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Four ways to handle a broken sewage pipe.

Your home’s plumbing system brings clean, fresh water to your home and discharges used water through your sewer system. But when a sewer pipe bursts, this flow stops completely. Early detection can help you fix broken sewers, but prevention is still the best way to make sure your drains are clean, clean, and draining properly.

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Try cleaning the 

There are many things that can cause a sewer to become clogged, but the most common ones are large clumps of toilet paper, kitchen grease, hair, and soap scum. This debris buildup can sometimes be removed with a plunger or plumbing hose, even if the blockage affects multiple drains in your home or business. In some cases, small blockages can be easily cleared with minimal effort. However, if your efforts to clean the drain are unsuccessful, it’s best to call a professional right away. Continued improper use of plumbing hoses and drainage chemicals can actually exacerbate the damage to your pipes.

There are several ways to clean sewer pipes. However, the safest option for most homeowners is to use a baking soda and vinegar cleaning solution. Get both items because you’ll need to apply them to multiple areas throughout your home. It is also recommended to wear safety glasses and gloves during this process.

Start with the sink or toilet closest to where your home’s drainage system meets your city’s sewage system. For the toilet, turn off the tap at the wall valve to flush as much water as possible from the toilet. Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by 1/4 cup of vinegar. This creates a lot of foam, but the abrasive action of the baking soda breaks down the grease as it washes into the system.
After leaving the drain for 15 minutes, hot water rinses him off for 2-3 minutes.

Repeat this process with the nearest drain.

Start at the nearest drain to prevent grease flushed through the system from accumulating and causing clogs. Also keep in mind that the abrasive nature of this cleaning solution can cause pipes to fail over time. Therefore, we recommend that you use this method if you don’t need it.

Enzyme-based cleaners can also be used in drains. Each product has different uses. Therefore, be sure to read the precautions on the packaging. But generally, homeowners simply pour these cleaners down the drain and rinse them off, allowing the enzymes to break down the waste and oil to run down the pipes.

Mainline gears may need a plumber’s attention. Small snakes are fine for fixtures such as sinks, toilets, and showers, but larger and more powerful snakes are needed for mains, and serious injury can result if a DIY enthusiast doesn’t know how to use these snakes properly.

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Find the pipe

Knowing the location of sewer pipes can help you deal with clogged or broken sewer pipes in your home or business. If you have access under your house or in the basement, you can easily find the sewer pipes. In houses built on slab foundations, pipes are a little more difficult to find. Locating the sewers in your home or business is an important first step in assessing the problem (and helps a professional plumber know where to look).

Damp, smelly and bug-infested areas in your yard are signs of broken pipes. Another example is a drain pipe that cannot be cleaned with a plunger or snake. Equipped with the right equipment, a professional can view the sewer pipe using a video monitor and pinpoint the exact location and extent of the break. This information will let you know if you need to repair a portion of your plumbing or if a complete replacement is required.

Damage assessment

A professional plumber can help assess sewer pipe damage. In addition to clogging, there are many reasons for cracks and bursts in sewer pipes.

Older pipes in Sacramento homes and businesses may be made of cast iron, orangeberg, or clay. Over time, they become brittle and can withstand the pressure of excess waste (or the chemicals many DIY enthusiasts use to clean drains or overly aggressive use of tubular augers). You won’t be able to. Planting too many trees and bushes near the sewer can eventually damage the sewer pipe as roots grow. Households throwing too much paper down the toilet is also a major cause of pipe bursts. Improper cleaning can cause burst sewers.

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Repair or replace damaged sewer pipes

If the pipe breaks, it may be possible to repair only the part causing the problem. If you have a home with old plumbing, it may be wise to repair the entire line from your home or business to the Sacramento sewer system. New plumbing technology can repair or replace most sewer pipes in a day.

How to clean the sewer

1. Locate the cleaning opening and remove the cap

Locate the cleaning port and carefully remove the cap with a pipe wrench. Be careful not to break the cap and be aware that there may be backup fluid and pressure left on the other side of the cap.

2. look for blockages

Shine the pipe with a flashlight and look for blockages.

3. Guide the snake down

Carefully insert the snake into the pipe and feed the clog.

4. Maintain pressure and spin

When the snake hits a blockage, keep applying pressure to the snake, but don’t let the wire run any further down the drain. Keep turning the handle or drum until the snake grabs or breaks through the obstacle.

5. Pull out the cable.

Slowly pull the cable straight out to remove any blockages and wrap the cable around the drum once it emerges. If the cable doesn’t move, flip the snake over and pull it out. Repeat this until the blockage is cleared.

These kind of repairs sometimes are difficult to find. If you have troubles with it, call a plumber or professional plumbing company right away.

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