If the temperature gets extra chilly, then they can even burst. If there is already damage in the pipes, then the minus temperature will only make it worse for your plumbing system. Therefore, if it is necessary as the winter starts, prepare your plumbing system for the thick snowfall, hailing, and degree temperatures. If there is any damage to your plumbing system, then it would be wise to fix it before winter. In winter, when the temperature gets extra chilly, the plumbing systems get affected the most if you have prepared it already for the minus-degree temperature. Otherwise, you might have to pay for the damaged plumbing system. We can be your best choice if you are looking to hire Bixby Plumbers to have proper solutions.

Practices for winterizing your plumbing system

It is quite important to winterize your plumbing system to keep it prepared no matter how much the temperature gets down. So here are the top 6 practices that will help you to winterize your plumbing system, or call our Bixby plumbers:

1.      A thorough monitoring session before winter

If the winter is approaching, then the first thing that you need to do is thorough monitoring of your plumbing system. If you find any crack or leak, then first fix that problem. It is necessary to fix the leaks and cracks because the low temperature will only make the situation even worse. First, you must fix the problem, and then you can winterize your plumbing system.

If you think that you can repair the damage, then it would be wise to replace the pipes so they won’t disturb your water supply during winter. You can call a professional for this monitoring session if you think you won’t be able to do that on your own.

2.      Insulate your water heater and pipes

Are there any pipes or water heaters where there is no proper heating system? You must know if there is no heating system near your water heaters or your pipes, then they might simply freeze in minus temperature. You won’t be getting hot water or water supply at all. Therefore, the first thing that you need to do is to insulate your water heater and pipes. In the basement, outside or at any point in your home where there are pipes but no insulation, insulate the pipes.

Wraps the pipes with insulation tapes that will maintain the temperature. So during winter, the water doesn’t freeze inside them. Another reason for insulating the pipes is they might burst in the winter. Yes, when the temperature gets too cold to handle, the water inside the pipes will freeze, and a point will come where they will simply burst out.

The insulation tape will keep the water running inside the pipes, and it won’t freeze so that the pipes won’t burst. It is one of the practices that you will have to repeat when winter approaches to ensure that you get a safe water supply without any pipe bursting out due to the minus-degree temperature outside.

3.      Maintain temperature at your place

Whether you are home or not, the heating system must be working. You don’t have to turn on the heating system to its maximum capacity, but it must be working to keep the insides warm. If the insides of your place are warm, then it will have a good effect on the plumbing system. Otherwise, if the insides of your place are chilly and cold, then it will have a bad impact on the plumbing system.

The underground pipes might simply freeze, and then they can crack or burst. Anything can happen if you don’t maintain the temperature inside your home. Even though you have done the insulation taping on the pipes, still, it is still necessary that the inside temperature of your place is moderate.  You can consult with our Bixby Plumbers to do things in a good way also.

4.      Keep the cabinets open

As we have mentioned, a practice is that you must keep the heating system on whether you are at home or not all the time in winter; you must keep the cabinets open as well. The underground pipes in your kitchen also require heat and warmth so the water won’t freeze inside them.

The only way to let the heat reach those pipes is by keeping the cabinets open, especially at night. The heat will reach so the water doesn’t freeze, and if you are already noticing that you are not getting enough water supply, that means the water has started freezing. Keep the heating system on and open the cabinets. Call our Bixby plumbers today for your plumbing needs.

5.      Frost-free sillcocks for water regulation

Winter plumbing products are another way to prepare your plumbing system for the winter. You need to install frost-free sillcocks that won’t freeze during the winters, and you get a continuous water supply. You can maintain the water flow with the help of these frost-free sillcocks because they won’t freeze. Whenever you are installing the sillcocks, always install them with a downward pitch so the water will flow without getting frozen.

6.      Keep the faucets dripping

When you turn off the faucets completely, the water inside the pipes freezes. The best way to keep your faucets working and water running is you leave your faucets dripping. Now, you might be thinking that it would be a waste of water, but this will keep the water running. The next morning, when you turn on the tap, you will get a water supply. Otherwise, if you don’t let the faucets drip a little bit over the night or the day, there is a possibility that the water will freeze inside it.

Plus, it is not about leaving the tap on at a good pressure; a drop of water dripping from the faucet would be enough to keep the water flowing through the pipes from the next day.

Final Remarks:

If you don’t prepare your plumbing system before the winter, then you will be paying for the damages later. Therefore, it would be wise to use the techniques that we have discussed above to winterize your plumbing system. It is better to pay attention and implement preventive measures than to pay for the damages later.

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