You may have heard about the smart home appliances and consumer electronics that make your life convenient. Now, you can get the same experience from plumbing a body at home thanks to the latest innovations in plumbing technologies that have made it possible. Bixby Plumbers only suggests getting the latest plumbing technology installed at your place for the best experience, convenience, and, most importantly, for increasing your property’s value.

Exploring the Latest Plumbing Technology for Smart Homes

If you are building a smart home, it will be incomplete without having the following smart plumbing technology products in it:

1.      Smart faucets

The smart faucets have 2 main features. The first feature you get with these is a low water-flow rate, which means that the faucet will utilize less water by aerating it so that your usage requirements are not disturbed. The second smart feature in these faucets is hands-free operation. There is a sensor that detects the presence of your hand and automatically shuts off. So, it brings convenience and water savings your way.

2.      Smart water heaters

Unlike the traditional water heaters that need you to manually control them, the plumbing world is now switching to smart water heaters that can be controlled remotely. The real benefit of having these installed by Bixby plumbers is that you can set water temperature patterns according to your usage, and there will never be a need to manually set the temperature of your water heaters. This technology works well with tankless and tank water heaters.

3.      Smart toilets

Plumbing technology has evolved a lot in the field of toilets since we have smart toilets now. The previous toilets came with an efficient design for using less water to flush. However, the latest smart toilets bring the following new features:

  • Automatic flushing
  • Self-cleaning capabilities
  • Health analytics
  • Bidet functions

Hence, they improve the overall experience for you.

4.      Smart showers

With the advent of smart showers, you don’t need to do anything manually now. Instead of pressing buttons or rotating knobs to set temperature, you can use the smart digital platform to set your temperature preferences, and these shower units save different profiles as well. Along with the temperature, you also get to control the flow of water.

Additionally, they come with some electronic features like music playback using a wireless speaker while focusing more on user safety.

5.      Smart appliances

Smart appliances include dishwashers and, most commonly, washing machines that are known to waste a lot of water. While these already provide automatic functionality, the smart feature helps reduce water wastage. Moreover, these appliances can now detect the load size and adjust the washing parameters accordingly to save water while providing the best cleaning results.

6.      Smart irrigation systems

Homeowners who need to water their lawns daily can use smart irrigation systems that will automate the whole process. Once you set these up, you don’t need to activate the system daily or stop when there is rain since these systems have a sensor for everything. These can be programmed to optimally water the garden at the right time. Additionally, with weather data integration, the system prevents overwatering the lawns.

7.      Automated leak detectors

A dripping faucet or a toilet that is always flowing can be easy to detect, but not all leaks are detectable. Some leaks are underground, and they silently damage you in multiple ways. With the automated leak detectors, you will be informed as soon as a leak is found. With its real-time analysis and data, you can immediately take the most efficient action to ensure everything is under control.

8.      Digital plumbing control panels

Controlling your home’s plumbing system was not an easy task, with lots of valves located at different locations. It got even more complex when you have to work in a commercial setting. The solution to all such issues is getting the digital plumbing control panel. It not only allows you to have a centralized digital control panel, but you may also control the whole plumbing system remotely if supported by the device.

9.      Smart water treatment systems

Say goodbye to manual water treatment systems since the plumbing world has now shifted towards smart alternatives. The smart water treatment units provide real-time analysis of the water condition and provide details about their performance as well. These also support remote operations for the best convenience.

10.  Smart water meters

If you want to know how much water you have been using to work on water conservation, then the smart water heaters must be a perfect pick for you. These not only give you the details about the water you have consumed but also get details about usage patterns, and following that information, you may easily make the changes in your water consumption patterns for better savings your way.

11.  Water recirculation systems

Smart water recirculation units are perfect for use cases where tank water heaters make the best choice. These keep circulating water so that whenever you open a hot water tap, you instantly get hot water without wasting any cold water previously present in the pipeline. Hence, the experience becomes better, and you save on energy and water bills as well.

12.  AI water management systems

AI water management systems are designed to track your water usage patterns and point out whenever there is an anomaly. These also provide insights helpful for users to improve their usage practices for saving more with efficient usage.

13.  Pipe relining technology

Pipeline relining technology is a perfect choice whenever you need to replace old pipelines. It relines the old pipes, providing the required strength and connections without needing to replace the whole thing. Hence, it can be the savior of your home’s structure.


The applications of IoT have indulged in our lives so much, and they bring multiple benefits, like making our lives much more convenient and stress-free. The most important thing for getting all the benefits of evolving plumbing technology is picking professional Bixby plumbers for the service quality and expertise. While it may seem simple, most of the things discussed here require expertise and the right tools to get the job done.

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