Whenever you go into your bathroom, a pungent smell welcomes you, but you are unsure about the source of that smell yet. Have you checked your bathroom sink? Maybe that spot has been causing foul smells to roam around in your bathroom. Well, if you are sure about the bathroom sink smell, then what is the cause behind it? Why does your bathroom sink smell so bad even if you have cleaned it regularly? If you’re facing persistent issues, it might be time to consult Bixby plumbers for expert assistance.

Reasons why your bathroom sinks smell

The bathroom sink smell can drive you crazy if you don’t fix the root problem, the cause of the smell. First, you have to find out why your bathroom sink smells, and then you can do something about fixing the problem. Following are the 4 reasons why your bathroom sink smells:

·         The sink is badly clogged

If you have been pouring shampoo and soap into your bathroom sink and you haven’t paid much attention that you are also throwing your hair in it, then maybe the sink is clogged now. Yes, the soap mixed with hair will surely clog your bathroom sink. Once it gets clogged, you will notice the air in your bathroom stinks constantly.

So, the number one and most common reason why your bathroom sink smells is that it may be clogged. Whenever you turn on the faucet and notice that the water doesn’t flush through the sink drain anymore, it is clogged. Hair and soaps are the number one cause of bathroom sink clogging.

·         The vent pipes are not working

Your bathroom will have vent pipes, but what if they are not working properly? If the ventilation in your bathroom is not working properly, then your bathroom will certainly start smelling. Vent pipes don’t stop working suddenly; therefore, you must find out why your vent pipers are out of work.

·         The water heater is contaminated

Have you checked your water heater? What if it requires some cleaning and maintenance, and it is why whenever you turn on the faucet, you get intense, smelly water coming out of it? It is necessary to clean water heat once in a while so any kind of bacteria doesn’t grow inside it. Yes, the smell you notice coming out of your faucet and the bathroom sink is due to the water heat contamination.

·         A septic tank is overflowing

Your septic tank is at its maximum capacity, which might be why your bathroom sink smells bad all the time. Cleaning the septic tank is important; otherwise, you won’t get rid of the smell, and soon, you will start getting the smell out of the other drains in your house.

So once the septic tank gets overflowing, you will start noticing the smell in your bathroom because all the waste goes to the septic tank, which requires cleaning and maintenance.

How to fix your sink-smelling situation?

As we discussed why your bathroom sink smells so bad, it is time to fix the problem. You wouldn’t want to keep using that bathroom sink that stinks constantly. Here are a few solutions that might help you to fix the bathroom sink smell situation:

Warm water always works

Boiling water always works in clogging situations, and it is one of the simplest solutions to your bathroom sink smell problem. Therefore, you must boil a water kettle and pour it into your bathroom sink. If the bathroom sink is clogged, then warm water will find its way to clean it thoroughly.

You can pour warm water once or twice in the bathroom sink and then note whether the smell is gone in a day or two. You can repeat this pouring of warm water solution once a week so your bathroom sink doesn’t get clogged.

Pour some white vinegar

Add some white vinegar as the solution if warm water doesn’t water on your bathroom sink. Yes, pour some white vinegar in the sink overnight and let it settle in the drain. The next morning, pour warm water into the sink, which might work.

Baking soda and white vinegar might work

Another remedy to your bathroom sink smell problem would be adding baking soda to the white vinegar and pouring the solution into the sink. You can drop half a baking soda into the drain and then pour some white vinegar. Now let it settle into the drain and wait about 4-6 hours.

Again, you need to pour boiling water into the sink to speed up cleaning your bathroom sink smell problem.

Clean your water heater

If your bathroom sink is not clogged, there might be a problem with your water heater, so you need to check it first. It may have been a while since you have cleaned your water, and the water inside it has turned to a green or orange shade. The presence of bacteria in the water heater is not good for your use, and it will only make the bathroom sink stink. For expert assistance, contact Bixby plumbers.

Another solution to your problem would be cleaning, maintaining, or simply replacing your old water heater if it is beyond the cleaning solution. Otherwise, your bathroom sink will keep stinking.

Unload septic tank waste

How long has it been since you cleaned your septic tank? What if it is overflowing with water, which is why your bathroom sink stinks badly? Yes, when the septic tank gets full, the waste will start coming out from the drain. Maybe it is the reason that the presence of waste in your bathroom sink drain is the reason why it smells so bad in your bathroom, especially the sink area.

Final Words

We have discussed why your bathroom sink smells bad and how you can eliminate that foul smell. You cannot keep using that sink that stinks badly every time you turn on the faucet. Therefore, it is important to solve the problem so you don’t have to breathe in that smell whenever you are in the bathroom anymore. If you need professional help, don’t hesitate to reach out to Bixby plumbers.

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