You can always conserve water by limiting your usage styles, but there is a better and more convenient way of conserving water, and that is by efficient plumbing. The second method is better since it works by ensuring that you have the right plumbing systems installed at your place and that all of them are working perfectly. With the usage of smart technologies and innovative Bixby plumbers practices, the water consumption at your place can be significantly reduced and here is how these two are interconnected.

How can plumbing efficiency help you achieve better water conservation results?

Plumbing efficiency and water conservation are directly connected, and if you want to conserve more water, getting an efficient plumbing job is essential. Here are some key reasons how plumbing efficiency can help you achieve better water conservation results:

1.      Using smart plumbing fixtures and devices helps save a lot of water

Today, plumbing technology has evolved a lot, and there are smart plumbing fixtures that ensure that you don’t waste water at all. From smart monitoring meters to faucets that only open the flow of water when they sense your presence, all such smart devices can help you save a lot of water. Another example includes toilets that come with 2 flushing modes for less water to flush liquid waste and more for solid waste.

2.      Upgrading to the latest innovations, like tankless heaters and low-flow faucets, helps save water.

Using a water heater with a tank is a common cause of wasting a lot of water since the common source of hot water makes people waste some cold water before the hot water comes in. Switching to a tankless water heater will be an efficient plumbing move that resolves this issue. Similarly, you can switch to low-flow faucets and shower heads that provide less water to save more of it.

3.      Efficient plumbing practices include using water-efficient appliances

Appliances, dishwashers and washing machines utilize a lot of water, and an efficient plumbing practice will be switching to those appliances that use water economically. Today, some models use significantly less water, especially with the Eco-mode enabled. So, every household must switch to those to automatically save much more water.

4.      High-efficiency toilets with greywater systems can reduce water wastage per every flush.

High-efficiency toilets are designed to require less water for flushing out waste, and they save a lot of water. When combined with greywater systems, you can collect wastewater from faucets and showers and use it for flushing. Hence, you will be using the same water twice and getting huge savings on your water bill.

5.      Using the right type of pipes for the job helps.

It is very important to use the right type of pipes for every plumbing job. For example, if an outdoor water pipe is used to supply hot water, you must use materials that do not waste a lot of heat in the environment. Moreover, it is crucial to use insulation on those pipes so you don’t get cold water every time you open the faucet. This way, the water wastage due to getting cold water for some time before the hot water comes will be reduced.

6.      Efficient plumbing also means regular maintenance to fix leaks.

People often follow this practice of only calling professionals when a plumbing emergency happens. A minor leak can waste gallons of water if not treated at the right time, and in the worst case, such a leak may appear in an underground pipe. So, what you need to do is get regular maintenance for your plumbing pipes and fixtures to fix any dripping faucets or leaking pipes.

What are the benefits of conserving water with plumbing efficiency?

Conserving water in older times meant that you needed to manually control your usage. However, today, plumbing efficiency does that by using smart technologies and better plumbing practices. When you implement these successfully, you may entail the following benefits by: getting professional services from Bixby Plumbers.

1.      You get energy savings.

Along with saving a lot of water, you get energy savings. Say that you switched to a tankless water heater; now, that will only operate when you need hot water, and it will significantly reduce the amount of energy it uses. Hence, your utility bills will decrease depending on what source of energy your tankless water heater uses.

2.      The lifespan of your plumbing fixtures increases.

The lifespan of your whole plumbing unit will increase due to 2 main reasons. One is that you are getting regular maintenance for the system. Secondly, since you are using less water, issues like scaling will not impact as quickly as they previously did. So, you will not require any upgrading for some years.

3.      It can be a significant addition to your property value

Homeowners and potential buyers always look for smart innovations in the property, and currently, water conservation is critical. So, if you follow efficient plumbing practices at your place and list that as a quality to sell your home, it can make a significant difference in the property value.

4.      You can keep your home’s infrastructure and belongings safe, along with health benefits.

If your plumbing body is not updated with the latest efficient practices, the infrastructure of your home, your health, and the stuff you have at home can be at risk of damage. An underground leak can silently weaken the structure and boost mold growth, which can damage appliances. Additionally, it will induce several germs into your environment, making it unhealthy for the family.

5.      You play your part in a clean environment.

The last and the most important benefit of conserving water with efficient plumbing is that you play a part in making a clean environment and reducing water wastage.


Almost everyone is looking to conserve water in one way or another. What most people ignore is that instead of doing things manually, they can implement smart plumbing fixtures to automatically conserve water with every usage. If you get the services of professional Bixby plumbers, you not only conserve a lot of water but get several additional benefits as well.

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