system

You might get a little tensed if your plumbing systems stop workings and you find roots in it. Now you have two options that you can consider. One, you can call a plumber, or the following are the 7 steps that you can take to get rid of the tree roots that have affected your plumbing system:

Remove specific trees after inspection

First, you need to eliminate the trees that have become the reason for damaging your plumbing system. You can eliminate the roots, but they will grow again and cause damage. So, it would be wise that you first get rid of those trees. There is a possibility that when you get rid of the trees, then the roots will stop growing because they won’t be getting any backup from the tree.

So, the number one step you need to take right away would be to get rid of the tree near your plumbing system. You don’t have to remove all the trees or plants but just the ones growing inside your plumbing system. By removing the trees, you will eliminate the roots from your plumbing system. It is the simplest and easiest way of solving the situation.

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Pour chemicals

If you don’t want to pluck out the trees from your garden because you are a nature lover, how about you only get rid of the invasive roots? Yes, it is possible that you simply kill the roots growing in the wrong direction and causing damage to your plumbing system.

How about you pour some chemicals into your drains that will eventually reach the invasive roots in your plumbing system? You might have heard about glyphosate. Well, it is a strong chemical that will kill the roots in your plumbing system within no time. You just have to put it in your toilet and flush it so it reaches the bottom of the plumbing system, and now leave it like that for a few hours.

You can use this strategy once a month to ensure the tree roots will never reach your plumbing system again.

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Dig up the roots

If you don’t want to pour any chemicals down the drain because it might also affect your tree, then you can dig up the roots. It will require a lot of energy and time to dig up a hole so deep that you can take care of the roots. By digging up the roots, there is a great possibility that you will be able to fix the plumbing system damage.

If you are considering digging up the roots, ensure that you make the hole at the right point because you will have to find where the roots have affected your plumbing system.

Pour rock salt

Have you ever heard about rock salt? This salt will suck all the moisture from the tree roots growing in your plumbing system. Once the moisture is out, then the roots will not be able to grow any further.

You can easily get rock salt from a nearby store and pour it into your toilet. Now flush a few times until the rock salt reaches the roots. Dump more rock salt and again flush. This way, the rock salt will reach the right location in your plumbing system. Let the rock salt settle in the plumbing system, and don’t use that toilet for almost 12 hours.

Foaming root killers work

Pouring chemicals might affect your trees, and they won’t grow anymore. So if you want to keep your trees safe but get rid of the roots from your plumbing system, find foaming root killers. You will surely find plenty of products that only kill the roots in your plumbing system without causing any damage to your trees.

Pour the product into the toilet and flush it. Now let it sit for about 12 hours, and don’t use that toilet. Repeat this process for 5 days, and the roots in your plumbing system will not be able to grow anymore.

Use copper sulfate

The simplest chemical you can use to get the roots of your plumbing system is copper sulfate. Be careful while pouring this chemical into your toilet because it is toxic and poisonous. Half a cup of copper sulfate would be enough to kill the roots, and once you pour it, flush a few times. Don’t use the toilet for about 6 hours.

The mechanical auger can help

If you do not like pouring chemicals to drown the drain for a few days and want to remove the roots from your plumbing system instantly, you will require a mechanical auger. It is a machine with a spiral head that will travel through the plumbing system while cutting all the roots and leaves.

It is not a permanent solution because the roots will grow again, and you will have to use the auger again. Well, it is an easy way to get rid of the roots now, and then you can think about a permanent solution later.

Final Words

We have discussed the top 7 best ways to get rid of roots from your plumbing system, and they will surely help you to solve the problem. Otherwise, you will have to call a plumber, but there is nothing from the above tips that you cannot do on your own. It would be wise to eliminate the roots by cutting the plants or trees that have affected your plumbing system.

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