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It’s Back to School! Why Is Clean Water Important in Schools and Good Plumbing?

Water is essential in school buildings because it serves several purposes, such as: drinking, cleaning and construction work. Therefore, it is necessary to rationalize consumption because of its importance, as it is at the core of today’s water wealth and one of the most controversial issues in realizing the concept of sustainability. steady. Egypt faces many problems and pressures on water supplies. The application of water sustainability in schools is basically focused on reducing consumption, collecting water and recycling water.

The article discusses and highlights sustainable methods, techniques and initiatives implemented in the interior and exterior design of school buildings, how to manage water sustainably in schools, besides access to guidelines and recommendations on future processes for more sustainable schools. . This study aims to provide easy-to-read guidelines to facilitate sustainable water management in schools. It includes advice on adopting sustainable water use and sustainable drainage, during the design and operation of the school.

The study discusses sustainable water management in a number of global schools in different parts of the world, where these schools have successfully adopted water conservation and conservation standards and adopted sustainability criteria and measures.


Piping systems that carry water from a source (such as a wastewater treatment plant) to a customer are typically classified from largest to smallest as transmission or main network, distribution network, service lines and facilities water pipe. Transmission lines or backbones often carry large amounts of water over long distances, such as from a processing facility to an internal storage tank

Distribution system

Distribution lines are usually smaller in diameter than traffic network and often follow the streets of the city. Carry-on service line water from the distribution line to the building or property being serviced. Service lines can be of any size depending on the amount of water required to serve customer specific and sized such that the utility design pressure is maintained on the customer property at the desired flow rate. Facility plumbing refers to to the pipeline in the building or the water supplier to the point of use.

In facility plumbing, the diameters of the pipes are often relatively small, resulting in with a higher surface/volume ratio than other pipes in the distribution network.  If you have more questions, call us for Bixby Plumbers services from us!

Making Water Safe For Kids

When we promote tap water to kids, we want to make sure it’s safe. The crisis in Flint, Michigan, as well as media coverage of incidents of tap water contamination. Reports have found this underscore the fact that there are times and places where tap water is unsafe. Contaminants sometimes found in spring water can increase the risk of certain cancers and harm reproductive health.

Lead is a poison that, even in small amounts, lowers IQ. To a greater extent, it can harm reproductive health and other organs, and has been linked to crime and other antisocial behaviour. Often, when children have high blood lead levels, the source of lead is dust, soil, or old paint. However, lead can be present in parts of plumbing, especially older plumbing, and this lead can leach or flake off in tap water. It is important to reduce all exposure to lead, including drinking and cooking water.

Unsafe level of tap water in schools

90% of schools in the United States get their water from the local water company. Others draw water from their wells. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) records for compliance with the United States’ Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) show that approximately 95% of water utilities meet standards for multiple types of water. contaminants, including common ones such as arsenic, nitrates, and disinfection byproducts. Notably, there are regions of the country, often rural areas, where these quality standards are not met and good data on well water quality are rare.

Once water leaves the electrical system and enters the service line and into the building’s plumbing, the water can become contaminated with lead, if lead is present in parts of the plumbing system. Water that remains “standing” in lead plumbing can absorb lead, and if lead pipes or fittings are corroded, they can create tiny lead particles in the water.

Utilities treat water to minimize corrosion but (as is the case with Flint) are not always effective. Regulations have gradually reduced the amount of lead allowed in plumbing components; however, especially in older schools, there may be lead in plumbing.  If you need a quality plumber, call us today for Bixby Plumbers services.

Information That Is Helpful

Microbial growth and biofilm development in delivery systems should be minimized. Although heterotrophic organisms are generally found in biofilms are not likely to pose a public health problem, their activity may promote odor and taste production, increase the need for disinfectants, and may contribute to corrosive. Biofilms may also contain opportunistic pathogens (pathogens immunodeficiency disease).

Residual disinfectant options should be balanced to meet public health goals. For free chlorine, residual loss potential and DBP formation must be weighed against possible problems with chlorination. This includes nitrification, less effective disinfection resistant to airborne organisms and the potential to cause harmful corrosion problems.

Although some systems have demonstrated better biofilm control with chlorination, this reaction is uncommon. This ambiguity also exists to control opportunistic pathogens.

The standard of materials used in the distribution system needs updating to address their impact on water quality, and research is needed to develop New materials will have minimal impact. Material standards have always been designed to address physical/durability properties, including ability to handle pressure and stress.

Testing existing materials should be expanded to include contaminant permeability. In addition, the ability to filter compounds of public health relevance such as those that contribute to flavor and promote biofilm growth.

Problems to be solved in future from a quality Bixby Plumbers team

  • Aging distribution system. Increase the number of main breaks. The pipe replacement operations that may be possible as the system ages, depending on the piping and coating materials used. It also depends on the water quality and practice operating and maintaining the system.
    • Reduce the number of waterborne outbreaks reported by
    since 1982, but rates are increasing due to problems with the distribution system.

Increased host susceptibility to infection and disease in
US population. This trend is caused by the aging of the US population,
increasing prevalence of AIDS and the increasing use of immunosuppressive therapies.

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