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5 Ways How to handle a Complaint from a Customer and Resolve the problem successfully.

Customer complaints often indicate a mismatch between customer expectations and what is provided. In some cases, this discrepancy may be caused by customers’ unreasonable expectations or false assumptions. Sometimes it’s because the company is doing something wrong.

Customer complaints can be because your marketing copy misleads you into thinking there’s something wrong with your product or service, or your user experience causes your customers to fail. Alternatively, there may be issues beyond your direct control (e.g., third-party shipping issues).

The only way to be sure is to believe customer complaints and see if they actually contain useful feedback.

A five-step process for dealing with customer complaints.

Use her 5-Step Customer Complaint Process to find out why a customer complained and fix the issue to keep them.

Step 1: Ask the right questions and dig deeper.

Complaints, even angry ones, can contain insight, and it’s your job to find the friction points. Socratic questions help get to the root of the problem. If you decide that you are not qualified to handle a customer complaint and need to escalate it to someone who can handle it, be sure to explain why. This can be as simple as “I will contact you with one of our specialists who will get back to you shortly”.

Step 2: Identify the types of customers you serve

A University of Florida study found that when dealing with customer complaints, you may encounter one of the following types of customers, each “motivated by different beliefs, attitudes and needs.” got it.

Customers who don’t hesitate to let us know they’re upset. Avoid reflecting their confrontational behavior in your response. Instead, respond with a strong sense of courtesy.

Customers who pay well and demand premium support in return. Don’t make excuses when answering, just work out the answer. Consider creating VIP folders and workflows to help identify and address complaints.

Customers who contact us frequently. Be patient and avoid appearing annoyed when dealing with customers like this. When they are satisfied, they often become regular customers and advocates for your business.

ou should proactively reach out to these customers to collect and resolve complaints. Otherwise, your feedback may not be heard.

These are high-level explanations, but of course, customer motivations and behaviors are a more complex mix. However, recognizing different persona types will help you best match the real person you are supporting.

Step 3: Respond quickly to customers

When a customer is dissatisfied, quick response goes from a “nice to have” to a “must have”

The customer who left a feature request doesn’t really care if it takes him a day to reply, but the customer in a hair-pulling situation asked for a solution yesterday. Make answering these questions a priority.

Setting up a separate folder from the main support queue can be useful to filter out less enthusiastic messages. Here, your team can quickly see emails from customers who need immediate help. 

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Step 4: Provide a solution and confirm that the problem is resolved

After identifying the root cause of a customer complaint and finding a solution and sending it to the customer, it is important to validate whether the proposed solution actually solved the problem.

Check if the solution works and respond with:
“I’ve tested it myself and everything seems to work as expected.

In some cases, it may be worth contacting the customer again in a few days to make sure everything is resolved.

You can also monitor the satisfaction ratings you receive during calls in our customer service software. Negative feedback may indicate that there are still issues that need to be addressed (although your customers may still be upset, even if you’ve done all you can).

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Step 5: Log complaints so you can track trends

If you’ve received customer complaints about a particular issue in the last 10 years, it may not be worth addressing that issue. However, if you receive multiple messages from multiple customers voicing the same complaint, that’s where the trouble begins.

Identifying large complaints requires a follow-up regime. Help Scout uses the Help Scout and Jira integration to track customer complaints, understand complaints, monitor how often recurring concerns are heard, and contact each customer directly when the issue is resolved. I’m trying Whatever system you use, the key is to be able to easily collect meaningful complaints and track the number of customers with similar or identical issues.

How to Deal with Negative Emotions as a Support Professional

Dealing with customer complaints is natural for support agents, but it can also be mentally draining.

That’s why not only do we provide a process for dealing with customer complaints, but Jeremey DuVall, a support engineer at WordPress VIP, also shares tips on how to avoid the dreaded queues on a day when negative emotions run high. want to share.

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Practice counterarguments in advance

By rehearsing potential objections ahead of time, you can prepare for negative interactions in real life before they occur. Think about potential polarities before you release a new product or feature. This serves three purposes.

Deal with Negative Situations – Deal with negative situations first so that everyone is confronted with the fact that some customers may not like the changes you are making. Addressing this issue early can prevent anyone from looking at the situation through rose-tinted glasses. Do not take the problems personal.

Discuss the reasons
– Next, discuss the reasons for the change. If the decision to make a change is well thought out and backed by data, you can move forward with confidence that you made the right decision, even if it upsets some customers.

Answer rehearsal – Finally, review the answers to ensure everyone is on the same page. It’s not about creating a support robot that copies and pastes the same response to the customer. It’s all about giving your customers a consistent support experience.

Bottom line, as a customer service in plumbing company, you will get a lot of complaints. You always must stay composed.

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