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10 Reasons Why Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a great place to Raise a Family and Live.

Whenever you move to a new city, there are a lot of factors you need to consider. Especially if you are going there to make your career or raise a family, you must ensure that the city offers a great living experience, and you will not have to move out of it soon for any reason forcefully. If you are in Oklahoma, looking for a good place to live with your family, Tulsa is a great option.

With this article, you can easily assess what type of living experience Tulsa offers you and if it will be a good place to move with your family or not.

Top 10 Reasons Why Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a great place to Raise a Family and Live.

Here are the top 10 reasons why Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a great place to live with your family:

1.      A stable economy makes making a living easier

Whenever you want to judge the living experience of any place, the first thing you check is its economy. Luckily, Tulsa has a strong economy with diversity and robust earning opportunities. It is good for businessmen and entrepreneurs, but the job market here is also strong.

Jobs are available in several sectors, including energy, healthcare, aerospace, and manufacturing. Hence, earning a living will be much easier for families in Tulsa.

2.      The cost of living here is more affordable than in many other cities

No matter how strong an economy a place has to offer or how many earning opportunities there are, raising a family with good living standards will not be easy if the cost of living is not affordable. The good part about Tulsa is that the cost of living here is more affordable in every aspect compared to other cities in the States.

Families can expand their budget to improve their living standards with everything being so affordable.

3.      Neighborhoods in Tulsa are known for the safety and health community

The neighborhood you live in will greatly impact how well you can raise your family. If the neighborhoods are not family-friendly, you will live a bad quality of life, and raising your family well will not be easy.

However, things are different in Tulsa since family-friendly neighborhoods provide a safe living experience. Additionally, there is a rich experience of community which gives a sense of belonging due to the presence of recreational facilities and parks.

4.      The quality of education is above average.

Good educational facilities add a lot of value to the living standards of any place. Tulsa offers excellent educational options with private and public schools on the following levels:

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Colleges

If your kids are good students, they can find valuable options within their city. So, there will be no need to move to another city.

5.      Tulsa provides excellent healthcare facilities.

Tulsa is also very well-known for its healthcare facilities. The quality of healthcare services here is due to the top-rated hospitals and medical centers. These institutions have renowned medical professionals and specialists with years of experience. So, if you are concerned about your family’s health while living in Tulsa, there is nothing you need to worry about.

6.      You can find a lot of family-oriented activities and events here


Thanks to the family-oriented activities here, Tulsa provides healthy options for getting some family-bonding time. Community centers, sports complexes, playgrounds, and libraries give the whole family an active and healthy life. Meanwhile, there are lots of cultural and recreational activities in the outdoor spaces that give some relaxing time to the brain.

There are concerts, events, and festivals that attract everyone in your family. So, by participating in these events, you can make the family bond much better, thanks to the environment of Tulsa.

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7.      Tulsa has well-planned transportation.

Transportation plays an important role in the living experience at any place. If the transportation is not great, everyone must stick to private options that are not feasible for all. To resolve this problem, Tulsa offers a well-planned transportation model that includes public buses and international airports.

Similarly, there is a strong network of highways for those who prefer private transport. Hence, the experience of moving inside and out of the city is exceptional.

8.      Low crime rates make it a safe place to live.

The high crime rate has become one of the biggest challenges for families. It is because raising their children well becomes difficult. At the same time, the individuals have a consistent sense of fear about the safety of their lives and belongings.

The good part about Tulsa is its low crime rate compared to other nearby cities. Thanks to this, Tulsa has become a safe place for families to live and raise children. The sense of safety further increases with friendly neighborhoods.

9.      Its scenic beauty is great for everyone.

Tulsa is surrounded by stunning natural scenery and is close to the lovely Ozark Mountains. Families may engage in outdoor activities in the adjacent lakes, rivers, and parks, including hiking, fishing, camping, and boating.

You can plan with your family on any pleasant day, and Tulsa will offer you a great experience with its scenic beauty. It not only attracts the enters but also fascinates the young ones.

10.  It has rich historical values and heritage.

Families may learn about Tulsa’s rich history and cultural heritage by visiting its historical sites, museums, and monuments. Children may benefit from learning about the city’s heritage by feeling proud of and connected to their neighborhoods. Hence, Tulsa offers a complete experience for families.

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Everyone wants to improve their quality of life these days, which is why many people move between different cities. It is only to find the city that provides them with the perfect career opportunities, a family-friendly environment, and easy availability of other services. If you are looking for the best blend of all these things where raising your family will be fun and beneficial, then you must try Tulsa. It is a place in Oklahoma that offers it all in one package, significantly improving your experience.

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