Since using cold water during the winter season is unbearable, humans have been using water heaters with tanks for decades. While those heaters ruled the world of water heaters for a long time, they had their inefficiencies and cons that are amazingly resolved with the tankless water heaters. Have you ever wondered how something so small in comparison brings much better efficiency and experience regarding hot water consumption? In this article, we will discuss the science behind working on a tankless water heater along with the amazing efficiency qualities it possesses when installed by professional Bixby plumbers.

How does a tankless water heater work, and what makes it different from traditional heaters?

While both heater types do the job of providing you with hot water, their working principles are very different. The traditional heaters use a water tank that is heated for a long time and then consistently heated to maintain the water temperature. It wastes a lot of energy and causes problems like mineral buildup, etc. On the other hand, tankless water heaters have a completely different working mechanism. These do not store water in them at all.

Instead, they have copper pipes in them, and water passes through them. Meanwhile, those copper pipes are heated using electrical elements or fire, depending on the source of energy for your heater. These heaters only consume power when water flows through them and automatically shut off when water stops. Hence, there is a huge difference in energy consumption stats between the two heaters.

Top 10 ways a tankless water heater brings you more efficiency.

When we compare the traditional heaters with a tankless heater, the tankless option provides efficiency on so many levels, including:

1.      No standby means no energy wastage

Tankless water heaters are extremely efficient when it comes to energy consumption, mainly because these do not work in standby mode. In simple words, these heaters only consume energy when the water is being used, and there is no mechanism to store water and keep it heated to a certain temperature. That makes a huge difference when compared to traditional heaters.

2.      Instant water heating means less water wasted.

Tankless water heaters are not only efficient in terms of energy consumption but also in terms of water consumption. These do not store water in them, and water only flows through when being used. It means that the water will be instantly heated and supplied to the tap. So, you don’t need to wait for a minute or two for hot water while cold water is flowing through the tap.

3.      Digital controls with smart systems bring convenience

Controlling the tankless water heater is as easy as it gets. Although it depends on the model and installation by professional Bixby plumbers, if everything goes in your favor, you can set the heating parameters of these heaters to your desired value. Some of the heaters support remote heat settings as well through smart application systems.

4.      Least chance of failure

Fewer components mean fewer chances of failure. Comparing these to traditional heaters, there are no valves, tanks, or exposed elements in these heaters. It means that the only thing that may fail will be the heating system, which is usually a flame burner. So, with fewer failure chances, you can enjoy great efficiency from tankless water heaters all year long.

5.      Very simple to repair or replace

Even when a tankless water heater fails, repairing it is extremely simple. It is because of the fewer components and a modular design followed by these heaters. So, a repair job is essentially pulling out the bad component and swapping it with the new one, which makes your heater work like a new one again.

6.      Compact design allows for installation in tighter areas

Tankless water heaters are efficient when it comes to utilizing tighter spaces in your home. Unlike traditional bulky heaters, these can be installed practically anywhere, like under a faucet or even inside a cabinet if it has ventilation. Moreover, these heaters can be installed at multiple installation points by professional Bixby plumbers.

7.      A never-ending supply of hot water, unlike tank water heaters,

How long you get a supply of hot water from a traditional water heater depends on how much energy it consumes and its capacity. Most residential heaters run out of hot water after 2-3 people take a shower. That’s not the case with tankless heaters since these heat water on demand, and the water can be continuously heated for as long as you need. So, technically, it provides a never-ending supply of hot water.

8.      Scaling is very easy, both qualitatively and quantitively

Tankless water heaters are very easy to scale. When you need more spots with hot water, you can increase the number of heaters. Similarly, you can turn the power to the max when hotter water is required. Moreover, these two things can be decreased in the same way when the requirements decrease. This quality is not available in traditional water heaters.

9.      Supports integration with smart home systems

If you have a smart home system, you can integrate the tankless heater with it and enjoy a smart lifestyle. The smart system will automatically control the heater according to your usage patterns for the best experience and efficiency.

10.  Longer lifespan as compared to traditional heaters

These heaters have around 5 to 10 years of lifespan, more than a traditional water heater, due to so many reasons, including not storing water, only working when needed, and advanced design technology. So, you get cost efficiency in the long run as well.


A tankless water heater operates differently as compared to traditional tank water heaters. This difference in their operation brings several benefits and a lot of efficiency from these heaters. However, it is important to understand that these heaters may not be the perfect choice for every use case.

If you only want the hot water supply for an area with closely placed plumbing fixtures, then the tankless water heater will be a great pick. Otherwise, you either need to go with a traditional heater or install multiple tankless heaters as per the recommendation of professional Bixby plumbers.

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