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10 Reasons Why Bixby, OK, is a great place to Raise a Family and Live.

Bixby is one of the fastest-growing and consistently improving cities in Oklahoma. It is only because this city has a great living quality to offer that most other cities have done offer. If you plan to move to a new city, considering Bixby will be a great decision since it has many benefits for individuals and families.

Bixby offers great living value in every aspect of life, and here are the top 10 reasons why it is a great place to raise your family and live.

Top 10 Reasons Why Bixby, OK, is a great place to Raise a Family and Live.

The top 10 reasons why Bixby, Oklahoma, is one of the best cities for families are discussed below:

1.      Bixby has some of the best schools in the state.

If you raise a family with kids, getting good quality schools will be one of your key considerations. Bixby fulfills this requirement for you very well with schools of the highest quality. Bixby is known for its dedicated teachers, strong academic programs, and extracurricular activities, which help focus on the overall learning of every kid. It is also why Bixby is rated among the best cities in the state, considering quality education.

2.      Low crime rates make it a safe community to live in

Because of its low crime rate, Bixby is renowned for offering families a safe and secure environment. Residents may have peace of mind while rearing their children in the neighborhood since it takes pride in its dedication to safety.

In the small town of Bixby, people watch out for one another. A feeling of community is developed, and families can interact with one another through the town’s year-round community activities and festivals.

3.      Neighborhoods are family-friendly, with outdoor activities.

Family-friendly neighborhoods with well-kept parks, playgrounds, and recreational spaces are available throughout Bixby. These communities encourage community among members while offering safe areas for kids to play. Beautiful natural scenery surrounds Bixby, such as lakes, rivers, and parks.

Families may engage in outdoor activities like camping, riding, fishing, and hiking nearby, encouraging an active lifestyle. As a result, your kids and the whole family will enjoy a much better living experience than in a city that does not offer all of this.

4.      Bixby is a good city for job seekers, businessmen, and entrepreneurs

Bixby manages its economic stability very well. With the emergence of new companies and job possibilities, the city has seen steady growth in recent years, providing a welcoming atmosphere for families.

It boasts a robust entrepreneurial culture and a community that supports new firms and small enterprises. Thanks to this innovative and creative environment, families have exceptional opportunities to continue their company initiatives and realize their professional goals. So, if you want to move to a city that helps you build your career, Bixby is the perfect option.

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5.      The cost of living is low with high-life quality.

Compared to many other cities, Bixby has a comparatively low cost of living. So, even if you are not among the highest-earning individuals in Bixby, you can offer your family a great standard of living. Families may improve their finances since housing, utilities, and daily costs are easier to handle.

This way, saving for some recreational event or building an asset becomes easier in Bixby compared to other cities in the state.

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6.      Bixby has strong sports programs for everyone.

Sports and games are essential for physical activity that promotes physical health in people of all ages. Bixby is proud of its sports programs, especially football, which has seen great success at the high school level. These options allow kids to play sports and learn important life lessons. Meanwhile, the parents and family members can also participate in those sports for fun and good health.

7.      There are cultural and modern entertainment options available for everyone

There are many different cultural and entertainment opportunities available in Bixby. All ages may benefit from a family’s exploration of the local museums, art galleries, theatres, concerts, and festivals. It has a nice suburban environment, well-kept neighborhoods, and various facilities that contribute to its great quality of life.

The town’s dedication to infrastructure, parks, and community services helps families have comfortable and pleasurable lives. Hence, nobody in the family will ever get bored in Bixby.

8.      Facilities like healthcare are of top-notch quality here.

Bixby has access to high-quality medical facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and specialized treatment. Reputable healthcare institutions may meet residents’ and families’ medical requirements without needing to go anywhere. So, for individuals worried about their family’s health, Bixby will never make them feel like they are missing out on any important healthcare facility.

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9.      Bixby is said to grow further in the coming years.

With new residential and commercial developments progressing, Bixby is steadily expanding and developing. It also means that there will be better opportunities for families to move to Bixby and live here. The town’s future is looking up thanks to this expansion, which brings families long-term stability and prospects for advancement with even better opportunities in the coming time.

10.  Visiting Tulsa is a matter of minutes for any additional options

If you find something missing in Bixby, you must visit Tulsa. The city’s amenities and employment possibilities are just south of Tulsa, in Bixby. Families may benefit from small-town life while still having access to a big metropolis’s commercial, educational, and cultural resources.

So, you get the experience of a peaceful lifestyle in Bibby, and whenever you need something better, Tulsa is just right there for you to visit with ease.


Bixby as a city has not improved by itself. It is all due to the progressive movement and focus of the municipal government. The government here is dedicated to the city’s growth and offering everyone a better living standard regardless of the nature of the job and any other technicalities. So, if you are looking for a good city to start and raise your family, Bixby will be a great consideration considering how positively it deals with different aspects and requirements of life.

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