If you search for plumbing pipes, you will come across multiple options distinguished by their materials. The biggest differentiating factor for every pipe material is its application, and that makes specific pipes long-lasting for specific use cases only. It also means that if you don’t pick the right pipe, you will not only compromise on a long lifespan, but it will also make you miss out on multiple advantages. So, here we will share with you the best pipe materials that are your perfect choice for a long-lasting plumbing job from Bixby plumbers.

The Best Pipe Materials for Long-Lasting Plumbing

Here are the top 10 picks of pipe materials that, if used for the right application, will last a lifetime.

1.      Copper

Copper has been the most preferable material for plumbing pipes for decades, and it is because it meets the requirements of every application. It is resistant to corrosion, comes with good heat tolerance, and offers great durability. The best part is that this material is bacterial-resistant and can be recycled, which makes it an eco-friendly option. So, if you want a pipe for water supply lines, copper will be among the top picks.

2.      PVC

PVC is yet another common plumbing pipe material that has gained a lot of popularity in a very short time. It is because these pipes are easy to work with, lightweight, durable, and, most importantly, affordable. Since these are not metal, they don’t degrade or corrode like other pipes, which makes them a great choice for vent systems, drainage and waste pipes. While a PVC pipe may be a perfect pick everywhere, it is not a good option for hot water supply lines.

3.      CPVC

CPVC pipes are PVC pipes with the additional element of being treated with chlorine. This treatment makes these pipes better in terms of hot water management since they can easily withstand hot water temperatures. So, whenever you need a pipe material to distribute hot water in residential projects without losing a lot of heat on the way, then the CPVC pipes will make a great choice. Apart from hot water, these can also be used for making cold water supply lines. If you need CPVC pipe installed don’t hesitate to call our Bixby plumbers!

4.      PEX

Pex is one of the best choices for both hot and cold water supply lines because of the cross-linked polyethylene structure. It is a flexible pipe material, which means that most turns and bends will not require a joint like other materials. So, these are also much easier to work with and last long due to resistance against corrosion, chlorine, and scaling.

5.      Galvanize Steel


Galvanized steel is another pipe material that has been used for decades now, and this consists of steel pipes that come with a zinc coating, which helps with corrosion resistance. These pipes are prone to rusting over time, and some people often have concerns about them having lead. However, if you need a pipe material for non-human water consumption, it might still be a considerable option.

6.      Cast Iron

Cast iron pipes are durable due to the strength of iron, and that’s the reason why they are used for draining systems. Their strength allows us to use them both above and under the ground. When used for draining systems, these dampen the sound of water as well.

7.      HDPE

HDPE is a material that makes a good choice for almost all plumbing needs. It is good for handling high pressure, making a good pick for supply lines and drain systems. Moreover, the pipes are flexible and resistant to corrosion, which ensures a long lifespan. Apart from residential uses, these pipes are also used for industrial applications.

8.      PP

Polypropylene pipes are resistant to chemical damage, and despite being lightweight, they can deal with hot water temperatures. Hence, these are a preferable option for hot and cold-water supply lines on a large scale.

9.      Brass

Brass pipes are better than galvanized steel due to their longevity from corrosion resistance. Hence, they are an excellent choice whenever you need a pipe for supplying hot water directly from the heater.

10.  ABS

The issue with plastic pipes is that they can’t deal with extreme temperatures, especially cold. Most plastic pipes crack in cold environments, but ABS pipes are good for cold temperatures. So, whether you need a pipe for a vent system, drain, waste, or any other uses, ABS might be the perfect choice, especially in areas with cold temperatures.

Why is it important to select the right type of pipe for the right job for Bixby plumbers?

Although the job of every pipe material is to transport water from point A to point b, there are multiple reasons why you must only use the material best suited for the use case. For example, a pipe material that is perfect for indoor usage may not be a durable option for outdoor usage. If we dive into the technical details, here are the 3 most important reasons, according to Bixby plumbers, why you need to pick the perfect pipes:

  • There are potable pipe materials, and there are non-potable ones as well. The difference is between their safety standards for human consumption since some materials can contaminate water.
  • Not every pipe material comes with the heat resistance that you need. A thin PVC pipe may not be a match for use with hot water, and that can result in leaks, bursts, property damage, and even danger for people around.
  • Corrosion resistance and environmental factors can decide how long your pipe lasts. While some materials are prone to rusting and corroding, materials like plastic do not corrode or rust, which makes them good for those applications.

For these reasons, many others emphasize the importance of selecting the right pipe material. So, if you want to make a smart investment, always pick the right material.


In old times, only a few metallic pipe materials were available, but today, we have a long list of options. However, that can get confusing for individuals who don’t know the technicalities of selecting their pipe materials. With the details we shared about different pipe materials, we hope that now you can pick the right material for every application to get the maximum life out of it with every Bixby plumber job.

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