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6 ways to stormproof your home (in case of severe storms, such as tornadoes or hurricanes)

Weather conditions like thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes are harsh on your homes. These events are not controlled, but you can protect your homes better. If you live in a tropical region with common storms, you must know how to stormproof your home.

This guide will share our top 6 ways to stormproof your home to deal with severe weather conditions safely.

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Top 6 ways to stormproof your home in case of severe storms, such as tornadoes or hurricanes

When it comes to storm-proofing your home, you can do many things. Below are the top 6 things every homeowner must do to keep the property and people inside safe.

1.      Start with weather-resistant roofing.

Roofing is going to be the first thing that will be affected by storms. So, if you are installing new roofing, you must get recommendations for weather-resistant roofing options. These options use certain materials resistant to weather, high winds, etc. Remember that getting a new roof is not the solution, but choosing the right materials for it according to your locality is important.

Moreover, you must not overlook the importance of inspecting your roof by a professional at least once a year. They look out for any possible issues or those that could potentially appear in the future. The benefit of these services is that you can get repair and maintenance services before things get out of hand and you must face the circumstances.

2.      Use waterproof and fire-retardant materials.

There are multiple materials used in a home for different purposes. The materials we have traditionally used are not great against water and fire. So, whenever you remodel your one to stormproof it, you must go for materials that offer the following:

  • Better durability
  • Waterproofing
  • Fire-resistance

Such materials don’t break down under harsh conditions up to a certain limit that can be life-saving for you and your family. Using fire-retardant and waterproof materials in the right parts of your home is also key to effectiveness. Shell and foundation of your home is the first thing to get these materials.

It is because if a neighboring home catches fire, the chances of your house also catching fire will decrease thanks to these materials. Once you are done with the foundation and shell, you may get that installed in the interior for better protection from the inside.

3.      Reinforce the exterior doors and windows of your home.

Reinforcement does not matter a lot for the interior windows or doors. However, if any door or window in your home opens on the outside, you must get it reinforced. It is because, during a storm or a hurricane, wind-borne objects can hit the doors and windows and damage the interior of your home. Such an opening under these weather conditions can be highly vulnerable for your home.

The best solution is to get all these doors and windows anchored properly with a solid steel frame so the less strong materials don’t take the most impact. Moreover, you can get shutters installed on the glass windows and doors. These will significantly decrease the chances of a storm getting inside your home by breaking a window.

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4.      Manage a backup power and water source to run for days.

When such a weather condition hits, you never know how long you will need to survive without the basic utilities. Things like electricity and water supply can go out quickly, and the situation will be extremely challenging if you don’t have any personal backup at your home. So, the solution to this situation is to have a backup of all the utilities that could run for a few days without any issues.

The things that you must create a backup for include:

  • Electricity through a generator
  • Water source backup
  • Food (canned ready-to-eat food is better)
  • Medicine and first-aid kit

When you have a backup that could last for days, you will not rely on external help to survive.

5.      Gather the important stuff at a safe place.

Every home has that one place that you can consider safe among all the other places in your home. That can be a specially protected room or the basement of your home. When stormproofing your home, keeping everything in that place is important. Those things can include:

  • Important documents
  • Ammunition
  • Expensive items like jewelry
  • Important gadgets
  • Utility backup

Setting up a special room that you can use when things get bad can also be helpful since it will be the safe room for the whole family to spend their time in while things are not good inside. Since there could be intruders in such conditions, keeping everyone in that room will protect them and give you time to think of a solution if anything goes bad.

6.      Make sure that the drains and gutters of your home are clean.

Lastly, you don’t want any slow damage to your property, thinking that you are safe and only know about it when your house has taken all the damage. Clogged drains and gutters can do that to your property while you think everything is perfectly fine. It is because water will stop draining down and stay there. When that happens, water can seep inside the walls and floor of your home.

Under extreme weather conditions, it will become a frustrating issue. It is because treating it won’t be easy. It will require immediate treatment; otherwise, your house will keep on taking water damage. So, it will be your best choice to get gutters and drains cleaned and checked after every few weeks.


You never know how harsh a storm will be and how long it will last. Even though things can get unpredictable, stormproofing your home can greatly help. While you cannot stop the weather, you can stop its harsh effects on your home, and that can protect your loved ones, your belongings, and most importantly, your property. With the 6 ways discussed here, homeowner can easily stormproof their home.

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