Top 10 things that can block the drainage system:

Your home is an important place for your family and when you need the best plumbing Tulsa repairs, call our dynamic team to keep your family safe! Our houses have different drainage systems in bathrooms and kitchens inside and outside the home. They keep the flow of dirty water in the right way. But if you get clogs of anything in the drainage system of your house, you can call our best plumbing Tulsa professionals to fix it. No doubt, we should avoid the things which cause blockage of the drainage system.

Most of us are unaware of the reasons or neglect them while using different products in bathrooms and the kitchen. The experienced plumbers in Tulsa share things that cause blockage of the drainage system. You can avoid those things by staying near the drainage or getting services from plumbing Tulsa if you get a blockage.


Top 10 things that can block the drainage system

You can get the drainage system repaired or fixed by calling the plumbers in Tulsa, but the best thing is to avoid them from occurring. Things that are actual culprits of block drainage are as follows.

Oil or fats

The most common and dangerous blockage is oil, grease, or fat clog formation. This type of drainage blockage occurs only in the kitchen. When people wash dishes with oil and fats like butter, yogurt, or fats from meat, they do not take the oil or fats out of the dishes before draining them into the sink.

They just keep them under the running tap and flow fats with water. The oil or fats form clogs by binding with other sticky objects or walls of the drainage pipe. The continuous accumulation of the fats makes it worse by narrowing the path through drainage pipes.
Taking out the fats from dishes instead of flowing water is better. Sometimes, unintentionally when we use it and block the drainage. Do not worry, plumbers Tulsa will help you to get rid of this stubborn blockage by using special tools and skills.

Food remains

We usually neglect the small pieces of food when putting the dishes or pots in the sink for washing. These dishes or pots contain food items like oils, fats, peels, pasta, or other little things. These things get stuck in the drainage pipe and block the water route.
These items also make bonding with dust particles or oil. It ruins the drainage system, and you need to call plumbing Tulsa to solve your problem. Our best plumbing Tulsa service providers suggest you clean the pans and dishes properly before exposing them to water. By doing so, you can avoid getting such stubborn block drainage.

Hair clogs

Another major reason behind the blockage of the drainage system is the clog formation of hair while taking a bath. Human hairs make wonderful and strong bonding with the fats or salts of soap. The best plumbing in Tulsa will provide services to eliminate these blockages.
When you take a bath, you must observe that the drainage opening is covered with the membrane. It will prevent the entrance of hairs into the drainage system.


If you read the composition of soap on its packaging, you will know it contains carbonates, fats, and salts. When you take a bath, these can accumulate in the drainage system and disturb it badly. But do not worry. You can get help from plumbing Tulsa to eliminate such drainage blockage.

The experts use their professional tools and skills to open the blockage of the drainage system. Solution of soap s not much dangerous for your drainage system, but the soap pieces are. If the soap slips from your hand into the toilet or uncovered drain, it surely causes blockage of the drainage. Try to find it out immediately or call for the plumbers Tulsa services.

When paper towel clogging your pipes, call us for best plumbing Tulsa services

In our bathrooms and toilet, we use paper towels. Many of us throw these paper towels in the toilet or the floor drainage. It is ridiculous for your drainage and blocks it sooner.

You just need to understand the right place for disposable paper towels. The paper towels are quite sticky when getting moisture. Try to find them and throw them in the dustbin, but if you can’t, call plumbers Tulsa to remove them.

Baby wipes

We use baby wipes for cleaning our babies but do not treat baby wipes well after use. Instead of throwing it in the dustbin, some people flush it in the toilet.

These wipes blocks get stuck in the drainage pipes and block them. Water begins to fill in the toilet and reaches outside, spreading all over the bathroom. You need to fix this problem immediately to maintain the hygiene of your house.

Smashed pipes

Fats, wipes, paper towels, etc., are not always the reasons behind drainage blockage. Sometimes, it is our negligence that pipes get much older, and we do not even inspect them. Usually, the drainage pipes f kitchen and bathroom are made of plastic or metal.
Their walls become weaker with time and get smashed due to a little pressure. It may also disturb the flow of water through the drainage. We will suggest you update your drainage system to avoid more inconvenience.

The layering of dust inside pipes

The drainage system outside the home usually comes in direct contact with dust, mud, or other particles. These particles, along with water, take sticky nature and make a layer inside the drainage (pipes or gutter). It needs proper treatment to make the space free of wastewater, so you can call plumbers Tulsa. They will provide you with guaranteed and immediate services.

Trees’ roots and leaves

If the drainage system is in or near the lawn of your house and does not have a covering, it may get tree blockages. The roots of tree log or leaves of trees can cause blockage of your home’s drainage.

Foreign objects stuck in your sink? Call us for the best plumbing Tulsa services!

Some foreign objects like a small bottles, stones, or other things can also block the drainage system if you keep it safe. The foreign objects block the route of the water. Our best plumbing Tulsa service providers will help you to get rid of the thing.
Final Remarks:

You may face different kinds of drainage blockage in this house like hairs, oil, dust particles, food remains, etc. You can fix this problem very soon by calling the plumbers Tulsa at your place. Please visit our webpage at