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10 Tools Needed for Do It Yourself Plumbing in your home?

If you can do plumbing tasks independently, you can save money that you might have paid a professional plumber. To do it yourself plumbing in your home, you must have the required tools; otherwise, you won’t be able to do the job with 100% satisfaction; therefore, before you start collecting all the tools that a professional plumber would use to do their job.

Tools that you will need to do it yourself plumbing in your home

You might get confused that what type of plumbing tools you will require to do plumbing tasks at your home. So following are the basic tools that you must get if you are interested in do-it-yourself plumbing in your home:

1.      Plunger

Drain system blockage is one of the most common problems that all households face. If your toilet is blocked, then you will need a plunger. It is best to unclog a toilet. Plus, it is easier this way to unclog your toilet drainage problem. It is one of the most basic plumbing tools you must buy first.

Without this, you might be unable to unclog your toilets, no matter how many chemicals you pour into the toilet bowl. You will require a plunger to unclog your toilet.

2.      Adjustable wrench

If you are performing plumbing tasks where you will be tightening the fittings of your bathroom that will consist of various sizes of bolts for them, you will need an adjustable wrench. If you get a standard-size wrench, it might get a little difficult to tighten or open different bolts.

You won’t be able to do the plumbing tasks without an adjustable wrench. It would be wise to buy a 6-inch and 10-inch size adjustable wrench to access cramped spaces like under a sink bench. Plus, they won’t slip while you are doing your job.

3.      Pipe wrench

After an adjustable wrench, you must also get a pipe wrench because you will be loosening or tightening bolts and fittings on large pipes. With the help of a pipe wrench, you can do your plumbing job perfectly. It is quite a common plumbing tool, and most households already have it in their tool kit.

If you don’t have it yet, you must buy it because it keeps the pipe in place, and the chances of scratching your fitting get minimized with whatever plumbing task you perform. So, if you are up to doing plumbing in your home all by yourself, you must get a pipe wrench you might need.

4.      Hand auger

While performing any plumbing task, you might have to clear the dirt from the holes first; for that, you will need a hand auger. It helps remove the dirt from deep holes, and you won’t have much trouble.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur in plumbing tasks, you can use this tool easily. Instead of using shovels, it would be wise to use this handy tool. It will help you dig up the ground quickly and without much hassle whenever an underground burst.

5.      Basin wrench

This tool is also known as a sink wrench, and it is a worthy tool, and all professional plumbers have it in their arsenal. It helps reach closed spaces; otherwise, you will require another person’s help to do any plumbing job. So, if you don’t want to ask for help from anyone and are looking for a stand-alone weapon, you must get a basin wrench.

6.      Plumber’s tape

Over time, the screws and other fittings get worn down, and water might leak from them. Now you will have two options when you spend a lot of money to replace the faulty fittings, or you can use a plumber’s tape as a temporary solution.

You can simply wrap the plumber’s tape around the leaky areas to seal off leaks and gaps, and then you can replace them later. It is a temporary fix and won’t be effective for a long time, but if you want an instant solution, you must get a plumber’s tape and wrap it properly.

7.      Plumbing snake

It is also called an auger, a handy tool that will help you unclog drains. If you have tried using a plunger, but it didn’t work, then you can use a plumbing snake. Now you can decide whether to get a manual or motorized plumbing snake. It depends on your requirements and budget, but having an auger in your plumber tool kit is important.

8.      Tongue and groove pliers

You will need a good grip over something small and won’t be able to do it with your fingers. Your fingers will slip, but tongue and groove pliers won’t. Yes, it is an important tool in your plumber tool kit because you will need it whenever you have to fix something that consists of small pipes, bolts, or screws.

9.      Tubing cutter

You might have to cut a metal tube, and for that, you will require tube cutting. A tubing cutter is specially designed to cut copper pipes, and it is a very common plumbing tool. If you are working in a tight space, this small tool will surely be useful. If you have tubing cutting, you won’t have to ask someone to help cut the metal pipe.

10.  Hacksaw

You might have to cut through plastic or metal pipes from time to time, and for that, you will require a hacksaw. If there is a stubborn bolt or any other hardware item, a hacksaw will become handy and help you cut through it. You just have to be very careful while you are using this tool.

Final Words:

Now you know the tools and why you must get them. With these tools, it is impossible to do certain plumbing tasks. So, if you don’t want to call professionals anymore and know you can handle plumbing jobs yourself in your home, go to the store and the 10 tools mentioned above. If not all of them, then at least get those you need to do plumbing in your home.

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