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5 Benefits to Maintaining Your Water Heater Regularly

A water heater is a necessity for every home and a worthy investment. When buying one, people either use the hot water tank or the tankless heater. Either offers an amazing experience when using hot water and has pros and cons. However, to get the maximum benefit from your water heater, you must maintain it well. Otherwise, it will not be a long-lasting investment, so maintaining your water heater regularly is very important.

Top 5 benefits of maintaining your water heater regularly

Maintaining your water heater regularly gives you a great usage experience with several benefits. Below are the top 5 benefits of maintaining your water heater regularly.

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1.      You increase the lifespan of your water heater.

Usually, water heaters can last up to a decade or even more, depending on the type of heater, the situation of the water, and your usage. When you have all the factors in favor of your heater, your heater can last way longer than a decade of usage. However, if you are ignoring regular maintenance for your heater, you will be causing problems for different parts of the heater, which will ultimately decrease the life of your heater.

2.      The efficiency of your water heater will increase.

One major benefit of maintaining your heater is better efficiency. When a heater is maintained, it stays away from all types of problems. It means that its heating system will work as intended without any bottlenecks. Hence, the performance will increase. For example, no buildup on the heating rod means it will use less power and heat water quickly.

3.      You will never find hot water running out during usage.

One of the worst things you can face is hot water running out while using it. You may face this issue when the heater is unable to perform effectively. When your heater’s internal parts, including valves, rods, etc., are working perfectly, you will never run out of hot water, especially while taking a shower. The only way of keeping all parts of the heater working always is through regular maintenance.

4.      Safety is a huge benefit since bad water heaters can be problematic in multiple ways.

Water heater blasts and leakages are common among old heaters that are poorly maintained. Having such a heater causes danger to your loved ones and the property. When you get routine inspection and maintenance services for your water heater, all the problems that may cause leakage or blast in the heater are detected and treated effectively. The result is a much more reliable and safely operating heater.

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5.      Long-term cost savings

Maintenance not only saves money in the short term, but it also brings long-term benefits in multiple ways, including:

  • You don’t require frequent heater replacements
  • There is no need to get frequent repair services
  • The energy bill is reduced with higher efficiency
  • There are least chances of property damage due to a leaking heater
  • Parts in your heater don’t wear out quickly as they are kept in good health

With all these factors, the heater saves lots of energy while heating water and lasts long. These factors together bring long-term cost savings for you.

Tips on how you can maintain your water heater

So, if you also want to get all the benefits discussed above, following these tips will significantly help you.

1.      Flush and drain your water heater regularly.

It is a DIY maintenance tip that anyone can do. What you need to do is to completely drain the heater and then flush it with water. Turning the heater off will be helpful during the procedure as you may start by closing the inlet valve, drain the heater, and then open the inset to let the whole thing flush. Doing so will wash out any fresh buildup and keep your heater healthy.

2.      Keep an eye on the TPR valve.

Checking the TPR valve of your heater will tell you if it is safe to use or if you need to hire some professional service to inspect it. Listing or lowering the valve and letting it snap back in place is all you must do. While you do it, if there isn’t any gurgling sound, then it is time to call a professional for inspection. Otherwise, you will be good to go.

3.      Insulate your tank

If you want the tank to use the least energy, insulating it will be great. When a tank heats water, some heat is lost in the surroundings, and it causes the heater to run again to maintain the water temperature. Insulating will reduce this energy loss and help improve the efficiency of this system. As a result, the performance of your heater will improve, energy consumption will decrease, and life will also increase.

4.      Use the thermostat correctly.

Many people don’t know that they don’t need to always keep the thermostat at the highest point. It only shortens the lifespan of your heater and increases the energy bill. Find the sweet spot of heating as per your usage and remember that every 10degree increase on the thermostat will increase 5% of power consumption.

5.      Check the anode rod health.

Checking the anode rod after two or three years to see if it is worn out will keep your heater running well. If the rod is less than 0.5 inches thick or has core steel wire exposed over 6 inches, you should replace it for better efficiency.

6.      Get professional services whenever needed.

The most important thing to remember while maintaining your water heater is getting professional services. From inspection to repair, professionals are expected at their job, and they can provide the best results compared to any DIY solution.


No matter what type of water heater you choose for your home, it will have some operational costs. However, if you don’t maintain your heater well, that cost will increase significantly with expenditures in repair services or replacement. On the other hand, if you maintain your water heater well, you will get all the benefits discussed above, along with several others.

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