Is it time to remodel your bathroom because you are tired of the old color scheme or the fixtures? Well, remodeling your home will surely add more worth to it. To maintain the value of your property, it would be best that you keep upgrading it according to the latest trend. So, when it comes to your bathroom, you will have plenty of options for choosing the right fixtures. You must choose the right fixtures so you won’t have to face any plumbing problems later.  Hiring our Bixby Plumbers can be a smart move also.

Tips to choose the right fixtures for your bathroom remodel

You might get a little confused when it comes to choosing the right fixtures for your bathroom remodel because of all the options available. Here are a few tips that will surely help you pick the right option that won’t kill the vibe of your space:

1.      Compact toilet for smaller space

First of all, you need to choose the right size of toilet for your bathroom. Is your bathroom too big or too small? Well, for a bigger bathroom, a bigger toilet might work, but for a smaller space, you must go for the compact toilet option. The toilet must not cover all the space and leave you with nothing when it comes to the shower space. So, choosing the right size of the toilet is important.

There are some really compact and classy toilet options available in the market that look cool, and their designs are the latest. So, instead of going for a royal kind of toilet, it would be best that you go for a sleek and classy option because it will make your bathroom look more modern and updated. Call our Bixby plumbers today!

2.      Water-saving shower head

Do you want to save the environment? Like would you like to for eco-friendly options while remodeling your bathroom? How about you go for water-saving shower heads that don’t leak? Again, there are plenty of options available nowadays with a modern touch and sleekness. So choose the one that would go with other fixtures of your bathroom and won’t look extra.

3.      Matching shower head and faucets

Don’t try to play mix and match when it comes to choosing the fixtures for your bathroom because it would look odd. Yes, the faucets and the shower head must have a matching color. If your bathroom has two shades, then you can go for the mix-and-match, but again, it must look reasonable. If you choose the wrong shades for the fixtures, then they will look odd and make your space look even odder.

You can go for the stainless steel touch that will surely give your bathroom a sleek and classy finish. Nowadays, there are different types of faucets available in the market with the latest designs and sleek touches. Some taps work according to your touch, and there is tech available in them.

4.      Faucets with tech features

So, if you are going for all the latest trends for remodeling your bathroom, then you must choose a few tech fixtures for your bathroom as well. The faucets that you need to touch so you get a water supply really looks classy. So now you have to decide whether you want to go for the simpler option or you would like to try the fixtures with tech.

Nowadays, people prefer to have the latest type of fixtures in their homes, and when it comes to your bathroom, it must look classy.  We are available to help you with any kind of selection when you are looking for Bixby Plumbers.

5.      The perfect size basin

Again, an important part of your bathroom would be the basin. Now, you need to choose whether you want to go for a single basin or a double one. Yes, there are double basins that look classy, but they will require more space. Now, selecting the right size of basin is important; otherwise, you will keep hitting yourself with the corners of the basin whenever you are moving in the bathroom.

Therefore, the right size of basin is important, and for that, you need to look for multiple options. If you have got bigger bathroom, then you can surely go for the double basin; otherwise, you can go for the classy single basin. You can have round glass basins that are quite in trend nowadays or square basins according to the cabinets you will install under the basin if desired.

6.      Mirror, cabinets, or maybe a tub

Other than the toilet, faucet, shower head and basin, there are a few other fixtures that you will have to choose for your bathroom according to its space. Now, it is time to choose the fixtures that will make your bathroom look classy. Yes, we are talking about the mirror cabinets, and maybe you would like to have a tub in it as well.

Well, you can have more than one mirror in your bathroom with all the lighting effects that you will fix on the wall where you will be installing your basin. You can go for a cabinet that has a mirror on it. You will be able to keep the medicines and other important items in the cabinet in your reach.

If you have more space on any other wall of your bathroom, then you can hang another mirror there if you love to see your reflection all the time. Now, do you still have some space left in your bathroom, then how about you look for the tub options?

Now again, you can either have a tub or a shower space, but if you have quite a bigger bathroom space, then you can install both. While selecting the tub, keep the color scheme in mind and choose the classy option, not the bigger one just because it is big. If you need any help with your plumbing, call our Bixby plumbers.

Final Remarks:

Now you know how you can choose the right fixtures for your bathroom. For the latest trends, you can search over the internet, and you will surely get ideas from there. Again, always go for the fixtures that will work according to your bathroom space. You don’t have to choose big sinks, a mirror or a toilet if there is not enough space there.

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