Do you also feel the urge to DIY a plumbing project? Many people have the urge to do so because plumbing jobs seem easy and doable. However, in reality, if you don’t have the right tools and techniques, then you cannot successfully perform a plumbing job. So, the last solution left for you is to call professional Bixby plumbers. Knowing when to call a professional is vital for the safety of your family and your place. So, in this guide, we will share the 8 most common signs that you need a plumbing professional for the job.

Top 8 Signs You Need a Bixby Plumbing Professional

Here are the 8 most common signs that you need to call a plumbing professional instead of a jack of all trades or DIYing a project.

1.      Consistent water pressure issues

The first sign that you need a professional at your place is bad water pressure. It may happen occasionally or consistently, and either way, you must call a professional. It is because there might be mineral buildup in your plumbing structure, or there could be an issue with one of the valves. With the right tools and techniques, professionals can easily detect and resolve the issue.

2.      Water heater malfunctioning

A malfunctioning water heater will not perform as it should. Sometimes, such a heater provides water temperatures varying between hot and cold, while sometimes, it will stop heating the water at all. It could be because of a heating element failure or buildup inside the heater. The professional will suggest the best solution, considering repairability and replacement options.

3.      Consistent leakages

Does your place have consistent leakages? It does not matter how slow or fast water is leaking. Similarly, it does not matter if the leakage is underground or not. If there is a leakage, you must call the professionals immediately. A leakage not only wastes water but also increases your water bill. Moreover, your home’s structure is at risk, along with your health, due to mold growth. So, call a professional and get the issue fixed right now.

4.      Backflow problems

Backflow is known as the situation when water must go in one direction only, and it also goes in the other direction. For example, during heavy showers, the water must only go down the drain into the main waste line, but instead, water with high pressure is pushed into your home from drain openings. It can be a gross and smelly situation that needs immediate professional attention.

5.      Slow drains or clogged drains

Slow drains are an indication that there is something wrong with the drain, and a clogged drain confirms a plumbing emergency. No matter which one of these you face in your place, immediately call a professional because otherwise, the wastewater will not go out of your place. A professional can easily detect the cause of the blockage, and with the right chemicals + tools, they can clear out the blockage that will not come back too soon.

6.      Water has a foul smell and a color.

Water must never have a smell or a color because none of these are its attributes. Water is always clear and odor-free, and when you have one or both of these in your water, it means that the water is not safe for any type of use. It may have dirt mixed in it or a drain pipe leakage is causing this issue. So, instead of risking your health, call a professional immediately.

7.      Running water sounds

The sound of water with no tap on is a sign of water issues. It usually tells that there is an issue with your plumbing body having leakages or there could be a problem with the water heater. Instead of trying to detect it yourself, you must ask professionals for their assistance and services. It will be the quickest and safest way of solving this issue.

8.      Increased water bills

Do you feel a significant difference in your water bills while your usage practices have not changed a lot? It might be because of a hidden leakage that is making the water meter run consistently. Even if you know that a leakage exists somewhere, detecting and repairing it may not be that simple. So, the best you can do is call professionals and get their service to fix the situation.

Benefits of going for professional Bixby Plumbers instead of DIY

When you pick professional Bixby plumbers instead of doing it yourself or hiring a jack of all trades, you get multiple benefits, including the following:

1.      Proper tools and techniques yield the best results

There is no better way of getting the best results for every plumbing job. It is because professionals have the best tools and know effective techniques to utilize to get perfect results for every job. It isn’t something you get if you do a plumbing project by yourself or call a jack of all trades.

2.      Their knowledge and expertise save time and money

Professionals have all the expertise and knowledge needed for the job. They know exactly the process and where to start. Moreover, while their prices may seem too much up front if you consider the pieces in the longer run, you will understand how professionals bring you savings.

3.      Professionals ensure that local codes and regulations are met

Lastly, hiring a professional means that you don’t have to worry about the local regulations and codes. A professional is familiar with these regulations and ensures to keep your service compliant with these rules. This way, you get the best results without violating the law, which adds another layer of peace of mind.


Plumbing is not something that you should be doing by yourself, especially if you don’t know the technique or don’t have the right tools for the job. It may seem that you are saving some money this way, but in the long run, you will be spending more due to the lack of expertise and unprofessional results every time. So, whenever you have one of the above-discussed plumbing emergencies, it will be essential to call professional Bixby plumbers.

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