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7 Common washing machine problems and Solutions

Washing machine is surely an important part of our lives, and it is a machine so it requires a little maintenance now and then. Washing machine problems are common, so you don’t have to get frustrated when that happens. You just have to stay calm and look for the problem. Maybe you will be able to solve the problem within a few seconds, and then you can move on to washing your clothes again.

Common washing machine problems and their solutions

If your washing machine is not working, then worry not. A minor fault in the washing machine might be causing all the trouble. Here are 7 most common washing machine problems and their solutions:

1.      Leaking-the most common problem

One of the most common problems is water leakage, which can happen anytime. There might be several reasons why your washing machine has a puddle around it. First, you need to check the hose because it might have loosened up a little, and the water leaks from that connection. The contact washing machine vibration sometimes causes this problem, making your connections loosen up.

If the hose connection is fine, the seals may be a little worn out. You can replace the seals after a while if you don’t want to face water leakage problems.

2.      The washing machine is making noises

The washing machine makes a noise when washing your clothes, but are those noises getting louder now? You need to check the washing machine drum because there might be something stuck there, or maybe there are coins in the clothes that are simply moving inside the machine.

Sometimes the coins and other small things are stuck in the washing machine drum, and you don’t get rid of them. This is the most common reason that your washing machine makes noises. Otherwise, maybe the drum is old and damaged, or the motor is making all the noises, so you must also check those components.

3.      It has been bouncy lately

The washing machine usually vibrates, but if it has been a little too bouncy lately, there is something wrong with it. Maybe the floor is not even, so it bounces a little too much. If the floor is even and your washing machine is moving too much, you need to check the load. Maybe the clothes are not evenly distributed inside the drum, so the washing machine moves too much.

You must also check the suspension rods because when they get disconnected, whenever your washing machine vibrates while running a washing cycle, it gets a little too bouncy. So check those rods and fix them.

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4.      The drum is not spinning

The washing machine drum is not spinning; the most common reason for this problem is the load inside it. If the drum is heavily loaded, then it won’t spin. There is nothing wrong with your washing machine; you just need to remove a few clothes from the drum. After removing the clothes, distribute the left ones evenly and run another cycle.

Still, if the drum is not spinning, there is something wrong with any internal component of your washing machine, like maybe the motor or control board can be the culprit. So, check these components carefully to find the actual problem.

5.      The washing machine is not getting filled

You have turned on the taps, but the drum is not filling with water. Why? First, check the water flow and the water inlet hose. If you haven’t found any problem, even if the washing machine is humming, there is something wrong with the tap.

Maybe the tap is blocked, and the water is not flowing; therefore, your washing machine drum is not filling. If you haven’t found any problem with the tap, you must check your washing machine’s water valve because the water is flowing perfectly. There might be a problem; fix it and fill your washing machine drum with water.

6.      The door is not opening

You want to fill your washing machine to wash your clothes, but the door is not opening. Well, this can be a little frustrating. If the washing is filled with water, run a cycle and drain the water. Try to open the door, and if it is not opening, it may be a little heated up. When you use the same washing machine repeatedly, it will get heated up.

Don’t worry; once the washing machine is back to normal, the door will open, and you can wash your clothes. There is not much you can do here because it is a safety feature. If everything is fine, but the door is not opening, there might be a fault in the door, and you need to get it checked by a technician.

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7.      Clogging in the draining system

You have washed your clothes, and now it is time to drain the dirty water from the washing machine, but the washing is not draining. First, check the draining system of your machine because maybe something might be stuck inside it. Check the drain system and the filters.

The only way to get rid of debris or whatever is stuck inside the draining system is manually. Yes, you need to take out all the debris from your laundry drain yourself.

You can also separate the drain pipe from your washing machine to ensure nothing is left there that will cause problems in the coming days. Maybe the drain pipe is broken as well, so you can replace it and check the hoses because they can be another reason the water is not draining from your washing machine.

Final Words:

We have talked about the very common washing machine problems that you can face, and you can solve them right away. It won’t take much time and effort. If you are finding it hard to find the problem and your washing machine is not working properly, then it is time to call a professional. Otherwise, for the tiny problems that we have discussed above, you can solve them on your own.

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